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Hi there

I am enjoying using your theme but have an issue with the Fancybox thumbnails on the Portfolio:

The thumbnails being displayed are for every image in the entire portfolio, but the caption below the image is just for the portfolio post that is clicked on.

Can the thumbnails being displayed be limited to just the slides within portfolio post? This would make much more sense to site viewers.


I’m happy to edit this my self if you can point me in the right direction.

Thanks : )


If you can give us permission to your wordpress admin we can help you on this. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.

Is it possible to change the movement direction from vertical to Horizontal?

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately it’s only vertical.


Firstable, thanks for the theme. Great Job!

I have some issues I’d like to fix.

1. I want to center my logo in the header, but I don’t found any solution in header.php or style.css.

2. In the portfolio, I want to order the thumbnails and display “description” and “caption”, juste like the gallery page. But it doesn’t work…

Could you please enlight me about these?



Please add the following code into the Custom CSS field in the theme options panel for making the logo image width max 100% on all screen sizes:

#logo img {
max-width: 100%;

It works perfectly! Thanx a lot.

I just have another little issue.. I want to create a gallery page with some videos but I can’t uplaod a file bigger than 8 Mb because of the wordpress uplaoder. Can I change this? If yes, how to do this?

Many thanks for your reactivity.


In Appearance – > Theme options -> General I clicked Restore Defaults by mistake and deleted all my custom CSS, logo. footer details :crying: Is there any way to restore what I had before?


Unfortunately there is no way of restoring.


In Appearance – > Theme options -> General I clicked Restore Defaults by mistake and deleted all my custom CSS, logo. footer details :crying: Is there any way to restore what I had before?


Unfortunately there is no way of restoring.

I have disabled the social icons when I just installed the theme and now I need to enable some of the icons, but I cant find the code where I do this. Can you please help me. As I understand these icons will be placed at the contact pages under map?


You can enable the social icons by entering URLs in the Theme Options panel, tab Social Media.


I know you don’t provide support for additional custom modifications to the items but let me try to explain you ; ) The customer i bought the Locus one-page theme for seems to be as many customers ; he wants first something design and next he’s not ok with its SEO despite i warned him.

So i managed to transform the one-page in a “normal website” and it worked (by overriding page.php and creating a new menu with normal links). I just have an issue with permalinks which seems to work except it does not load the content of the aimed page (i guess the page does not get the page id it should load). Is there a solution you know about this ? The website is www.artistic-decor.com

Best regards, thanks for your theme and sorry i had to ruined the one-page concept.

i reply to myself… So sorry i post this because that was just a cache issue…


after installing your theme and following the documentation to the letter, the top menu is not displaying correctly and it is not scrolling as it should when clicked.

you can see it at: www.fieldofstars.net

any quick help would be appreciated


Have you checked the “menu section” in the help documentation?

:-S had forgotten to assign the default menu…thanks for your help , and apologies cause i will be asking a lot of questions to customize this theme! thanks again Elemis…


I have been searching for the perfect theme for my wife’s art website, I think this is it. However, I have one very important question before I purchase the theme.

Most of my wife’s portraits are portrait-oriented and not landscape-oriented. I am concerned that the gallery/portfolio modules will crop the thumbnail and cut off most of the portrait, only leaving the eyes of the subject that was painted. This is the problem I have had with other themes I have purchase from ThemeForest.

Is there ANY way to post the image in the gallery in its normal orientation? Or does it always have to be cropped for landscape?

If that is possible, then I have an additional question – is there a way to add more than four columns?

Thank you so much!


Thank you for your interest in Locus. Both of your requests are possible but they are not available in the theme directly. You will need to edit the theme files to have those.

Thanks Elemis. I have now purchased the theme.

Is it compatible with WordPress 3.7.1, which I believe is the latest version?



We tested the theme with Wordpress 3.7.1 and didn’t notice any issues.


is there any plugin out there to add a guestbook to my locus one page theme?

can’t find a guestbook plugin that works with locus



We haven’t tried any plugins for guestbook before so we cannot recommend any plugins but we’ve seen some customers that have them.

thx for the answer, can you show me some examples?

