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When creating a new page (or editing an existing one) using the ‘default’ template, I would like the option of adding a sidebar. However, there doesn’t appear to be one. The ‘page options’ box is blank (even when toggled) – should this not be showing ‘Select sidebar’, ‘Hide Page Title Area’ etc?

If I select the blog or portfolio template for example, the ‘page options’ box appears perfectly fine. But with ‘default’ or ‘content’ templates, no ‘page options’ appear.

It looks like the HTML for all this is there, it’s just not visible in the browser (tested in Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Mac). So the default selectbox option of ‘nosidebar’ is forced each time I update the page.

I have also tested this in a fresh new local install as well (no plugins). Same problem.

Hi, please Download the latest version from your themeforest download tab or use the update option inside the theme options. The file that have changed is the page.php.

Sorry, we had a bug there! Kind regards, tb

Ah and please use page template ‘content’ then. Thanks!

I believe I found the problem, not tested thoroughly though, but it lets me define a sidebar now for a ‘default’ page template. In the following file:


For the $custom_page_meta_fields array, add ‘default’ to the tp_options list for ‘class’, i.e.

array( 'label' => 'Select Sidebar', 'desc' => 'Choose the Sidebar to this Page', 'id' => $prefix.'sidebar', 'default' => 'Blog Sidebar', 'type' => 'sidebar_list', 'class' => 'tp_options default content index template_blog_sidebar contact' )

Please see other comment. Thanks!

Hi, that new page.php fixes it for the ‘content’ template, but if the ‘default’ template is selected, the page options are still not visible (unless you hack theme_page_custom_meta.php as above) – is there any specific reason why these page options shouldn’t also be available for pages set to ‘default’ – what is the purpose of having a default template option like this if it has to be manually changed to ‘content’ just to access the Alternative Page Title Text? Am I missing something?

No, actually not, just not have it in this update(it was in the queue already) :) Next one is in the queue now :) (BTW your hack should work).

Kind regards, tb

I have the same problem as mpctutor.

Also, I would like to know whether a “back to top” function will be included in an update?

Great, looking forward to the next update!

Hi tigrakitten,

had a look this weekend and found the perfect plugin for this use. with default parameters fits perfectly into the Longwave design. Let me know what you think!

Kind regards, tb

Thanks for the tip, it looks okay!

Hey tb, as i said – great theme. A design improvement suggetion: Consider reducing these hover delays on the links/buttons (close, next, prev, categoreis etc.)... i think it’s a bit too much and feels lazy. :)

Thanks for the feedback! Always appreciate your input!

If upgrading, with “progress bar” to specify the “skill” of the author would be great, after that certainly buy. congratulations on the job :):):)

Very good guys, I’m following you on twitter and other social networks, grateful for your attention, did not wait to be available! :):):)

Another suggestion my friends, and easy to implement, a “carosel” to show clients (display of logos). It would be great, and would valuing it a lot more thema. Big Hug


sorry we will not include this in the near future. We put it on the wish list though.

Kind regards, tb

Yes, i’m with frabelo!

Great theme, VERY easy to use and customize. The only thing I cannot figure out is how to turn off the title on my Home page. It is a Default Template so no Page Options appear to let me turn it off.

Thanks, Chris

Hi MeenaInc,

we had a bug in the V1.0 , please download the current version again from your ThemeForest download tab and exchange the page.php in the themes root folder with the new one.

Also please choose the page template “Content” to get more page options with the same overall look as Default Template.

Kind regards, tb

I gave you my word and i kept it ;) purchased as promised! :) love the theme. A quick question, when i hit any of the share buttons. It displays the link twice, is this what is supposed to happen?


Hi luctirous,

thanks! :)

Sorry but I cannot reproduce that behavior. Could you contact our support staff about that? And please include an admin account to your installation so they can help you asap!

Thanks & Kind regards, tb

I just submitted a ticket, under “skybox” theme since there was no longwave in the list. Thanks

Oh, thanks will check what is going on there!

Love the theme. Installed it a couple of days ago. All going well. Now suddenly getting error when trying to login to wp-admin: Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/xxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/longwave/functions/envato-wordpress-toolkit-library/class-envato-protected-api.php on line 344

Any ideas?

Thanks, actually this is a library by ThemeForest (Envato) to autoupdate the theme. So I guess when their servers send out wrong data that library gets in trouble. I will forward that to Envato support too. Thanks and Kind regards, tb

Also let them know that the theme doesn’t actually update even though I had set it to. I have just uninstalled the theme and reinstalled the latest version… btw, the background still disappears when using woocommerce. can you fix this?

