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Hi! I want to change fields in Checkout but I don’t understand how I can do it. I want to delete some fields and add new fileds and change template. Can I do it from Admin Panel? If I can’t – how much it can be cost with your help? There are examples what I want to do. I’s in Russian, but I can translate you: http://prntscr.com/ebqwk3, http://prntscr.com/ebqwx8

and one more questions. I don’t understand why my site mazani.com.ua doesn’t work correctly on mobile. It looks very badly.

Thank you for you support :)


the theme doesn’t have any role in check out fields, they depends on WooCommerce. I can only recommend the official documentation: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/tutorial-customising-checkout-fields-using-actions-and-filters/

About mobile view: you should manage the slideshow in your home page in order to display the text in a proper way. RevSlider allows you to define the elements on different devices, here is the official documentation about that: https://www.themepunch.com/faq/incorrect-position-or-size-for-text-button-or-shape/

Let me know. Manuel :-)


barbarez Purchased

Optimization. I ran a speed test on GTMetrix.com and there are two parameters running low. - Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header (Currently 51%) - Remove query strings from static resources (Currently 55%) Could you provide information how to improve them?



barbarez Purchased

Thanks Manuel, Updates: I put Envato info and purchase code – it says “your license has passed the limit of domains available”. I checked and it is not active on any other page…


barbarez Purchased

Also just noticed the whole woocommerce store is gone. Could you please contact me via email? Thank you!


your license code was associated to a test domain. I deleted it, so you can reactivate the installation you prefer.

And you can contact me through the form on this page: https://themeforest.net/user/pixedelic#contact I’ll reply via email then and you can also share sensible data in this way.

Manuel :-)


on the demo page http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/logan/retail/ is a “Shop the look” section where a model wears different items (scarf, trouser, bag etc.) and the user can hover above them and click on them. Is this feature part of the theme?

Nice theme, thanks in advance

Hello and thank you.

“Hotspots” on images are provided by a plugin included in the theme. You can position hotspots on the image you prefer, add text and associate a link. It isn’t an automatic feature, to clarify, you have to create it manually, but yes, the feature is in a premium plugin distributed with the theme, so it is part of the theme.

Best, Manuel :-)

Hi, I am trying to import the demo on my site Home Restaurant and unfortunately despite having secured the required values of PHP I have big problems with your theme. In fact, all the pages are loaded regularly but the Home continues to turn without the page is loading. I could leave my credentials so you can help me?

Thank you


I think you only have to add an Google Map API key on “Appearance -> Customize -> Google Maps”. You can get your API key here https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key Sorry, it depends on some changes added by Google.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Thank you. I resolved

1) Is there anything we can do to reduce the load time of:




Typically 2 or sometimes all 3 add 1-3 seconds to the page load time. Why are those loaded every page request? Why not generate the output of those on save and save a reference to the static output instead of generating the same thing over and over?

The theme is heavy enough… needs some improvements in that area.

2) How do we disable google maps completely? Not load anything googlemaps… I don’t know why but the implementation of that is also very heavy on page loads. I think we’re better off displaying a static image of the map and linking to the maps url instead. Probably drop couple seconds there too.


1) are you talking about your site or the demo? I ask this since you aren’t a purchaser so I’m curious, since the file you mentioned are svg images rendered via php, they take less than 0.1 seconds to load on the demo: https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/c7sxaX/http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/logan/

2) Logan doesn’t allow to use Google maps as static images, sorry. But you can disable Google map APIs on Customizer -> Google maps. Just remember to avoid to use Google maps across the site, sorry.

Manuel :-)

Hi, the preview site is down. None of the pages are showing. Please check: http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/logan/parallax/home/parallax-shop/


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font awesome making problem only showing square box i dont fix this pls check


Hello, at this moment your site is completely down. However please consider the font error is often due to apache: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33197751/fonts-are-blocked-in-web-client-cors

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi, the preview site is down. None of the pages are showing. What the problem is? I bought it three days ago…

Sorry, I still have some problem with W3 Total Cache – Multisite and PHP7. Thank you for the heads up.

Manuel :-)

Hi, The demo is down… Where can I see a working demo?


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Hi Manuel, I’ve got an issue with Woocommerce integration and I was wondering if you could help.

So we’ve transitioned from Forte and not much has changed plugin wise since then. This didn’t happen before so, I guess it might be something about the theme.

Product listings and single don’t honour “show tax” unless you have an account with an address. Luckily enough Cart and Checkout work fine. But new customers are pissed :(

I’ve set default location to store location, and tax by shipping address. So the usual suspects are covered. I even stripped some of the tax exceptions to have it be as straight forward as possible. No luck.

Check it out here: https://www.carambacompany.es/tienda/ Add any product to the cart and see how tax is magically applied there. Again, WC is set to show tax on products is enabled. I even added a suffix that is not shown either.

