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shybear Purchased

Hello. I absolutely love the theme so far. When I initially installed it though, I put it in the wrong folder and activated the instant update there. When I moved the theme to the correct folder and tried to reregister the theme, it told me it was already activated. Any way we can reset that? Thank you.

Hello! Just deleted your previous activation, you are free to activate the theme again on the new site.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

the logan agency demo is not working now, whats up? I sold this to a client and want to review tom am.

please advise.

Hello, sorry, it was because of an updated plugin. Just fixed. Let me know.

Manuel :-)


RBTH Purchased

Hi Pixedelic,

We are trying to change the currency but its not working, the plugin author asked us to ask you what locals they have available.

Many thanks!



Hello Richard, are you talking about WooCommerce? I don’t see any issue with the currency (just tried). Are you trying to change it from there (se below)?

Let me know. Manuel :-)


hetul Purchased

We are getting an Internal Server Error on the checkout page: /wc-ajax=checkout 500 (Internal Server Error)

Can you please advise?


sensineo Purchased

hi my friend, i recently updated the composer plugin, and since then the TS horizontal Steps don’t show any picture. I really tried everything, but it only shows icons no pictures lis png or jpg. maybe you could have a short look. soooooo many thanks in advance



Hello! You’re right, haven’t seen that issue, sorry. Working on it, I hope to fix it in a few hours and release a patch, my apologies.

Manuel :-)


sensineo Purchased

No man, thank you. Dont worry your support ist amazing

ciao!. due problemini. Nella versione desktop, nella pagina contatti non riesco a trovare dove modificare la parola “contatti” e cambiare l’immagine di sfondo, che dovrebbe comparire ma che al momento non appare, quindi non so dove andare a pescare.

qui il link:


nella versione mobile invece non mi fa vedere la slide. io ho creato una mia slide, chiamandola “red” e forse bisogna richiamarla da qualche parte perchè lui di default vede la slide principale, ma nelle impostazioni della revolution slide oltre a selezionare o meno se voglio vedere la slide nella versione mobile, non trovo da fare.

qui il link:


grazie! :)


la parola “Contatti” è il titolo della pagina (se ho capito bene):

mentre per lo sfondo:

Riguardo alla slideshow credo ci sia qualche problema di configurazione, ma dovrei vedere il backend se possibile. Se puoi inviarmi gli accessi fallo qui: manu[at]pixedelic.com (ricordami anche questo thread https://themeforest.net/comments/14293410 per favore).

Grazie, Manuel :-)


sensineo Purchased

Hi Manuel, any news on the patch? Thank you in advance. :-)

Sorry, still waiting for a reply from the plugin author. I hope to let you know something ASAP


i have purchased logan theme. but product category page sorting (price ascending and descending )are not working.

Hello, you’re right, let me investigate a little and, if necessary, I’ll release a patch ASAP.

Manuel :-)


mdmente Purchased

Hello Pixedelic! Hey I’m making this shop, http://paulosuccar.com/shop/ but I don’t know why the quickview is not working. I couldn’t find any information on the documentation.

Oh I forgot something else, there is a white space below the footer. It seems that the sliding bar is the responsible for that, I disabled it but the problem remains.

Could you help me? Thanks.