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FRESHFACE does not currently provide support for this item.

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I wish that first comment will give luck to you on sales :) Have a good sales its perfect. Especially the buttons as i said before.

Thanks again Akay, your comments are always welcomed! :-)

That is a wicked theme :)

Good luck !

Thank you Danny! :-)

Perfect color calibration! Yellow & Dark Love You :D

Thanks freshface..

Akay see you :)

Thanks external! This is one of a few dark&yellow themes here on TF. But my favorite is still the grey&red version :-)

Grats on this. Plan on purchasing it soon.

Thanks, I am glad you like it! :-)

Is it possible for the main image to auto rotate the featured content?

At this time nope, but maybe in future update.

I did step by step like your video tutorials but I can not see any picture of my site, including the logo. Can you help me?

Hi Chartmaker! Thanks for your purchase. You probably need to CHMOD the ‘cache’ folder (scripts\cache) to 777 to work the image resize properly. The images are generated server-side by TimThumb script and sometimes you need to give permissions to these folders. If you have got more questions, please use the contact box in my profile and I will help you, cheers! P.S. You can read this for more instructions: http://www.fresheventure.com/2646/timthumb-wordpress-tutorial-part-3/

Very fresh theme! good luck with it!

Amazing as I said before.

Hi Freshface … it works with pictures now. Thnx a lot. I am a beginner with websites … I do have a problem with contact form. It does not work. I got this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /home2/chartm/public_html/wp-content/themes/lcp_ylw/scripts/class.phpmailer.php on line 53.

The other templates’ contact form I bought from here worked perfectly without any problems. I recognize it’s the first template for word-press.

Thanks a lot for help.

As I said before, for support questions please use only contact form on my profile page, thanks. Send me there the URL of your website and some additional info, like hosting provider etc. This is not a common issue (already sold more than 50 templates and nobody had this issue) so I will need more detailed informations and it will be faster with email-to-email communication. For other buyers I will of course post here the solution so anyone can read it. Every bug can be fixed and you know I am always here for you, guys :-) Just ask and I will help you.

Thank you. I will write you details in email. Sorry.

Problem solved. The buyer had old PHP4 version and phpmailer I used is for PHP5 .

Stunning! the best WP theme ive seen for a long time, I think I want this for my personal site. Awesome!

When the Boss aint looking at my net activity am buying this bad boy!

any chance that the main image (collage of black and white photos with the silhouette) comes on it’s own? would love to put my own silhouette on there! (we dont share the same haircut! lol)

Thank you Mr. Hillman :-) I am sorry but that image is just an image, I don’t have it in photoshop for editation.

Well, nevermind then, looks like i will have to do some work afterall! thanks for the prompt response, will be purchasing this as soon as i get home!

Bravo. That’s a killer theme. Way beyond the ability of all others in its category.

Fresh design, doesn’t look like a wordpress template.

Can you post ads with this theme?

When I designed this theme I thought that people won’t want ads here, so I am sorry, but there is no AD block at the moment.

I have a question about the contact form. Is there the ability to add a captcha or anti-spam field? Won’t the form generate huge spam mail otherwise?


Hi Kiss, thx for the question. The contact form was written in PHP using class PHPMailer. Yes, if you want use Captcha, there is easy way how to implement, only adding one IF condition in PHP code.

awesome! had to be bought! keep up the good work!

Mr. Hillman glad you bought it, It is an honor, because you bought already 50+themes on TF and you want my very theme for your PERSONAL site :) that’s just great :) Thanks again!

I am about to click purchase!!! BUT the only thing holding me back is when I click a thumbnail on the homepage… it flashes an effect but then takes about 5 seconds to load the new picture I clicked. Tried it in FF 3 .0.14, Chrome, IE7 , Safari 4… all Windows.

Can you explain to me why it takes so long to load? Could it be the TimThumb script?

Thank you!!!


Hi Artliq! Imagine a situation when someone puts into the slider, let’s say, 20 images. Every image has got around 300kB. That’s 6MB! That’s right 6MB. The images are automatically resized via server-side script so the server has to process and downsize all images – another bunch of kBs more. And imagine that all this loads while the user comes to your website. It would take tens of seconds on your connection (if one image takes you 5 seconds) when the page would load. As a designer I have to think about these things before I start to code everything. BTW on my connection it takes only 1s to load one image and I still think it would be slow if everything would load at once. I hope you will change your mind, it’s just a minor issue and I can’t do anything about it. Best regards :-)

This is the first theme I’ve seen that makes me think art. You know it’s impressive when a theme looks like it has it’s own CMS but runs on Wordpress.

With that being said, there are a few cross-browser bugs.

1. The biggest issue is by far is the Features images and thumbnail browser loading times. When clicking on a thumbnail, I would expect the new image to come up right away. It doesn’t, and most of the times it blinks with the same image. The image takes about 20 seconds to actually come up (in any browser).

This issue is major one, I know you mentioned that it’s because of image sizes, however I’ve seen plug-ins that auto optimize images and lost very little quality. Most j-query sliders work by loading the full images while the user is idle on the page. (As opposed to when a user calls for the image by clicking on the thumbnail, which is how your theme is setup). When they’re auto-loaded, there is zero delay.

2. In IE 7 /8 the + and – icons are offset. They’re not directly in the middle of the circles.

3. In any browser, before any image loads, the Alt tag shows the filename of the image in blue which does not match the color scheme of the theme.

4. The font for the textarea in the contact form and comments form is different from the “Name” “Email” fields. This detracts from the overall typography.

5. When viewing from Safari on the iPhone, the text that shows the phone number in the header is actually blue, which also takes away from the color scheme.

I hope that helps. Please don’t take it as criticism, but as constructive feedback.

Overall the theme is amazing, and the only deal breaker for me would be the featured image slider loading times.

Thank you aidofm for your great review :-) Please read my important notice post a few posts lower, thanks!

After further testing of the theme and as already mentioned by artliq and aidofm, I too am having trouble with the feature image load times in Firefix, Chrome and IE7 .

That’s really stopping me hitting the ‘buy now’ button. If you can find a solution to that problem then I’ll gladly use it for a project.

@aidofm Great job on the feedback!

Hello Kiss_Collective, please read my important notice post a few posts lower and check the demos if that preloading is OK now. Thanks!