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Hi freshface.

Love this template!!

I am going to purchase (definately!!) either this or the wordpress version depending on your answers here.

BTW I think your support is fantastic!...

I am well versed in wordpress blogging and have set up many different sites etc – I have also designed many ‘normal’ css sites also.

My question is how if I use this HTML version how do I implement the blog for a client to add news etc?

Obviously in wordpress the CMS is self explanitory, but is there a way to do this via a ‘normal’ site?

Please pardon my ignorance and any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time in advance.

Hi mate and thanks! :) I am not sure if I understand you right, but I always use wordpress, even in my personal projects and even if its just because of simple news panel. I would recommend you to pay extra $20 or whatever is the difference and get a wp version. HTML version is for folks who wants there they own CMS and they know how to do it or they don’t need any CMS . Paying extra $20 is much better than feel those countless hours of headache when you integrate something on your own. So if you like wp, go with wp version :) Hope I helped, take care and cheers!


That is what I thought!

Cool – Thanks for your help mate – going to purchase WP version now.


awesome to see that you can achieve such an awesome design with that design technique… I mean never saw someone here that makes so much sales with only 2 files

I saw that you choosed 960px on that one…

now I made that…

960px / 1,618 = 593,32509 ~ 590px 

is that right? do you took another number for that template? cause I’m already stuck here, maybe I didn’t get it 100% yet

found a tutorial about the golden ratio and math in webdesign on Nettuts+, maybe that gonna help me

Hi mate!

The big image in slider is 920×350px. How did I get to it? First I knew the width 920 so:
920/1,618/1,618 = 350 which is calculated height
The smaller images in slider is 152×100:
152/1,618=93=100 which is calculated height

I have read many tutorials on this and this one isnt very specific. This tut is more detailed with other techniques too (fibonacci sequence, etc) http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/02/09/applying-mathematics-to-web-design/

thanks a lot… I think that helps

Firtst of all !!! Awesome template!!! can you help me or someone? how do you enable the search for this site?? it looks like is not working everytime i search for a term it brings me back into the indexpage!

please give me some advise with this !!

thank you

Hi and thanks! :) This is only HTML template, the search won’t work here. You would need to buy the full Wordpress version (see my portfolio). HTML templates in general don’t have the functional search, that’s why the price is so low compared to Wordpress version.

Im getting the following error when I submit the contact form:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /nfs/c02/h10/mnt/16036/domains/ericgeiselman.com/html/scripts/class.phpmailer.php on line 53

please advise. thanks

Hi! You got old PHP4 on your server. Contact your hosting provider to switch you to PHP5 or download phpmailer for PHP4 and replace this file in theme directory.

that worked! thanks for quick response!!

Hi Freshface!

Thanks for the cool design. I purchased it a couple of days ago, installed the template on the way you discribed. Everything went ok, untill I installed a fresh install of WP and the template. (after testing)

From there I tried to get the (demo) images displayed. (worked the first time) What am I doing wrong. It wont work anymore!?

Please help me out / give me a hint. Thanks !

cheers. Joost

Hi! Please shoot me an email with your wp-login and try to describe your issue more deeply, thanks and cheers, fresh :)

Hi, please send me email with your wp login

Hi fresh Face, Thanks for the fast reply! I have solved the problem! Had the cashe Dir not writable…. now it works.

Thanks a lot!


Hi, first I was wondering whether the documentations on how to install Wordpress version on my server is included on the Help file?

Also, can I change all the yellow to Pantone Yellow 109C? because my logo is in that color. How to do that? Just edit the CSS file?

Hi Leeberty!



The Wordpress has got it’s own official documentation and support forums, so no, it’s not included in my package, because everything you need to know you can find on www.wordpress.org or by googling some tutorials.

For changing colors, you would need to find and replace every
There are plenty of code editors with “Find & Replace” function which let you change any string of text throughout the certain file (e.g. css stylesheet) in a heartbeat. FED100 is an RGB color equivalent of your PANTONE Yellow 109C. I’ve used F8C100 which is really close to your color, but you can change it easily as I’ve said. Plus you need to open a few images and redraw them too – again quite easy, because there are no gradients or transparency. I would recommend photoshop for this if you got it. Cheers :)


I’m just about ready to purchase the London Creative but I’m trying to decide between the WP or HTML . I want to create a site that has a celebrity database and I want the HTML version if it gives myself more flexibility.

Price isn’t the issue, I just need a little clarification as I am rather new to all of this:

1) I have purchased a WP theme in the past and obviously I use WP to post blog entries, add new pages, etc. So how and where will I manage the content if I purchase the HTML version? (i.e. post blog entries, etc.)

2) Does either the WP or HTML offer more flexibility as far as customization (design, positioning, etc.) I plan to put celebrity pictures within the pages.

3) Does the HTML come with full documentation on how to get it up and running from start to finish?

4) I won’t need any of the portfolio portion, can you help me remove this if I purchase it?

Thanks so much for your time and wonderful theme.


Well this one is a tough one :) you are beginner from what you say, which means beginners usually use wordpress because they cant write html/css in code editors. But the wordpress is much harder for big customizations. Wordpress is on the other hand easier for general use like posting blog posts, portfolio items etc – that’s why beginners use it. Plus wordpress have got many other possibilities (CMS features) which makes it really cool. I would recommend you buying an html version ONLY if you are very good in html/css skills and wordpress version if you are a beginner and dont want to do some big&crazy customizations which would require much more skills (php, wp codex). If you don’t fit anywhere in those two, you need to hire someone…

Hi and thank you for your response,

One last question (I think) that you didn’t get to:

-If I purchase the HTML version, what is the equivalent of the WP cms? i.e. what will I be logging into to post new blog entries, add pages, etc.

