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How do i install this template with wordpress. thanks


This is not a wordpress theme it’s html template only.


How to generate the tracking code..respond fast

Thats expensive and more so I dont use wordpress. Bring in that tracking module to his html feature then we are in business


We are sorry. We have only html design at this moment.


Hi, for shopify, do I just upload the theme zipped folder? What do I do with the documentv1.3 zip folder?

Hello its only html template. Its shopify version is developed by someone else. Please write to them if you have any question about shopify. Thanks

hello sir ,

My order booking page is not working . Form tables are not displayed in order shipment page and logistic pro plugin options order shipment show and required checkboxes are not displaying .

What is the solution for this error .


I am sorry this is a HTML template. There is no working functionality its only a design.


pre-purchase-question hello, for a currier company that has clients with users, (example: users buy from amazon, the merchandise arrives at the currier office, and the currier office sends the package to the client – these users only receive, do not send) I would like to know if this theme has that option, the administrator sends the package, and the client only sees his own order is pending to arrive, and when it arrives clients see on his desk that package arrived,
charge tracking id must be separeted by user,

Hi, This is just a HTML template. Thanks,

Hello, the current price includes the cost of the tracking application?


This is only template/design, there is no functionality.


At the time of purchase and installation of the template.

does the tracking system work?

Hello this is only html template not a wordpress theme. Thanks

php contact form not working

popup contact form not working

Hello, Please write to technical support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ They will guide you. Thanks

i’m using one page template for build the site . contact.php edited and uploaded. but not working. please give solution .

Hello, Please write to technical support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ They will guide you. Thanks

Before purchasing question. Page open slow, loading cycle take long time.

Its HTML and you can add any icon library in it.

You already Bought Flaticon library. can i get all icon classes to call on the website?

We have some specific icons. If you want your own then you have to download and include them in your project.

Does it contain Address Book feature to save frequent clients and to avoid fill the shipment form completely each time?

Is it open source for customization?

What is the list of features at admin level for the Tracking mode?

If we update the status of a shipment, will the system send email or SMS notification to client?

Can we see the admin panel?

Do you offer customization service if we need some in Tracking?


This is just a HTML template means design only.

If you want customization’s services you can send us email here contact@scriptsbundle.com




Please read the refund policy here is the link: https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy


please i need a refund for this, i thaught it was a wordpress theme

Okay let me tell you once again thay please follow the refund request you have created. We have replied to you and its been 4 days now. If you still not getting you can contact envato team they will guide you further. Regards

Please how can i follow the request, i think you should atleast provide a link for me to follow that, why does it seem like you making it look like a trap or something, please help me with a link to follow my request please

Its your email inbox. Please check out there or contact envato. Regards

Hey there guys,

I sell cars and motorbikes from Japan and I want to set up logistics & tracking for my customers. I require that my customers see where their car is once we start logistics from our warehouse. For example CUSTOMER A Bus a Honda Number xxxxxx We enter the data and he can track the logistics from warehouse to port, to ship, Ship name and ETA etc. Can your system handle this as its packaged or do I need more?