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Hello, Can the portfolio section be modified ? I added a lot of projects and now it’s so long down. I want to be 4×4 with pages. Is it possible and how much I have to pay? Thanks, GDesigns

Sorry we couldn’t understand your request. Can you please provide some more details maybe show an example? Also can you please share your website URL?

http://gdesignsbg.com/ You can look at portfolio and see a lot of images. I want to be only 4×4 images on the screen but with more pages.


Unfortunately it is not possible to have pages for portfolio.

Also you don’t seem to have purchased the item. There is no purchased badge on your comment. If you have further questions we’d appreciate if you could submit them with the account you purchased the item.


i have a problem on Internet Explorer 9, what is my problem? Can you please check on www.lionelcecilio.com Thx a lot


Can you please explain the issue you are having on IE9, and also provide screenshots? Thanks.

yes, when you are on IE9, there is a big space between the menu (navigation) and the first “actu”. How can i give you a screenshot ?


Sorry, we can’t be sure what the problem is. This issue is not available in the theme demo, so it must be related to your customizations.

Hi there, I would like to use this theme for a blog I am setting up, but am wondering if it is possible to adapt the ‘news’ section as more of a ‘blog post’, with comments, etc. Also if it is possible to add the social media buttons to the bottom of each post – Based off the live preview it looks like this theme is very well set up for a corporate or portfolio site but I would like to be able to add some social elements to it if possible? Thanks!


Unfortunately it is not possible to add comments and social elements in the theme.

For example – my website from customize this Locus theme: http://www.startech.sk/

Wow a huge customization, looks great. :)

hello, I’m a new bee just purchased your locus theme, but I can not find or add navigation bar on the head of main page, could you advise me how to do it? thanks


Did you check the help documentation in the theme package?

thanks, I also made a duplicate purchase on HTML file, can I cancel this purchase? thanks

You can contact themeforest support for canceling: http://support.envato.com/

Hi elemis,

Still very much enjoying your theme! It’s great for our project!

About the “news” template, is there a way to replace the date tabs on the left with images? Also, how can I display every news tab and not just the last 6?

My site: sticktogether.maxzorn.com



1. Do you wish to have different images per each news item? Or will all the images be the same?

2. You will need to change the height of .jcarousel-clip-vertical and .jcarousel-container in style.css

Hi why does the scrolling menu stop (under) the start of the post. please view http://fghauto.com.au/

figured this out. height of header…

Hi, I would publicly thank you for the great patience dedicated to my needs. I higly recommend this theme and/or all fo the works of this team! Thanks again

Thank you. We greatly appreciate your kind feedback :)


Love the theme but i was wondering if there was anyway to reuse media for the galleries that you have already uploaded? Please let me know.


Unfortunately this is not possible. The gallery page displays images only that are attached to that particular post.


your locus one page is working with jquery 1.6.4. Can you upgrade your Theme to the newest one? Please let me know. Denis

Sorry, updating jQuery is not in our plans.

I just downloaded and installed locus.zip successfully to worpress however when I visit site, it is blank under the preview monitor for Locus and i get an error message when i put my address in the address bar and hit enter:

“The page isn’t redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to acceptcookies."

I deleted old cookies and cache files. Still no luck. I had a previous theme installed before this that was uploaded as well. I deleted that as well as all posts, pages, categories, etc. related to demo version of that. I still am unable to get a locus template to show for WordPress.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Let me know here is my web address and let me know if you need my wp login and password, ftp access, or anything else. This is staling me out right now

http://thunderdogproductions.com/ Nick

That worked great thank you!

Anyway to add a YouTube social link or add audio player files to the about us/services page?


If you can give us permission to your wordpress admin we can add the option for adding YouTube social link. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page. For audio files you can search for an audio player Wordpress plugin.

Email Sent

Hi. Great looking theme and great help file, thats included.

I am looking for a way to change the slider speed and animation speed of the slide.

Please tell me what code to change where, or if there is a plugin version of the used slider, that can show the same design, but can be configured from the dashboard.

Thanks, Florian


worked great.

Now another thing.

Though I used to pictures of the same size, the sliders does a different frame from one picture to the next. Any idea.

You can check here: http://www.scharnofske-musik.de/dinnerjazz/

Thanks, Florian


Just checked your website but couldn’t see any issues regarding slider. Are you still having any problems?