I plan to hire freelance work to get databases/galleries/polls/etc up and running for me.

Thanks so much in advance.

You are welcome! There is no CMS in HTML version, it’s just plain HTML /CSS :)

You should include a fullwidth page. =]

It’s quite easy to make it. Just delete sidebar, then adjust the width of content container in css and some elements such as page titles, but most things should stretch accordingly to their container.


Im not able to see any of the images on the home page Im running on Windows Server 2003 which supports PHP any ideas? When I say home page I mean in the jquery header banner and thumbnail slider.

Ok and where is this cache folder or where should it be?


You are welcome! :)

It’s already there inside my template’s files.


I have set the IUSR account to have full control over that folder but still not workin any other suggestions I may try?

I can share a link with your privatly if you would like to email me?

Hi Im having some issues with the jquery images and thumbnails as they are not showing up on the page. I have set the cache directory to allow in IIS the IUSR account full control of that folder but still not working.

Please advise.


Hi! Make sure you got permission set on 777. And try to download the latest version of timthumb from http://timthumb.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/timthumb.php

Let me know if the problem persist, I will do my best to help you.


Thanks for your help ok I tried that but not did not work. In IIS as you know assigning the IUSR account full control is the same as 777. so Im pretty sure I did that.

Im not sure what I could try next; dont think its a php issue because I can see everything else on the home page except the slideshow and thumbnail scroller

I have an issue. I used your template.


On that page, the flash game tends to load more than once. With one implementation of the code.

Im not sure why. Maybe, the jquery. Maybe not?

The point is I left this for a couple months now. And, I need a fix.

EDIT : If it is jquery, I only need an new menu. You can lead me to any random tutorial if you want.

Hi! It loads only once for me :) You’ve probably already solved it.

Hi there!!! First of all I have Purchase your HTML Version and its awesome!!! love the design and flow!!!

My question is for the home page the big slider jquery frame, is there a way to make that move automatically so the pictures rotate freely without a need to click! some kind of coding!! can you help me with this or direct me to where i might be able to find an answer to this!!!

Thanks mate!!



Please send me the same question via email and add your URL , I could try to do it for you. Cheers! :)

Hello freshface,

I noticed that your WP version has a blog post page with comments. Could you include that template in the HTML version please.



I don’t plan this update any time soon because I’ve got tons of work on other themes and updates at the moment, so if I get to it, it won’t be any time soon, but I will take a note about this. Anyway, you have my permission to extract the code from live preview of WP version. CSS for comments is located there at the bottom of /css/style.css file. I believe it should work if you just inject the HTML and CSS into your version.

Hello, great theme, I would like to know how I can avoid url duplication in the menu, because when robots index the site, they get the menu links multiply for the number of pages, so it is quite bad for good seo…

Any idea?



What url duplication you mean now? I can only see one url per each menu item.

Hello freshface, I got your template and it is great, but I have a problem. I would like to know how I can change the transition time between images in the home page because it has an unconfortable delay time…

I thought it was because of the size of the images but I compressed them to few kB and still they are slow changing…

Any idea?



Freshpanel -> home page -> slider -> slider speed

One thing else, I realised that if the images are second time loaded, (ready in cache) there is no transition problem. So I have no idea how I can preload all images to make a soft transition first time the visitor arrives.

About the url duplication I was talking about that in every page you have for example 5 menu links, so you have 5 pages x 5 menu links, you got 25 urls when robots arrive, so you have every url 5 times repeated, I am not sure if it will penalty your seo strategy. please, correct me if I am wrong.

Sorry for these messy questions.

Thanks for your time!


1) In that case you can use longer interval for sliding speed, that should fix the slow delay on your server

2) No, it’s fine. Google is optimized for WordPress, so there are no issues at all. WordPress powers around 10% of the whole Web btw.

Hi mate, sorry but this:

Freshpanel -> home page -> slider -> slider speed

I guess is for the wordpress theme, I was asking for the html theme slider speed. Any idea how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi and sorry about the wp confusion before.

Open slider.js around line 233:

$(this).fadeTo(150, 0.5,  function()    // fade all slider images to non transparent
        {// callback function
          // GETTING THE Attributes from slider
          $("#slider_img_tit").attr("href", $(this).find("a.slider_tit").attr("href"));

          $("#slider_img_desc").attr("href", $(this).find("a.slider_desc").attr("href"));

           $("#slider_main_img").fadeTo(150, 1); // FADING MAIN IMAGE TO NORMAL
$(this).fadeTo(150, 0.5,  function()    // fade all slider images to non transparent
        {// callback function
          // GETTING THE Attributes from slider
          $("#slider_img_tit").attr("href", $(this).find("a.slider_tit").attr("href"));

          $("#slider_img_desc").attr("href", $(this).find("a.slider_desc").attr("href"));

           $("#slider_main_img").fadeTo(150, 1); // FADING MAIN IMAGE TO NORMAL

Adjust the “150” to your liking, that’s the sliding speed in ms.

Btw I suggest you to buy WP version, there are tons of new features etc, definitely worth the extra $42 bucks. Depends on for what purpose you need it of course. Cheers!

i just bought london creative. it won’t upload entirely because it says it’s missing the style sheet. can you help?