Unfortunately we don’t have any examples in mind, it’s been a long time.


I just tried to install wordpress3.8 into my system. Does this theme supports it?



Locus seems to work properly with Wordpress 3.8. We haven’t experienced any issues.

Hi !

I just updated the theme to the latest jQuery version and the menu links do not work anymore…. How can I solve this ?

Thank you, Xavier


Some of the theme scripts seem not to be compatible with the latest version of jQuery which creates conflicts and prevents all scripts from working properly.

Bonjour, and congrats for the theme ! I only have one small request, I’d like to portfolio only shows categories and not all images. I do not know if I’m making myself clear, my English and as poor as my PHP ^ ^ I understand that this must change in index.php I deleted the All, but all images are displayed in mixed categories.

Again sorry for my very bad english, if it can be used here is the website : http://www.chehade-studio.com


Unfortunately it is not possible to show only a specific category on first load in portfolio.

Hi! How can I add title for Gallery and for Contacts. Search it everywhere, but don’t understand how to do it. Thank you.


Such an option doesn’t exist. What kind of title do you have in mind exactly? If you could provide some more details we might be able to help on Monday morning when we’re back at the office.

Hi elemis,

I have purchased your theme and it is great, really simple and clean. But I am wondering if there is any way in the Home section to ad links to the icons of the different sections of my website, such us portfolio or about. Seems redundant having the menu bar but I want to know how to do it. This is an example of what I mean: http://artofscholes.com/

Thank you, Irene

For the menu text color, please paste the following code into Custom CSS field in the theme options panel and edit the color value per your needs:

ul.menu li a {
color: #272727 !important;

I am referring to the portfolio thumnails

The cropping is done by wordpress itself and we haven’t tried anything to change that but there are some nice guides on the web on how you can change the crop position. One I came across just now is this: http://shailan.com/how-to-change-post-thumbnail-crop-position-in-wordpress/ But as I said we haven’t tried this so please backup your existing files before trying the methods explained there.

Hello Elemis,

Can you help me second time please ? I need to put “city names” on thumbnails of one of the gallery. (second button in the main menu) I cannot use automatic thumbnails because I don’t want this names on big pictures. (made in photoshop) I tried to use manual gallery, but I cannot add a description when the picture opens in big…and i need a big text about each city. And if I use standart gallery, I don’t know how to put a caption like in “portfolio” model (but not animated by the hover)

Here you can see my two tests : http://biarritzru.com/new/

I hope my explication is understandable ! Thank you very much !


Gallery doesn’t have a thumbnail hover option. But as stated in the help documentation: “The gallery item title will be displayed as caption in the lightbox. You can also add more information to your images by filling “description” field of each image.”

Hello, thank you. I don’t need a hover option, I just need a caption on the thumbnail. “Description” and “caption” only appears in the lightbox, but not on the thumbnail. so there is no way to add it ?

There is no direct option for it in the theme. But if you can give us permission to your Wordpress admin we can help you with this. You can send the credentials to us via the contact form on our profile page.


I am trying to add “pin it” buttons on the images in the Portfolio, but when I add a Pinterest plugin, they either do not show or cause the lightbox that opens to freeze up.

Any ideas?


Unfortunately it is not possible add pinterest button in portfolio

hi elemis, how to instal it int the wordpress.org :) Thank you very much !

this is my web http://myhostingku.contoh.in/ , why the display is blank?

You don’t seem to have purchased the item. We can’t help you under these circumstances.

Hey, is it possible to have a youtube or vimeo video embeded in the website big slider area instead of those pictures ? Like this:


There is no direct option for replacing the slider with a video but it can be done by editing the php file.

Is it easy to do ? You see I am picking the template for my website. This one is really perfect but the only thing is that I need that video instead of slider pictures. And I am no coder wouldn’t even know where to find it in php file. If I purchase it, would it be done like just adding a line to the code ? or is it more complex ?

No it is simple. If you contact us after you purchase the theme we can help you with that.

Hey, i got his weird issue after installing the dummy content.

check it out.. http://www.readyvideo.lt/


Please make sure you follow the instructions in the help documentation. Especially the “Pages, Order, Menu” title