Have you ever had this problem?

Thanks for your help!


keystorm Purchased

Sorry. Ignore everything above. I’ve been nudging the settings back and forth and disabled and purged all caches and CloudFlare and it seems like it’s finally working.

Thank you for updating this thread. Manuel :-)


Sttan Purchased

Hi, we send you a mail for some bugs/help, but we didn’t have any answer… :)


Sttan Purchased

Sory but this is the problems we occured : - in woocomemrce lightbox is activated BUT product picture are not open in lightbox - i try to display slider in full weight but is always boxed… i try to change setting in revolution slider and custom template, but without success. - i try to display an image background, but even i insert her, nothing is displayed : https://www.sttanding.com/marques/acrila/ - all pages created contain a custom field with an adress in vietnam ! - Follow my precedent problem : the problem seem come from Meta Box plugin & Meta box tab plugin. If i deleted cutom field and save page(for remove vietnam address) when page reload, field reappear ! If i try to add a picture in background header page, picture is saved but not appear in css or html code of page. - impossible to activate/display a sidebar for woocommerce pages… no sidebar displayed !

thx for your help !

Just replied via email, but I paste here the answer if you prefer:

  1. original lightboxes are deactivated by the theme and replaced by zoom effect
  2. to display a full-width slider you also have to set the row that contains it (in the page builder) as full-width
  3. about the image background… are you talking about the page background or what, sorry? If you’re trying to set a page background I’m sorry, but you can see it only if you set your site as boxed (not your case): http://www.pixedelic.com/themes/logan/personal/
  4. it is the placeholder of the Google Maps you can set as background of the title section. It depends on Meta Box plugin but it isn’t printed in the front end site
  5. BTW: sorry for the late reply, unfortunately when you write a new email you lose your position in the queue. I’m sorry.

    Manuel :-)


TLoc Purchased

Hello. First of all, congratulations for the template. I think it’s amazing.

I would like to activate the automatic updates but I can’t, this is the error message I’m receiving: “Sorry, it seems your license has passed the limit of domains available. Please, contact the author for further information”

I designed the website in my own domain and hosting (frisbeesm.com) and then I migrated the installation to my client’s domain and hosting (porsyinternacional.es). Once it was completed, I deleted everything regarding your template of my hosting (I have even changed my hosting provider) but I still can not activate the license in the new installation. What should I do?

I hope I have explained myself, sorry for my bad English and thank you in advance.


Hello Samuel, I removed your activation manually so you are free to activate the theme wherever you prefer. If you need to move it again, in the future, just remember to deactivate the license before moving it… or contact me as you did now, no problem.

Manuel :-)


qadeerm Purchased

Hello, Presale questions:

a) Are the demo images included? your main page states they are not but I need the demo images in the beginning as fillers without watermarks

b) On the demo site, its not calculating shipping and adding it to the total. is this issue only on demo and works find when loaded on the server.

c) page load time, seems to be slower then normal load time



qadeerm Purchased

OK forgot the 404, fixed it.

I don’t see the shipping details during checkout -> like the “flat rate” / local shipping on the checkout page….

where can i set this up…..

Hello and sorry for the late reply. Just go to “WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping” to add classes and zones.

Manuel :-)

Thanks Manuel.

My site is very very slow and even slower after clearing cache. I have seen some of the recommendations you have given throughout and even installed the plugin you have suggested. Nothing seems to make the page load faster.

Your demo seems to be loading OK…..

Any new suggestions…. I am sure others who have experienced in the past may have found and solution and fixed the site load issue.

Hi! I have small concern: While using the ipad or any other tablet the menu of my website doesn’t change to mobile/tablet compatible menu.

Can you please help.

Hello, I should see the site to better help you, however please check on “Appearance -> Customize -> Navigation -> Responsiveness” what you set. By default when the window is smaller than 800 pixels the menu turns into a burger, maybe you have changed that value.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi, I added a 3rd slide to RevSlider and it doesn’t load, I can’t see it in the main slider. Is there any bug or known problem with it in the theme?

Hello, as far as I know there isn’t any problem. What version of RevSlider are you running?

Manuel :-)

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Hello, here is your original content without license code (I removed it for this reason):


I bought Logan for a restaurant but I did not find where i can change the demo footer. I,m looking for change Logan and other text but I cant do it in customizer o widget. Could you help me?

Thanks a lot

The content of the footer, if you installed the demo content, is got from a page. Look among your pages for a page called “Footer” and edit it. You can decide whether to use a page or a footer made of widgets, just go to Appearance -> Customize -> Footer -> General”.

Let me know. Manuel :-)

Hi I want to buy the theme but first I have a few questions. 1Can I have all payments methods (Direct Credit Cards payments) is most important to me. 2 Is the theme multylanguage I want to use Bulgarian. Can I modify custom all elements ?. Thank you