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Hi there. Elegant work here, and quite fresh. I’d buy the WP version right now if I could determine the responsive look as it would appear on a phone/tablet. I doubt what I’m seeing on my phone is correct (Safari to Looks rather clunky, as Antisyphus says above; the navigation at the home page is hamstrung by a pulldown menu bar that really subtracts from the elegance of the design. In addition, the content text is so large that the “action” area of the portfolio is rather lost far below. Again, I doubt I’m seeing it properly for whatever reason.. iOS issues or that I’m testing on an iPhone 4?

Perhaps you might include among your screenshots the responsive looks on tablets & phones, so I can see how your wonderful work is meant to really look?

Hi percyblake,

thanks for the nice words.

The “content text” you mention is an optional, introduction, eye-catching text that only purpose is to attract attention (this is not the normal content text size!). So it basically has done a pretty good job :D As said before it is an optional text. I put an example without that text here for you (just one click makes the difference) ->

We beg to differ when it comes to your opinion about the navigation. Please do not forget design means also having a great feel to a great look. So a good looking compromise between a very easy to use navigation and still a good looking one is installed in Longwave for mobile viewers. People are used to this navigation type with the possibility to see and choose the content they want to see fast even on that small display without wasting precious screen real estate.

Thanks again for your feedback and Kind regards, tb

Hi, Ive bought the theme, its great and very easy to customize….apart from when I tried to use the woocommerce plugin. Everything works fine, apart from the “shop” page which has the background disappear and some other layout issues.

Is it possible to update the theme to cater for this? Ive seen online about amending the loop, or adding in a hook to get it to work within the index and/or Functions PHP files – Im a novice and when I tried this, I couldnt get it to work.

I have a few friends keen to buy the theme if it can have this added functionality. It looks like its very close to working, theres just a clash with the layout that hopefully could be tweaked for the next update?


we will check the WooCommerce compatibility soon! Sounds like a simple CSS problem only.

Kind regards, tb

Hello again, came across another small problem. When I set the detail style of the portfolio items to the “in page slider”, the social icons appear, although I have checked the “hidden” box. (it works fine in separate page links though, social icons are hidden)

Oh, will look into this immediately!

Hi tigrakitten,

this is solved in the latest update online.

Kind regards, tb

Thanks so much, problem solved!

Thank you for great theme. How can I appear sidebar on category page?

Hi Temmac,

this will be available in the coming update of the theme which is in the queue right now. We hope it will be reviewed by tomorrow.

Kind regards, tb

Hi, I sent a ticket request yesterday about the problem with the drop down menus, they are not working with 2nd level flyout and have not had a response yet, I need to get this fixed before I can launch my site and it is now holding me up. I would appreciate a response.


we answered to your ticket. Please check your mail and/or the ticket system.

Thanks and Kind regards, tb

New Version available!

Update Log (Current Version 1.2.1 – 22 March 13)

Longwave Update Log

Any chance I can get an answer?

Sure, I answered to your ticket this morning. Please check your mails and/or the ticket system.

Thanks and Kind regards, tb

Looking at demo: when hovering your mouse over portfolio items I only see a link icon, anyway to add a preview icon for a lightbox style preview? with video?

Hi drewmaw,

the available portfolio detail views are single pages sliding in or linking to the single page as usual.

Kind regards, tb

I have set the theme to update automatically but it has not updated to new version, any ideas?

Hi, will check that. This happens mostly because of a wrong entered apikey / username or some downtime at Envato’s.

Kind regards, tb

Hi there,

I love this theme, really great, nearly there with finishing my site however there are a few things which I’d like your advice on.

1) When the blog is set to go onto another page when I click ‘Page 2’ button it says page cannot be found and none of my posts display 2) I’m having problems setting up the portfolio, is there a way you can set it up on a client basis with categories to refine what displays?

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Hi saplingdesign,

1) Sounds like a permalink problem maybe. Could you send us an admin account to so we could check some things live?
2) Not sure I understand you there. Could you rephrase that for me in that ticket above (like you were talking to a 3 year old :D )?

Kind regards, tb

Only just seen this reply, sorry for the delay – I will send admin access and explain point 2 a bit better than I have done to you shortly. If you could look into this asap I’d really appreciate it as I’m itching to get the site live! Many thanks

Sure! Will take a look asap!

Hi there. Fantastic theme.

I need to show tags and categories in the content of single-portfolio (like categories portfolio_info demo but not manually). Can you help me with this?

Thank you

Hi burbon,

sure, just send us an admin account over to and we put it in. Since this is a customization you must be careful with updates afterwards.

Kind regards, tb


How can I appear sidebar on category page? I set the sidebar on category and archive pages at blog setting, but it was not appeared.

