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Hi. Great-looking theme, that’s why I bought it. I’ve submitted a ticket, but there’s been no answer there for 2 days. I am having the following issue regardin featured images: the ones imported from your demo file work just fine, but when I replace a featured image with one from my computer, it won’t show up in the front-end. Backend shows it ok, but front-end instead of the img src pointing to the actual image, it points to the site url.


working through the tickets. Please consider weekends and bank holidays.

Will come to you asap.

Kind regards, tb

Hello again Thunderbuddies, I would like to know where I can rename “All” (the portfolio data filter category). Thanks!

Hi, you could use a localization tool for that or check the php file functions/theme_shortcodes.php directly (search for the function portfolio_shortcode($atts, $content)).

Kind regards, tb

Thank you! I checked a few files earlier (those who are visible in the WP editor), but forgot to go through other php files on the server itself. :D

Been there… done that… :D

Hi, Thunderbuddies I have just purchased this theme. Thanks for the Great theme. I have few small issues

1 Is it possible to add Page Navi for slide portfolio section? 2 I am having some problem with contact form 7 in the contact page it shows following error: [contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”]

Hope this can be fixed. Thanks

I have about 48 portfolio items to incorporate in the portfolio section. If i use classic portfolio the page becomes too long with a lots of images in it, and looks very unattractive

Ideally I would like to have only 4 categories on my portfolio page : GRAPHIC, ARTWORK, INTERFACE, VIDEO, each containing 12 separate portfolio items. I do not want to show the category ALL as it fills the page with to many images.

Hence my question to you is:

1. Is it possible to disable or hide the portfolio category “All” and just keep GRAPHIC, ARTWORK, INTERFACE, VIDEO,


2. Under the classic portfolio instead of showing all the portfolio items, is it possible to have “SHOW MORE ENTRIES” button. like the first one in the below link

Basically I want to chose from 48 portfolio items but not display them all in the portfolio page. Please let me know if you have any other solution for this. Thanks Regards N


with that many portfolio items we would recommend you to use 4 different portfolio pages to keep the user experience in tact. We can include a special filter setting in the Megafolio JS for you though. Please send us an example link and we will send you two files in return to exchange on your server.

This is a special version of Megafolio. When the WP plugin is available we will include this in Longwave and the “Show more entries” button will then be available.

Kind regards, tb

Hi Thunderbuddies Thanks for the prompt response. I am sure something will work out. I have posted it on as well. Thanks once again for the beautiful theme. N

Hi, great theme, I’m loving it but I just can’t seem to get my excerpts to show on my blog. I have them written in the excerpts panel on the posts but they don’t show. (see to see what I mean).

Is there a reason it’s not showing?


could you contact our support staff about that? And please include an admin account to your installation so they can help you asap!

Thanks & Kind regards, tb

Really nice theme- how do you allow comments on the portfolio?


we will have this feature in the next update, if you need the function beforehand please open a ticket at

Kind regards, tb

Hi there. Fantastic theme, for the most part…

I’m having a couple of issues that other users are having. I submitted a ticket a couple of days ago on the support page, but haven’t had a single response, while others have had responses here and over there.

1. I’m having the same issue as tabacitu – no featured images appearing on any page until that page is refreshed. But it seems a refresh is required for each size of an image (where it’s used full size, or as a thumbnail etc). You acknowledged this issue a couple of pages back with user mpctutor, but it sounds like this is BY DESIGN…? This is not normal behaviour for a theme and definitely makes for a poor user experience.

2. Same issue as mamalaz – no excerpts appearing on the Blog template page. I’ve tried everything I can to work around it. The excerpt DOES appear on the regular Wordpress blog index pages, but not on the theme template page.

I’ve tested the theme on a couple of clean, new Wordpress installations and the same problems happen.

Hopefully there’s a fix coming for these bugs soon, as the theme doesn’t work as described or as expected at the moment.


Checked again, this one will be the final version ;)

Fantastic! It worked :)

Thanks so much for your time to resolve this issue. I’ve given this theme a 5-star rating.

I recommend this theme if you like the design. It’s easily customizable, and the support has been wonderful.

Hi andrewcrook,

thanks, we will update the theme soon with an other improvement of that part soon (still one tiny glitch).

Kind regards, tb

Hi there,

I opened an urgent ticket via your website 3 working days ago, and have had no response. No plugins using javascripts are working on portfolio pages, including the most basic lightbox scripts. Lightbox is a standard way many people need to display images. Please advise how to make lightbox work in the portfolio. Any response at this stage is appreciated.


Hi, thanks for the feedback. We are working of the tickets that arrived during the easter bank holiday. Thanks for your patience! Our support staff is on it!

I guess you included an example link and maybe an admin account in your ticket?

Kind regards, tb

Yes, but I didn’t receive a response. Thanks to customer Andrew Crook for helping me fix this.

