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Yes I did follow the instructions. All I did is installed the Dummy Content. And then the Menu became a mess.

http://www.readyvideo.lt/ if you press on any of the menu buttons it doesnt go to the portfolio or news or whatever it just opens up blank page. I did not edit anything. My friend says “seems error in the template code”.

I am using wordpress 3.8, and done everything as it says in the help file.

Can you please help me out.


The instructions for the menu is available in the help documentation under the title “Pages, Order, Menu”. If you follow those exact instructions you will have the menu working properly as seen in the demo.

Hello again :) since no one is answering the email and I am in a hurry I will post again in the comments here.

Now this time everything is working but I got some bug thing going on:

Using Chrome browser the menu text doesn’t show up, except if I drag mouse over the menu buttons only then the text somehow appears and can be seen. Also it appears if I rescale the whole browser window.


Just checked your website on Chrome and menu text appears properly. http://cl.ly/image/0N2d2Z3q2j0N This is the first time we receive such a feedback. Have you checked the page on another computer? Please make sure you are visiting the website with View – Actual Size.

“Hello again :) since no one is answering the email and I am in a hurry I will post again in the comments here.

Now this time everything is working but I got some bug thing going on:

Using Chrome browser the menu text doesn’t show up, except if I drag mouse over the menu buttons only then the text somehow appears and can be seen. Also it appears if I rescale the whole browser window. “

This is happening to me too. It also happens when i open the preview on this page.


The issue turned out to be a Chrome bug which started with the latest version which makes some users have trouble seeing fonts. If you add the following code into the Custom CSS field in the theme options panel the issue should be fixed:

    -webkit-animation-duration: 0.1s;
-webkit-animation-name: fontfix;
-webkit-animation-iteration-count: 1;
-webkit-animation-timing-function: linear;
-webkit-animation-delay: 0.1s;

@-webkit-keyframes fontfix{
from{ opacity: 1; }
to{ opacity: 1; }

One more little thing. How to change that text of “ALL” button in the portfolio?

You can change it in index.php line 25.

Or you can use translation tools. Instructions can be found in the help documentation.

Hello for my site planetlucid.com, i’d like to have the SHOP button link out to shop.planetlucid.com rather than scroll down the page.

How exactly would I add an html redirect to the content of that page using something ilke:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://example.com/"; /> or <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://example.com/"; />

Thanks in advance!

- Ry

If you want to link to an external page, you will need to change the anchor link with the external link (shop.planetlucid.com) in Appearance – Menus. Redirection is not necessary if we understand you correctly.

Hello, is there an easy way to centre the menu items across the page?


The following code should work. Please paste it into the custom CSS field in the theme options panel. Make sure you edit the background path as full image path:

ul.menu {
ul.menu li {
ul.menu li:first-child {
background: transparent url(style/images/light/sep.png) repeat-y top left;


I just tested the Locus WP theme on my iPad. The background seems to only work on the home page. Is this a known issue?



Unfortunately background-attachment:fixed is not supported on iOS.

Hi I can’t download the theme or when I download it it’s really not like the one I bought.

Sorry not sure what you mean. Are you having trouble installing the theme? Have you followed the instructions in the help documentation?

Yes I have created all my pages but I can’t see them I have this :

“Please make sure “Your latest posts” is selected as “Front Page Displays” in Settings – Reading in wp-admin.”

But “Your latest post is already selected” you can see it here laftergolf(dot)com

You seem to have a different theme activated on laftergolf(dot)com at the moment. Could you please let us know when you switch to Locus?

Hello. Sorry if I ask a question incorrectly. Can I add after the name of the bookmark, name (description) file when viewing portfolio? Like this:

I’m talking about the fact that the data used from the media library, marked in red: Is that possible?

Such an option is not available by default. We need to check it first to be sure if it can be done easily. If you give us permission to your Wordpress admin we can add the functionality to your theme on Monday, if it is possible. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

Thanks for the answer. I still think about it, if I need to be this option.

