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Great Work :) glws

Looks nice, good luck with sales!

Thank you very much!

Thanks guys! Waiting for the WP version. Awesome work!!!

Great! Thanks for the purchase!

clean, simple. elegant. nice job.

Thank you :)

very unique, amazing work.

Thanks honeylocust!

Glad to see the WP version ! Is it WMPL compatible ? Thanks.

Just on it. Update coming pretty soon!

Beautiful minimal theme!

Thank you!

You’ve created a really nice theme!! I have a quick question – can you place video in the portfolio page setup entitled “project slider half”? Instead of the slider? I see you can do a full width video – but I was hoping you can put a video on the side and have information on the other side. Thanks!!

Hi, you are right, we did not show that feature. I have included it to right now.

Thanks and Kind regards, tb

Great thanks!!! Again – very nice design.

Nice theme! Is there an option to show the full post on the blog instead of an excerpt?

Hi, no, but this would require only one change in the code if you like to have that.

Kind regards, tb


One comment: the video on vimeo resized not when I look the theme on the iPhone and iPad

Thanks for the heads-up. Fixed now!

Nice theme, however I have an issue regarding the featured images. If while creating a post I upload a new ‘featured image’ (clicking on the ‘set featured image’ link and uploading through the media manager), after publishing, the image is not there in the post. Instead the image source is:


If I then go back to edit the post hit ‘Update’, everything is fine.

Equally, if I create a new post, upload a new featured image but initially save the post as a draft, the same problem occurs when previewing the draft, but is fixed if I then publish it. Seems to be related to that initial ‘save’ of a post.

Yes, like said before, first time loading creates the image in the needed size. No overhead, or loading unnecessary huge images afterwards.

I understand now, using Aqua Resizer instead of the default Wordpress thumbnail option. Cheers

Really hope this interferes not with your way of using the theme!

Kind regards, tb

Looks like its incompatible with one of my plugins – I just deactivated everything and the problem went away. I’ll try to find out which one is causing the problem and report back.

Yes, would like to know which one, maybe we can build a workaround! We had no problems with the plugins we used so far.

Kind regards, tb

Great Theme – well done. Is it possible to speed up the Portfolio “open item” animation?

Yep, you are right! We disabled it, it is more crisp now.

Danke und schöne Grüße, tb

Awesome theme, going to buy this for sure! :)

Happy to read that! Thanks :)

double post

very clean work.. good luck!

Thanks a lot! Appreciate it!

Thanks for a great theme … looks nice and clean. I might be missing something simple but I cant seem to see the ‘Get in Touch’ Widget that is in the demo footer.

Any help appreciated.



we used a simple text widget with the following content (since Longwave allows the usage of Shortcodes inside text widgets):
Fusce dapibus, tellus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum utellus fermentum, porta sem malesuada magna. Sed posuere consectetur est at lobortis. Morbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur.
<br /><br />
[tbicon icon='icon-location' class="highlight"]  Moonshine St. 14/05 Light City, Jupiter <br />
[tbicon icon='icon-phone' class="highlight"]   0247 541 65 87 <br />
[tbicon icon='icon-mail' class="highlight"]   <a href=""></a>

Hope this helps you! Kind regards, tb

Perfect Thanks for the quick reply much appreciated.

Really nice clean theme. Not sure if I am explaining myself in the easiest way, but the only drawback for me is the navigation when using the site on an iPhone (assuming other phones as well). The nice & clean normal drop-down navigation is replaced by the system default, rotary like, clicky-sounding navigation. Is there any way to have the navigation used when page is being viewed on a computer or iPad also used on the phone?

Probably a stupid question but, how do I change this piece of text:

“We are a digital & branding agency, specializing in web, print, icon design, based in Jupiter. We love to turn ideas into beautiful things.”

Also, really nice work!

Hi GlitchGames,

we had a little bug in the page options. Please download the current version from your Download tab and exchange the “page.php” file in the themes root folder on your server. You then find a page option for that when selecting the page template “Content”.

Kind regards, tb

Thanks that worked perfectly!