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I was the first one to but, cant wait to play with it. Thank you!!

We thank you again. Glad that you like it :)

The template looks all messed up when I try it right now. Did you make any changes on the server?

What kind of problems do you see?

Can you place inline content or iframe in the lightbox?

Great Job!

Hi. Thanks a lot :)

This feature is currently not available. However, we’ll add it on the next update.

something weird going on, the first time I opened the demo in opera the featured images didn’t load, after reloading th epage it worked but when I am at portfolio and click on the home tab, instead of scrolling back up the front page appears immediately and then a second copy of the front page appears on the bottom side moving up in a stuttery motion until it’s in it’s place.

I think its easy to blaim it on the browser, you should find a workaround for that. I bhought another theme here that has the same “flashy” navigation but it also has the same display problems in some browsers. If this would be a theme for a business site the front page should load immediately without any problem or you might loose a client. First impressions are important.

Hi noafilm,

We’ve fixed two bugs in Opera.

Thanks :)

Indeed, it has been fixed. You at least don’t hide behind “browser bugs” like some other designer do here as a reason not to fix display problems. Well done!

Amazing one! I really loved the nav menu. Bookmarked :)

Thank you :)

Awesome concept!

Thanks a lot :)

This is the best design I have seen for a good while. Really made me go ‘wow’ ‘cool’.

I’m going to purchase it, but I’m new to ‘one page’ websites and was wondering how you guys see them working form an SEO point of view? Do you think ranking maybe effected as some text, such as the news on the preview, suggested that it won’t be visible. And the ‘source’ seems to back this up?

Any thoughts. Sorry if I’m being a moron.



Thank you for your great comments, we appreciate them :)

Unfortunately we’re not exactly sure how being a one-page effects SEO , but since all of the content is in the source, it should be visible to search engines.


if you look at the demo version I can’t see the text which shows up on the site in the source. If you look at the ‘about’ or the ‘news’ I can’t see any of this in the source?

So I’m a little confused.

I think the design and features are great. I’m just a little worried from an SEO point of view.


Hi mrturtle,

To be able to see the source of the theme, you need to remove the themeforest frame in the preview page.

Major bugs in Opera.

Hi Travis,

We’ve fixed bugs in Opera.


Woo hoo, finally Elemis. Good work.

I already bought another theme with 3d slider last week. Let me work on the theme I just bought before moving on to buy yours.


Great work! Nice and clean with smooth transitions.


Thank you so much :)

On firefox it looks like the themeforest header is causing problems with the 3D slider, if you refresh the page after you close the themeforest header the site loads perfectly.

Hey, i brought the HTML one before this came out. I thought that that was a wordpress theme _

Now i have no money :(

Anyway does the have the option to add external pages?

For the portfolio part of the page, can you have more than 16 images? Can you also have more than one gallery? Thanks.

Hi mcnewbie,

Thank you for your interest.

Yes you can have more than 16 images in portfolio section, but only one gallery (with limitless categories)

Just purchased this yesterday. Thank you.

Have a few questions:

Every time I go to change the admin settings to test something out all the options I’ve changed to blank revert back to their default and I have to remember to clear them out. Not a big deal, just a pain.

Is there a way to remove the Twitter box in the contact section?

Is there a way to either create a lightbox link on one of the services images or on a new menu button?

Thanks again for the great work

Hi marmstrong,

Thank you for purchasing Locus Wordpress.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will fix the reverting back bug a.s.a.p. The problem will be fixed in the new update.

The features you asked currently are not available in theme panel. We will also add removing twitter in the next update.


We were out of country. We’ve just arrived. We’ve tested the template with three different hosts and it worked fine in all of them. Only the services section has a little issue. We will start to work on it and will update the template as soon as possible.

If you had any difficulties while the setting the theme, feel free to ask us.

One more question. Sorry.

How do I get QuickTime movies to play in the portfolio section?

To be able to add videos, you have to give your video file URL , make sure it is a full path like: http://mysite.com/video/myvideo.mov

To be able to add videos, you have to give your video file URL , make sure it is a full path like: http://mysite.com/video/myvideo.mov

Thank you for the responses.

Still can’t get QuickTimes (H264 compression) to play even with the direct link?

Any suggestions. Do all the Custom Fields stay the same?

I’m experiencing troubles installing the zip file.

After waiting I get this Message:

Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.

Hi holcombpaul,

Thank you for purchasing Locus Wordpress.

To be able to install the theme, first you should extract the zip file, and upload the “locus” directory in Theme folder.

Great Template.

I am having issues with the cuber. I have uploaded new photos named image1.jpg, image2.jpg, and the cuber wont load?? I tried to put the original photos back on to see if my images were too large but still not loading…

Can you help?


OK, then we’re waiting to hear from you.

OK so I have completely wiped out everything and reinstalled word press, put the theme files into ftp, then activated locus theme. I check to make sure theme is working and it is…. But when I go into backend menu and check the box that says “use 3-d slider” and save. I then check the page and the 3-d cuber is not working.. ??

I have not touched anything else in word press except to check the box.. I did not even change the images. the 3-d cuber is not working right from the get go.

I then imported the dummy content and still nothing (also says that http://piximory.com/templates/locuswp/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/graphic.jpg files are missing when trying to import dummy content)

I don’t have any plugins going either.

If I change the options to use the Nivo Slider the photos of the colours come up but when I check the box for the 3-d slider nothing.


Since we haven’t had any problems with 3D slider in any of our tests, we can’t figure out what is causing the problem and we cannot give a solution because we don’t have a non-working template to work on. So we would really appreciate if you could share your wordpress login information with us (you can send it via the contact form in our profile page) so we can work on your website to be able to provide a solution.

Lastly, is your hosting Windows or Linux?

Thank you.

I’m having major problems with this template. Does it require advanced understanding of WP because I can’t seem to get it to display any of my work.


Did you follow the help documentation to install and edit the theme? We’ve explained everyhing that you need to do step by step.


Are you still having difficulties with the template? If you are, feel free to ask us.

Thanks for following up. I actually abandoned trying to get it to work. Has the theme been updated since I purchased it? Maybe I could try again.

This is a very simple theme… very nice! I need some help getting movies to work within the portfolio section… I have tried uploading the media to my server and inputting the URL … didn’t seem to work! Tried through Vimeo… and worked… however I need total security on this site as I am using it for my family’s blog! and Vimeo is a long workaround.. The last thing I tried was converting my mp4 movie to swf file.. which is really great because the file size is very small, so I uploaded this swf file to my server and used that URL for what I thought was going to be success,.... but seriously booooo. .. doing my nut in! Can you help me please… I would really appreciate it…. So long story short…. I need swf files to work in the portfolio section.. .Thanx


Swf files should be working perfectly in portfolio section. Did you select “video” category before publishing? Also was your video URL a full URL path, like: http://yoursite.com/myvideo.swf?

genius. genius. genius.

this is a new favorite template.

i will be getting this for sure!!!!!!! been waiting for something this purrfect, clean, stylin, next level for sure.

Thank you very much :)

one potential wonk i would love sorted out in the next update:

the ability for people to post comments and reply to other people’s comments in the blog / news posts.

We may add comments feature in later updates but unfortunately that won’t be soon.