Hello I find the theme “locus one page” super, it is ideal for me, but now it has really become very slow. Is it possible that “locus one page” theme adapt to the modern standards of WordPress 4.0. If I use the plugin “Theme Check”, it gives me the following response: One or more errors were found for locus – Responsive One Page WordPress Theme. If this issue still be adjusted or is there no more support? Thanks Denis

Slowness is usually related to the internet connection speed, hosting and website content. Could you please provide your website URL so we can take a closer look?

Will you guys be updating this theme for WordPress 4.0? I’d love to see some of the older themes make a comeback. They all seem so much the same and I really want the more personal level of design that you guys put into your themes. Please come back!

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately an update is not in our plans for the time being.

Can I add a custom background-image? Is it still sensible to buy this theme if it won’t be updated to IE11 or WP 4.0 in the future? I hope you reconsider….

You can replace one of the existing background options with your own image. The theme is compatible with WP 4.0 already, it works properly.

Before purchasing… does this theme also work with fullscreen background-image on iPad and iPhone?

Unfortunately iOS doesn’t have support for fixed background images so the images doesn’t stay fixed on iPad and iPhone

Can I decisde to make pages without one page feature? Just load after clicking


Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately Locus only includes one-page functionality, multipage option is not avaialble.

Is it possible to insert the banner or picture on the right side of the menu indicated by the red rectangle?

What image do you want to insert exactly? It is possible to add an image in the menu but what will happen when the website is visited with lower screen resolutions? Because the menu is replaced with a dropdown menu after 1024px of screen size.

I agree. In principle, there is no particular need this. :)

Hello, I purchased the html version a while ago and planned on buying the wordpress one. The only thing stopping me is finding out that Vimeo and Youtube are the only formats supported in the portfolio. -Why was this decision made? -Are there any plans of changing this in the next update? - Are there any workarounds?

This is very disappointing news, as the very point of my site is to host original audio/video content while regulating my own monetizing strategies outside of Youtube or Vimeo.

Hi, I also need to know how to make my entire thumbnails in my portfolio function as rollover images. Thank you.


You can add the following code in Custom CSS in Theme Options to make the caption height same as the thumbnail:

.caption {

totba Purchased


Thanks for the theme! I bought it today and almost finished the site, however Im not a pro. Only one thing remains. I have blank thumbnails in gallery, the big pictures are good. The permissions of the img_resize dir is 777. Also I would like to ask that how can I edit an existing gallery? Should I make a new one when I attach a photo? I don’t see any code when I insert the gallery items from media library, is that supposed to be that way?

Thanks for help!


totba Purchased

If I use this contact form , I must use default page style, the ‘to top’ footer is missing. Can you tell me what should I change to have the footer back?


Could you please provide your Wordpress login information so we can help you add the new form instead of the existing one? You can send us your details via the contact form on our profile page.


totba Purchased

Thank you very much for your help! Its perfect now!

Hello, how this theme works on my site? http://icarereader.com/

You can find it in the “downloads” page.

http://icarereader.com/ can you check my page? It seems services section is not working as well as contact. I sent you a message via contact author. Please help me there elemis. Thank you so much!


We’ve just replied your email.


deseyr Purchased

hi there just updatet wordpress, now the theme is not working correctly here the link to my site: www.helmuthruff.com

the slider doesn’t show up und the blog crashed + i can’t click the navigation.

is there an update or something avaiable?

thanks for your help, best regards

Just checked the theme with the latest version of Wordpress and everything works properly on our end. Have you done any changes on the template files?


deseyr Purchased

just a few code lines for the top right leaf, it worked fine for 3 years, since the new update the site crashed

Could you please share your Wordpress login information so we can take a closer look? You can send the details via the contact form on our profile page.

Hi there, I am new to wordpress themes and brought this thinking it would be easy to tweak in the theme customiser. However, from what I can tell it needs coding knowledge which I do not have. I wish I had known before I had brought this – would you be willing to refund?


The theme doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Have you checked the help documentation? All the instructions you need for setup can be found in the help documentation inside the help folder of the theme package.

Hi Elemis, I’m looking forward to refreshing my Locus site, any latest ways to change the thumbnail size in the gallery to fit images better? Thanks!


What kind of change do you need exactly?