That is unusual. Could you send me an admin account to check that?

Kind regards, tb


I have just purchased this theme and when I have tried to upload the zipped file to wordpress, an error appears missing ‘style,css’ every time, even when I tried to download the them again. Could you please advise me how I can go about this.

Many thanks in advance

Hi garkwodesign,

please unzip the file you downloaded first. Inside you find the to upload along with a documentation, background images, democontent.

Kind regards, tb


This is a very nice theme. My questions before I purchase:

1.- Can I work with child themes with this Theme? 2.- Did you included PSDs?

Thank you.


1. Yes.

2. No, but you can get them here from Elemis.

Kind regards, tb


one question. Is it possible to add a comment function to the single portfolio pages?



no out of the box but with 2 lines more code it does. Let us know if you need that feature in your version if you decide to buy the theme.

Kind regards, tb

LOVE this theme!!!

Is there an easy way to change the colour of the footer? I’ve been mucking around with the css and I keep running in to problems. Figured the answer to this would help others out as well.

Hi CandyAppleMedia,

thanks for the nice words. Easiest way to get the CSS attributes to change is to use Chrome Inspector or Firebug/Firefox and right click on the element you want to change, “Inspect Element”, then maybe select a parent/child element in the markup shown (the corresponding element on the page will be highlighted), then copy the CSS to adapt to your needs.

Now paste this CSS in the Custom CSS box of the General Tab in our Theme Options.

Kind regards, tb

I am having issues getting the main portfolio to show up as it does in the Longwave demo – the home page with each of the ‘classic portfolio’ or ‘slider portfolio’ options. I’ve been going through every route of posts, pages, gallery, etc. but not having luck. There’s no other forum really addressing the issues I’m having. I put in a ticket on ticksy but I have not been able to resolve this issue yet. Any help? Thank you!


we tried to explain the basic idea of pages/posts/portolio posts and featured images in the ticksy ticket.

Guess the best way to see how things are working is to import the demo content we put with the theme. Please check the documentation according this.

The content from our preview here on Themeforest is included there except for the exact images. We have included dummy images instead because of license reasons.

Kind regards, tb

I posted a ticket on Ticksy 5 days ago but haven’t gotten a response.

I’m trying to experiment on a different wordpress (so I don’t mess up what I have already done on my site)

The demo data is installed but none of the pictures are showing up on the main portfolio.

I set the featured image on the first Portfolio category “Stuff”, and it did not show in the portfolio output – this was my first clue. The HOME page is set to use the portfolio output in the demo. There were several TXT files included in that ZIP file, but I’m not sure where to install them or add them to which code.

Also, the CSS for that portolio section, even though the entire section is generated by the portfolio code, it is showing collapsed and seems to be hidden. The reference is just the base URL “” and no path to the image, when it should show the featured image for that category. I tried and tried, spent 2+ hours trying to get that to show, and I have to assume there is missing code (not a setting) that I may or may not have put in place. It could be the TXT file, or it is some PHP code addition I needed to make on a file – I am not sure.

Awesome theme! I have had it installed for a few weeks now and it was working just fine. After the update it is now acting like it’s not reading the CSS. Do you have any advice as to why it would not load the CSS? I am running it on MAMP right now before I take it live. Any help is much appreciated.

Hi, sorry, I do not know what could be the problem. As long as I cannot see it it is hard to debug. You could check the produced style.php which is the CSS for PHP error messages though (maybe with the Chrome Inspector).

Kind regards, tb

Before purchasing, wanted to ask if it’s possible to customize the size of thumbnails and the number of items displayed in the portfolio grid. The default setup is 12 (4 columns, 3 rows). I would want to use smaller thumbnails, and display 60 (10 columns, 6 rows). Something I could make work with this theme?

Hi guyflynn,

we would not recommend to do so. You can change the amount of items displayed but it would be unusable for mobile viewers with 60 items. We did choose the perfect size and a nice amount of items for our preview.

Kind regards, tb

Hello, a few questions before purchase:

1. Is there a shortcode for Last Works Carrousel and another one for Portfolios? 2. Can I create unlimited portfolios? 3. Is it possible to choose featured image’s path for each portfolio item via Fttp? 4. Can we upload all the images in your portfolios via Fttp?

Thanks !


1. Yes there are shortcodes for that. Portfolio is additionally a page template too besides a shortcode.

2. Yes, you create different portfolio categories and choose from them which to display. So you can even mix Portfolios.

3. As far as I know WordPress only allows featured images to be choosen via the Media Uploader.

4. Same as 3 since the images shown there are featured images.

Kind regards, tb