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Hello! What was the update on 8 May 14 – there’s nothing in the changelog? Thanks!

Hey John! It makes the Shortcode buttons compatible with WP 3.9 and later. Thanks


I’ve been using longwave for a while now and love it. Just working on a few changes and I’m wondering if you can change the menu to be centered, rather than to the right? Is there a piece of css I can add to make this happen? Thanks!

Hey ! Please send us an email via our profile form with the url . well see if we can write up a quick css hack .



Thanks for your themes its very nice.

When i’m logged in chrome, there are som CSS problems when i want to show the site.

Do you have a mail so i can send you some screens?

can you please respons my mail. There are a lot of bugs?

Hey Maadswe!

From the screenshot in the email you sent it seems like a third-party plugin conflict. Also we always make sure that there are no bugs when we publish updates.



Will there be an update soon with the updated Revolution Slider plugin? The last update includes version 4.3.6… I believe the plugin is now at version 4.5.4. I am having some javascript issues and can’t save any changes I make. (A lot of the settings buttons have a Javascript:void(0);)

Please send us an email via our form and i will provide the latest version.


Cool, thanks! Email sent…

Any word on the support of the new audio playlists in 3.9 for portfolio pages? The playlist would display on a default page but not display on a portfolio post page. Thoughts?

Hey Zach! Would it be possible to take a look at your site so we can sort this. Please email us wp-admin login details. Thanks

Message coming your way

Now that 4.0 is out have you given thought to the audio/media playlists feature that default in WP? It would not display on portfolio pages due to something in javascript…

Do you package this awesome portfolio as a plugin? I have a site that I’ve already built with another theme, but would love to use the portfolio from this theme, and am very willing to pay for it-

Hey , No i am afraid its integrated with the theme. Please email us details and how much you are willing to pay for it.


Hi guys, I’m getting a weird error message when trying to edit a page:

Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘my_admin_head’ was given in /home/matecl2/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 470


I deactivated all the plugins and it still happens, only with your theme not with other themes. Any ideas?



Please update to the latest version of theme. Re-download from themeforest. If you still have issues send us your login details via the contact form on our profile.


I’m using version version: 1.3.1, thats the latest. Also Revolution Slider doesn’t work. I think I made a huge mistake buying this theme. Bummed.

please send us an email with your login details so we can provide you the latest revolution slider zip. Thanks

Hi again! I’ve noticed on my site (and also your preview – that when you hover over the portfolio items from left to right, it leaves black lines (or whatever the colour of the theme may be). Please can you have a look? Issue on Chrome only – no problem on FF/IE. Thanks!

Hey !

This has been sorted. Please add below css to the custom css box in longwave options :

.items li div.da-animate, .frame a div.da-animate { -webkit-transform: translate3d(0px,0,0); }


Thanks for your reply! That did the trick – cheers! :-)

I’m have a slight glitch with the theme – if i use the blog page as a static page the nav-bar does not move past “page 2” on “next”, manually changing pages works, but the nav-bar number does not change (light up). As a stand alone page the blog works perfect. site:

any ideas?

Hello! I’ve managed to remove the hyperlink from Client List images (by editing theme_shortcodes.php), but how can I now, please… 1) remove the hover effect (it hovers from 0.7 to 1 – I want the client logos to appear without any opacity) 2) display 6 client icons across instead of 5 Cheers!

I found out how to do 1 (style/js/scripts.js) – any advice on 2 if it’s not to tricky? thanks!

Hi there,

Loving the theme,

Is there a way to change where the portfolios squares link to?

So instead of it linking to a portfolio it line to a page or external link?

thank you.

our site;


I am afraid this would require chnages to the theme core files. Please consider hiring a freelancer over at Envato Studio and request the changes to be done in a “Child Theme” so they are not lost incase of a theme update.


Hi! We bought this theme yesterday and we have some problems with mobile devices (tested with: android, ipad safari and ipad chrome). When we go to site with mobile devices, all images only show for few seconds; then they disappear and only white color is left. This problem is with every image that is in content. Logo is an exception, it works. What can we do? Thanks for help!

Hey! Could you please email us the url so we can have a look. Thanks

I sent you an email :) Thank you.

Did you find an answer to our problem?


I have have worked hours and hours for making my blog’s great, working on a beautiful portfolio (photo album with descriptions).

When I connect myself today, everything is “empty”!

I am a professionnal and I need my wordpress “website”’ being correct for working.

- Host: OVH, I have paid

- Wordpress theme: themeforest, theme is longwave. I have paid.

I have touched nothing, everything disappeared during the night. When I click “view page”, it tells me “page not found”. It seems that the connection between my website and portfolio is cut …

Can somebody explain me what’s happened? Is this something happen sometimes or what?

What can I do for fixing this?

Every help will be reall appreciate.

Thank you very much,


problem solved…

hi there,

I just submitted to the envato support team a problem, thought I would just throw it up here as well.

When I turn on the “slider” function of the homepage, I loose all my revolution sliders in the page. Seems like people have had this issue before. Got an easy fix?


Is this WP 4.0 compatible?

Yes, Its Compatible.


I installed the theme and all the plugins together with latest Wordpress version. I got two problems

1) The thumbnails of portfolio page are disappearing after categorie reordering. Has something to do with @2x being added for high resolution screens?

2) When editing a post, page or portfolio item, this error is showing on top of the page: “Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘my_admin_head’ not found or invalid function name in /home/deb6388/domains/ on line 496”

I reinstalled Wordpress 4 times, exported the content (Tools export/import). Installed all the plugins again but still the same problems.

Hope you can help! Regards, Heyman

Running: WordPress 4.1 and latest version of Longwave.

Hi, Are you guys still working on this?

Have replied to your email.

Thanks for fixing it!

Hi, I’m trying to update the web after a few month and now I can’t see the shortcuts, neither the icon to choose the columns format. Please help. Thanks

Hey, Please update to latest theme version and it should fix it.


Hi, Thanks now working. Is it possible to omit the categories button in portfolio page? I want to delete all Button. Thanks.

Hey Again!

Add this css :
#portfolio ul.filter.alignright {
    display: none !important;


Articles of my blog are duplicated , how to have a single view ?

thank you

I see you are using a customized theme. Please be sure to update to the latest theme version.


The theme is to -day because I also took the original to test locally and I have the same problem

thank you

Have replied to your email.

I’m running the latest WordPress 4.1 and your latest theme…everything looks good except the same error on the top of the dashboard when you in the pages section or posts section.

“Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ’my_admin_head’ not found or invalid function name

It seems like some had the same issue and you send an email to fix it. Can you please post a solution here so whoever has the problem will read your solution… I’m anxious to hear… Thanks!

Hey, See screenshot: . You need to remove a line of code in “longwave/functions/thundercodes/thundercodes.php” . Cheers

With the Longwave Theme, have you been able to get the built-in WP audio playlists to work on portfolio pages yet? When I embed the playlist, it works with a direct link to the page but nothing displays if you go through the navigation as a normal user would. Thoughts?