There is an error with the localization tool. This is the output of Scripting Guard:

Failures in current Theme Name: Longwave – Responsive Retina Ready WordPress Theme | Autor: ThunderBuddies & Elemis

The scripts listed below have been removed automatically because of injection: http://www.[]/wp-content/themes/longwave/functions/theme_options/jscolor/jscolor.js

Have you noticed this error already? A fix would be fine! :)


never heard of this before. Could you overwrite this file from the original download and check again?

Kind regards, tb

Hej there! I overwrite the js-file with the original one from and also with you latest release and former releases … nothing changed. Same error. :/


could you contact our support staff about that then? And please include an admin account to your installation so they can help you asap!

Thanks & Kind regards, tb

Hi, Great theme.

Could you tell me how I could change the size of the padding in the header (where the logo is) I am struggling to find it.



guess you mean this setting (add this lines and change to your needs in the Theme Options, General tab, Custom CSS box):

.header-wrapper .inner {
padding: 40px 0;

Kind regards, tb

Hi there, This is the 3 days later answer from your support team about my portfolio question (Ticket #42562) :

please provide wp-admin access .

I could be unexperienced but this is deeply unprofessional from you


okay, but I can only guess what you are trying to achieve since you still did not manage to send us one so we could check what you are doing and possibly include an example for you.

So all I can do here is point out some main things (I also guess you have not installed the demo content xml), again I can only give you some guesswork:

1) In case you are building a portfolio page please make sure to set the page template to “Portfolio” and set the settings that appear.

2) If you are trying to include a shortcode please use something like this (adapt to the categories you are using please):
[portfolio title="Portfolio" cat_slugs="all" number=12 type="slider"]

Again if you are having trouble with something other please send us an admin account and a little more information.

Thanks for your understanding. Kind regards, tb

Hi there, I’m afraid I didn’t understand your kind invite to admin by yourself , sorry. No demo content xml installed. it could be great if you can include an example. I’ll provide wp-access on the ticket. Many thanks to you


sorry if we use only little words sometimes :) Our support staff is a little swamped right now.

Thanks again and Kind regards, tb

Best theme ever! Seriously.

Wow! Thanks man!


I want to remove protfolio filter top right corner of portfolio page. Which page I should edit for it? Thanks


please add the following line to your Custom CSS box on the General tab of the Longwave options:

.portfolio .filter { display:none; } 

Kind regards, tb

Oh sorry, I meant

#portfolio .filter { display:none; } 

My bad!

Kind regards, tb

Is there an easy way to add the social sharing buttons to the top right of the page – right above the menu links?

I submitted a ticket a few days ago but have yet to hear back and this is pretty urgent. Thanks!


sorry, no other way than coding it in the header. You could edit the header.php file manually to put them in or ask a freelancer to help you with this.

Kind regards, tb

Hello – I am interested in purchasing this theme but it is a bit wide for what I am used to. Will I be able to change the width of the main wrapper? To something like 960?

Thank you – Brandi


sorry, but no, this would involve a ton of changes in the CSS that would end basically in rebuilding the theme.

Kind regards, tb

Ciao, How can I align the portfolio filter to left?

Hi, you could exchange the classes in the sourcecode so the result looks like this .

Please change functions/theme_shortcodes.php to this:

Kind regards, tb

Perfect, thanks

And another thing, why can I not get an blog excerpt to show, I have tried everything I can think of and nothing, ???

done that and still not getting excerpts

We are facing problems with our support system over the last 2 weeks we found out today. Please send an admin account to

We will look into the prob as soon as possible.

Kind regards, tb

this is on the main blog page

Is it possible to change the color of the rollovers on the portfolio thumbnails to a color other than black if I purchase your theme longwave?


yes, you could add the following lines to the Custom CSS Box on the General Tab of the Longwave Options.

.items li a div {
rgba(0,0,0,0.8) url(../images/image-hover.png) repeat;

Switch the rgba value to your needs then.

Kind regards, tb


When will you fix the bug of responsive at category pages. When I see category page with iPhone, the layout is broken. Official preview page as well.

And, I sent you message about 3 weeks ago, but I didnt receive yet.


Oh darn, will have a look!

Hey there, Is it possible to have a slider on the home page?


yes, you basically can have a slider on every page you like.

Kind regards, tb

Hi, I purchased this theme and it’s pretty damn amazing! Have only had one issue which emailed you about and i’m still waiting for you to get back… The twitter widget initially worked until I changed it’s position and now doesn’t do anything apart from stare back at me from my computer screen… could you let me know what’s going on thanks!


sorry but could you resend the mail? We are facing a little trouble with our support system right now.

Kind regards, tb

Don’t worry all sorted now, but thanks for the response!

Puuuh… awesome!