The frame size of the slider-pictures changed. I found the problem, it was through different formating of the caption text.

In visuell mode I had pasted a text, that had a html formating that I did not notice.

Now everything is finde. Thanks for that beautiful theme.


I got a problem with table borders. Changed border: 1px to 0px, deleted those lines and added border:none; everywhere in the table css but they’re still showing up as well as the hover background color effect of the cells. How can I disable all table borders on the site?

See here: http://www.maurduelichter.com/#releases

Thx & Cheers Daniel


We cannot check your website since it is in Maintenance Mode.

can’t bring it out of maintenance mode before finishing the site. I sent you an email with the login data.

Hi Elemis,

I am using your locus theme for the website I am developing (www.optimal.com.ph). The theme was purchased by my boss. However, I am having problems uploading images on the portfolio because it doesn’t show any thumbnails. Please help me out.

Unfortunately I do not have access to that account because it is my boss’ personal account. Would it be possible for you to answer me here? site’s URL is http//: www.optimal.com.ph/optimal1

Thank you very much

I can provide you the access to the wp dashboard for you to check it out. please… I badly need your help.

Sorry we cannot help you unless you verify the purchase.

Hi, I recently bought and installed this Locus theme on my WP site. When I activated it, the site switched off and gave my the following error message:

“The page isn’t redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

My site works fine installing and activating other themes just not this one. I have Wordpress 3.5.1.

You can see it at http://energy.clockworktesting.co.uk

Please advise. Thanks.


Please make sure “your latest posts” is selected as “the front page displays” in Settings – Reading, not a static page.

Thanks very much, but my site doesn’t slide to the relevant pages when I click on the navigation buttons, any ideas?


You need to create the menu using post slugs. You can find instructions on this in the help documentation.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply, where will I find the help documentation? Thanks

You can find the help documentation inside the theme package help folder. Please make sure you download “main files” from Downloads page not just the “Installable Wordpress theme”.

Hi, does anyone know how I can change the width of the site to 1280px Much appreciated.


Unfortunately this change requires complex customizations, not possible with single change and our theme support doesn’t cover such customizations.

Hi Elemis,

I am using your locus theme for the website I am developing. It looks great however, I am having problems uploading images on the portfolio because it doesn’t show any thumbnails. Please help me out.

from where should I send it? can you put a link here?

Hi, just like to make some follow up, have you already seen where the errors are coming from? Thanks


We’ve just replied your email.

I’m new to this so please bear with me… I have installed the wordpress theme correctly from what I understand, however non of the images and dummy content is being pulled through. Please let me know what I missed



Dummy content doesn’t seem to be installed. Have you followed the instructions in the help documentation (which is inside the help folder of the theme package)?



three problems if you don’t mind casting an eye.

1) In the About section I used the [3 col] shortcode but the 3 columns don’t fit on a single page and the third column is under the other two. What am I doing wrong or how can I amend the pixel width of the columns to make them fit?

2) I filled the Form section out in the themes section but the contact form doesn’t appear to send emails to mu email address.

3) In the portfolio, the title of the film is placed on the lower of the thumbnail but if there are more words than a single line it doesn’t work (as in two lines don’t work) How can I amend something to make it fit? Either increase the height of the area if sits in or reduce the gap between the lines so two lines sit snugly. The second thumbnail has an example of this on my site.

Many thanks.


Hey, thanks for the quick response :)

1) many thanks, silly of me :)

2) I got that too, adn in fact about 10 hours or so after I tested it I got the email I sent as a test. Guess it is just slow somewhere. It isn’t a big deal as it is just a contact form on the site and most my business comes from word of mouth so i will test some more and keep or remove it, but thanks for checking.

3) I will do this in a couple of days if that is ok, am in the middle of a job and won’t have time till then, but many thanks and speak again soon.

Cheers again.

Hey guys, just to let you know I found the CSS code needed to make the changes as per 3) so I did it myself and made the caption permanently up which I also wanted. Only thing I can’t figure is how to change the text colour and background. I changed them in the .caption style but it didn’t change on the site even though changing the other parameters of .caption did what I needed.

This isn’t a big deal, more curious than anything else.

Thanks again for you help though and the offer to have done the CSS for me.




You can change the background and text color by editing .caption style in style/css/light.css