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Isn’t this a theme from freshface?

@UnitedThemes: Yes it is :)

This was a joint effort with our Joomla friends from jawtemplates, so it’s absolutely recommended by us. Enjoy! :)

Thanks for clarifying freshface :)

Good Luck with sales @ jawtemplates

Thought it is not allowed to sell the same design (created by another author). Aaargh, i should have ask and contact “freshface” earlier ;-) BTW , I think I did !?

Since most templates are WP, XHTML , PSD… I also asked 3-4 other Authors. The answers were “No” or “Dunno”. I guess, I should have been more persistant.

Anyway, good conversion.

Great theme guys. Welcome to the Joomla area of themeforest :) . Good luck with sales !

best regards, Stefan

Thank you for your wish. We appreciate your support.

Have a nice day, J&W Templates

Crisp and Creative!

Good luck with sales, mate :)


J&W Templates

Hi, does your template support full functionality of JomSocial? Thanks.

Hi, no, JomSocial is not supported. It may be included in one of future version.

J&W Templates

I cant get the modules to show up. Anyone know why? The components are there and when the theme loaded it said the modules loaded successfully but cant find them. Any thoughts?

Hi, can you send us an email where you descrite exactly what module at what position doesn´t work? Thanks.

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Hi, I just started building my web with your template, looks great!

Hello. On the seetings options, inside style settings, options like header color and footer color are missing. I am just able to change 5 settings from the 8 shown in the documentation, maybe its something missing in my system? or wrong instalation? Thnx.

Hi, we have decided to not include these options to our template finally because of presets which are already made. But it seems that it remains in documentation. We are sorry about misunderstanding and thank you very much for notice, we will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks!

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Hi, Thanks for the quick replay. The jaw tweet module doesnt seem to work. It appears but no feed at all. Its any suffix or info, apart from the twitter nickname, needed? Custom modules with twitter extensions worked before with that nickname. Thanks.

Hi, we don´t see the problem with jaw tweet module. If a problem is remaining, please send us to email your twitter nickname. But it should work by pasting your nickname only.

Hi, sorry, I cant figure out how to display the galleries on the buttons 1 and 2. What kind of module should i create? Ive created a menu with a menu item inside containing the gallery and a module on button 1 position containing that menu but doesnt seem to show. Thanks.

Hi, we know that you already figure it out but for fully understanding check the next lines.

The button positions work only if you have some module at button-1 and button-2 positions at the same time. It means that if you want to show only button-1 position it won´t work. If you want to change this rule, go to ”/templates/london-creative/index.php” file on line 66 and change “if ($gantry->countModules(‘button1’) && $gantry->countModules(‘button2’)) : ?>” to “if ($gantry->countModules(‘button1’) || $gantry->countModules(‘button2’)) : ?>” (without ””). After this change you can activate only one of this position.

Also it´s important to remember that this positions are used to show same link (for example “

Test Button

“). Using text without link will cause this text invisible (it´s there but the background-color is the same as text-color).

Hello again, the problem was that you need to have both buttons with modules enable to be able to display them, just one wont show. I got it to work but the menu had a bullet that made modules to offset. Ive had to correct that in the css template editor. But now when i press the button to go to the galery, in the gallery its a promotional text of the template that im unable to edit or erase. Please help. The twitter issue its still unsolved. Thanks

Hi, I need some help here as I cannot get this theme installed.

Installing through extension manager > install > select file doesn’t work. Not because of the filesize but due to “Cannot open Archive” errors. Manual upload and discover in joomla also doesn’t work.

I’m not a noob in Joomla but I’ve tried about everything I can think of and still can’t get it installed. Thanks

Hi, We just send you a email, which should help you. In short “install-london-creative-plus-bundle.zip” file is the installation of theme which you can upload to Joomla.

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Thanks for the reply, ill try the twitter again, but the gallery issue its still there, when clikin to the gallery this promotional text shows up “Hey guys, this Gallery page feature was introduced in the latest version of London Creative +. You can write some introduction text here if you want or not, it’s up to you, like most things in my theme. All updates are FREE for those who already purchased this theme, so just re-download the package from your account. Enjoy!”. Since the gallery its one of the main features of the template i really need it to work. Thanks

Don´t worry, one minute ago we have uploaded an updade for template, in this one is gallery fully working. This text you can easily replace with your own – check new documentation. Just wait a minute for avaible the new update (need approval). We will inform about that at LondonCreative theme page and then you can re-downloade it.

Thanks for the quick update! installed and working perfectly!! (i still cant find where to edit the text but now its not promo text, just empty, and it works for my purposes) About the twitter issue, it is any host permissions needed, like library or index.php acces? Sometimes it displays a message with some copy files error. Apart from that problem congratulations for the template,nice design and it is being very useful for my project.

Thanks for nice words. We are improve our documentation right now, after approval we will let you know at template page about upgrade (but the installation of theme is OK now – it will remain the same as you have). The gallery text you can edit at Components -> JaW Gallery -> Options (on the top right) – and there fill in Gallery description or leave it empty if you don´t want to show anything.

About JaW Tweeter we really don´t know how to help you. Can you try to send us your nick via email? We have tested it many times and still don´t see any problem. About

Hello, and thanks for the support, the twitter problem must be in my account cause with almost any other account nicknames works perfect, sorry. I have a small question, how you make it so the slider and buttons wont show when displaying and article from the front page once the read more dots are pressed? ive only selected to display that modules(slider, buttons) on the home menu only but the articles on the main page are trated the same so the slider still there when read more is pressed. On your demo you seem to have figured out the right way. THNX Thanks.

It seems that you have a problem with module setting to pages. Our demo has no specific settings and we are not sure what you have a problem with. Maybe Joomla! documentation will help you – http://docs.joomla.org/

One more thing, the social media module, whatever adress you place on the youtube category, it takes you to the facebook link or web home if there is no facebook, but never to the youtube adress. Thanks.

Every link you paste in here has to include “http://”. If it´s still not working, send us link to youtube page and we will try it.

Hello and thanks. Yes, the solution was in the module/article display. About the youtube icon/link in the social media module Ive tried with several youtube links, and none works, the youtube icon always seems to lead to the same adress thats on the facebook icon.

Hi, you were right, we are sorry. Today we will upload un update – the approval may take few hours, so if you need this think work quickly, please use the process below.

In “modules\mod_jawsocial\tmpl\default.php” file on line 32 you have to replace this code: <?php if($params->get('youtube_link')) { ?> <li class="ico_youtube"><a alt="youtube" href="<?php echo $params->get('facebook_link') ?>"></a></li> <?php } ?> by this code: <?php if($params->get('youtube_link')) { ?> <li class="ico_youtube"><a alt="youtube" href="<?php echo $params->get('youtube_link') ?>"></a></li> <?php } ?> Or if you send us your email, we can send you fixed file.

Ive sent you an email with my adress so you can send me the corrected file.


We have send it to you yesterday. Check your spam, if you don´t have it we will sent it again.