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fuck yeah! love it

So obviously you’ll get another author purchase soon! :P (I’ll purchase it tommorow, I believe)

Looks great! Awesome Job! :)

Very clean and elegant. Bookmarked. Will buy shortly.


Totalllllllllly digging this theme :) GREAT work dude! Can’t wait to see your future work :)

Thanks mate! I have got some templates and WP themes comming up, so stay tuned by following me. Thanks again Tomy!

Guys, if you are waiting for Wordpress version, it will be released not later than on Monday 16th of November 2009. If you are interested, please follow me. Thank you!

very nice theme mate :)

Dekuji :-)

Are you planning on adding a full width template to the wordpress version?

Full width template will be added, thanks wilkie for bringing this up. Anything you want guys, just ask. Does anyone have other wishes too? Please ask, I will do my best to implement it.

Will definitely buy if Wordpress!

Wordpress version will be released not later than on Monday 16th of November 2009. Please follow me. If you have got any wishes regarding functions etc., just ask. Thanks dalfelt!

Hard to find any room for improvements here :)

Maybe one thing… Visitors might find it a bit confusing that the title and category shown in the main picture looks like links. In the beginning I was clicking on this wondering why nothing happened. Do you see my point? Or maybe this is just me..

Thanks dalfelt! They ARE links, but they link only to ”#” so it’s up to you (buyers) to paste a link of your choice. It’s just a demo, but it works as a link as you would expected. In Wordpress version it will be linked directly to you portfolio item or blog post, depending on what you assign to slider category. BTW you will have there 4 sidebars (homepage, portfolio, blog, pages). Or do you want more? :-)

Sounds great! Homepage, portfolio, blog and pages with or without sidebar for widgets sound complete too me. And maybe a working contact form as it has now.. :)

Hi Fress Buy your template, but I have problems to see the images. If you can help me appreciate it. A greeting.

Hi mascael, thx for your comment. By the text you wrote I guess what is the problem like. If I understand you correctly, you dont see images in the slider. This theme is using the TimThumb PHP script. This script resize images on SERVER side, for a slider thumbnails. So to run this script on YOUR computer you need Apache server (For example VertrigoServ, free for download and easy to install).

you can see that in html code: scripts/timthumb.php?src=images/img1.jpg&h=350&w=920&zc=1

But if you put this theme on server wich support PHP , the script will run and generate the images. And everything will be correct.

Please, write if my answer solved your problem, and of course if not.

I cant wait the the theme to go wordpress tomorrow. I will definitely buy it for my company’s new website.

WP version is done and is currently waiting for reviewer’s approval. It should appear on TF homepage soon, so stay tuned guys, I had put lots of work into it :-) Cheers.

Fantastic template…

i really like the style and all the features you have added.. there were just a couple of things i would have wished for.

1. a single column page ready made for use (ie for privacy policy etc)

2. a gallery page that had a grid of thumbnails and when clicked opened up in the same way as on the portfolio page now.. i would have liked this page to be single column too

any chance of this in an update?

I am sure for those on here who are more familiar with the code this is easy to do but i am a bit of a noob and so dont want to risk making too big a change myself

Brilliant template though all the same, glad i bought it… the thumbnail maker is a great feature too, saves me a lot of hassle


Thanks Steve for you wonderful feedback comment! I think these little things could be cool and its really not that hard to implement so I will probably look into it when I got more time.

1) Send me an email and I will tell you how to make it, its really easy, just one line in css and one in html.
2) Send me how many pictures you would like to have in one row and the spacing between them in pixels. When I will have more time, I will do it and upload a newer version. Thanks again and have a nice day mate! :)

New Page 1

Just purchased and downloaded.

Great Work!

Can’t wait to start tweaking the PSD file.

Where did you get the images on the live preview? Especially the one of the image wall. I would love to use it in my re-design.


Thanks mate! You can check CREDITS .txt for these things.

Nicely theme, love the combination between yellow and black. Any chance for drupal version? :)

Thanks Ryan! :) I am sorry but I only do wordpress themes at the moment.

I want to purchase this template, it would be perfect for what I am trying to do. Can you customize this for me, for extra , of course?

Hi gineric! Thanks for your offer! Please send me an email via my TF profile page and we can discuss what you would like to have customized. Cheers!


Firstly, thank you for a wonderful template. It is one of the best I’ve come a cross yet. I have one problem though. I want to use the portfolio page to post some of multiple photos via the jquery . I am not sure how to get this done. I have placed the images in images-photos-pics. I’ve changed line in the code on the page to reflect the path but it is not working. I get the jquery pop up but no photos. Please give a way to get this done.

Thank you once again. Love this theme. It rocks!!

Hi mate! Just send me an email with this message and give me your wp-login and site URL , I will look into this :) Happy new year!