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Great work! Good luck with sales.

Nice design mate… Good luck!

Very neat and clean. Well done!

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Awesome work! Good luck with sales ;)

really nice work, GLWS :)

Beautiful looking design – well done! Is the content included in the purchase?


Let us design your logo header text box is glitchy and shuffles left and right on transition of the slider.

The dropdown in the form is not working in the sample when it should.

Are you planning on fixing these issues?

Which browser do you use?

Otherwise, this works fine in all popular browsers.


This looks pretty good. Is everything included in the demo included with template? In other words will I have an exact clone out of the box?

Thank you

Hello, yes except images. Images are not included with Logomatic template.


Is the PHP for the contact form included?

Hello, yes, contact form is included!

Hi !

I followed your documented instructions for php form but unable to make it work here

What can I do now while I also changed email address in config file?

Thanks Sheikh Naveed


try to change email with Notepad++ with Encoding “Encode with UTF-8 without BOM” (change this before open php file). Before you upload new file, delete old file first.

Hi i have problem :/ when i click in order now! and send email i don’t see which packages was choose in email. But when i order now from link : LOGO PACKAGES is everything ok. Please help:/

Where is index placed ?

How i can change email ?

‘How can I add or chance the submit button to a PayPal button? Greetings, Gunhar

Hi I’m have problem with the contact farm when ever i test the farm with my own email its not working i check my email and i have not seen any email message that i send.

I just purchased this theme and its saying that I am missing the style.css stylesheet. Please advise me on this as soon as possible. Thanks.


this is a HTML theme, and not Wordpress theme. To use HTML theme, you simply upload it with your FTP Client to your hosting. To change content use any HTML editor (for exampla Notepad ++).

If you’ll need any help let us know.

Best regards