Hi andimorton,

a new update is on the way. We will check the woocommerce plugin soon.

Kind regards, tb

I just purchased this theme and uploaded it to my WP.. and now my dashboard went away

Hi stalemind,

I cannot reproduce that. Do get your Dashboard back you can rename the theme folder via ftp in wp-contents/themes

Anyway we would like to have a look at that. Could you send a ftp and admin account to

Sorry for the inconvenience and Kind regards, tb

Hi. Love this theme. Can you please provide info on a way to show more of the blog post rather than the excerpt? I have tried various lengths under the blog page settings (setting it to 100, 200 words, for instance) but nothing seems to be changing.

Am I doing something wrong? I want to maximize the amount of text to display without having to click on the individual blog link.

Can you please provide an ETA on that feature? Your response is a little bit confusing because the Longwave Blog page settings appear to allow you to change the excerpt size but clearly changing the value doesn’t work. This is a critical issue for me that I need fixed ASAP. If there is a temporary workaround in the meantime, please advise. Thanks!!!

Hi, you could create a ticket at and we give you the change asap.

The current version works up to the WordPress natural standard up to 55.

Kind regards, tb

Done. Thanks!!!

hey :) i wanted to ask you if i can use this theme (screenshot of the live-preview) for the preview of a tablet mockup on graphicriver. In return I´ll credit your work in the description of the product. Best regards

Hi! Sure, let us know if you need anything else!

Kind regards, tb

Nevermind. I’ll just submit a ticket. Thanks :)

Great! Our support team will have a look asap!

Theme looks nice, but missing lots of documentation, where do I edit google maps for example?


there is a shortcode helper button called “ThunderCodes” available in the visual editor. Select “Google Map” and an example shortcode will be posted to your editor. The link you see inside the shortcode is this one ->

Thanks and Kind regards, tb

On the demo the theme seems to run a little slow, with a slight delay when clicking around. Is this related to a feature in particular that may make the theme faster if it is was not enabled? Have you received other feedback about spee of the theme?

Hi estich,

actually you are the first one to notice that. Did you try an other browser or computer too?

Kind regards, tb

I get the same error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /home/content/72/9514472/html/wp-content/themes/longwave/functions.php on line 45

I can’t load anything. Please help!

Hi, please update to the latest version of WordPress. wp_enqueue_media was introduced to WordPress 3.5

You should always be up2date with WordPress not only for compatibility but more important for security reasons!

Kind regards, tb

This is happening to me too! :( And now I can’t even get into the Themes Upload screen to change it.

This occurs when I go to the page: /wp-admin/themes.php

Please help!

Edit: For anyone else stuck here, I was able to FTP into my site and delete the theme. In the Wordpress admin, it will say “The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme.” At least now we can switch it back to a different theme while this one is being fixed.

Hi, please update to the latest version of WordPress. wp_enqueue_media was introduced to WordPress 3.5

You should always be up2date with WordPress not only for compatibility but more important for security reasons!

Kind regards, tb

Ok I think I figured out the solution.

I updated my Wordpress to 3.5.1 – not that far of a leap, was only one update behind.

Then I installed all the required plugins: Revolution Slider (included in the functions folder but you need to upload the zip separately into Plugins) Debug Bar Really Simple Captcha Soundcloud Shortcode Post Types Order

I did all that before installing the theme itself and nothing broke.

Hopefully everything else is stable now. :D

Hi, please always update to the latest version of WordPress. wp_enqueue_media was introduced to WordPress 3.5 You should always be up2date with WordPress not only for compatibility but more important for security reasons! Kind regards, tb

Is there a guide to your short-codes and how to use them? Some are very vague on how to use.


Hi pdx,

along with our ThunderCodes-Button we included the whole demo content to see how the shortcodes are used.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support staff in case some functionality is not clear!

Kind regards, tb


Got this earlier and setting it up now, I have a few issues, 1. It needs a different interface for choosing different fonts. 2. I am having a problem with the main menu dropdown, not showing up 2nd level flyouts… 3. Having a problem when I choose the slide layout for portfolio, it is messing up the urls…

Just a quicky, how do I use the latest projects shortcode? cant find anything in the docs

You can use the [latest_projects title=”YOUR_TITLE” cat_slugs=”” number=4] shortcode. cat_slugs is a comma separated list of the slugs you want to display (leave empty for all).

Kind regards, tb