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Hi there Thunderbuddies. Thanks for your help so far.

When can we expect the theme update with fixes that have been implemented so far? The only bug I haven’t seen a working fix for is the missing excerpts on the blog template.


Hi, uploading right now.

Kind regards, tb

Hello, I am very like your theme. I have to buy. My website I met a problem: blog articles excerpt Words cannot display, how do I solve? I hope my home page to be able to reduce the word count.

Thank you very much!

Sorry, for the delay, an update is in the queue and will be available today or tomorrow.

Kind regards, tb

How do I purchase this theme with everything on the template preloaded. That way I can hide what I want, change image, video URL’s ect. I have issues with templates as I can’t determine which post goes where. I would also like to keep some of the HTML formatting that is on the template

I like this theme very much, but. What happens on the homepage if there is a thirteenth item in the portfolio? Extra row, new page or is the oldest item just gone?

Hi, you can set the amount of items to be displayed (right now it is set to 12). So if you choose 13 items, there will be an extra row.

Kind regards, tb

Hi! Same – SERIOUS for us – problem: no excerpts in blog view (no text before “more” tag, empty “p” tag). Tested on normal shared host and local Xampp. Fresh instalation WP (localized PL version) and Longawave theme and your new theme_funcions.php file. ???


update is in the queue. Will be available tomorrow I hope!

Kind regards, tb

hello and thanks for this beautiful theme.

i d like to create a second home page, for a second homepage in french. how do i do without re-creating everything ? (second site, second database, second portfolio etc..) i have created all pages in french, and a new menu with these new pages.

thanks so much for help, aisha


did you use a tool like WPML where you can use one WordPress installation for both content languages?

Kind regards, tb

For everyone having problems with the excerpt NOT SHOWING on the blog template, simply do the following.

On index.php, line 206:


<p><?php content($pageoptions["tb_longwave_page_blog_excerpt"]); ?></p>


<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

There’s still many more bugs with the theme, including the fact that the sidebar defaults on the Blog tab (within the Longwave theme options) don’t work. You still have to set the sidebar selection for each post individually. Hopefully Thunderbuddies fixes these issues soon.


a new update fixes this excerpt issue. Unfortunately I did not read your comment till now so I will include the sidebar thing on the next update coming tomorrow then.

Thanks and Kind regards, tb


I checked the Default Sidebar thing and must say I cannot reproduce that. I can choose a default sidebar and it is set unless you overwrite it with some other setting on the single post itself. Are you 100% positive that you used the single.php of the latest update (or in your case the one before)?

If it is still not working please let our support staff know at

Thanks and Kind regards, tb

Also, there’s an issue displaying the Category template page when viewed on mobile. At the smallest viewing size, the content of the excerpt is squished down the side of the image thumbnail. This is because there is a missing

 <div class="content" /> 
that should surround all the
 <div class="post" /> 

To Thunderbuddies, this is a wonderful theme – the design is amazing, the theme allows for some wonderful customisation, but unfortunately, your support has been extremely lacking. It has been weeks since an update was promised to fix some important issues that break the theme.

I would not advise anyone to buy this theme until these bugs have been fixed. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anyone working on fixing these problems, as the last update was a month ago, and there are MANY unanswered posts on here and even more on their “official” support page.

Thanks for the nice words and the heads-up. We will put this in the next update which will follow asap.

Thanks and Kind regards, tb

I tried changing the domain of my site from a subdomain to the full domain and now I recieve these errors at the top of the page.

Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in /home/oxydenne/public_html/****/wp-content/themes/longwave/functions/theme_functions.php on line 146 Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in /home/oxydenne/public_html/****/wp-content/themes/longwave/functions/theme_functions.php on line 146 Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in /home/oxydenne/public_html/****/wp-content/themes/longwave/functions/theme_javascriptcss.php on line 10


guess the moving messed up the theme options. Please go to each of the few theme option tabs and save them again.

Thanks and Kind regards, tb

HI, earlier you suggested that we can change the script below to customise the rollover color for portfolio thumbnails, I tried but it didnt work, can you help?

.items li a div { background: rgba(0,0,0,0.8) url(../images/image-hover.png) repeat; }


could you contact our support staff about that? And please include an admin account to your installation so they can help you asap!

Thanks & Kind regards, tb

Hi, I just bought the theme today, and noticed that on the twitter feed that links to statuses don’t link correctly. Will this be fixed in the next update? Thanks.


could you send us an example link to ?

Thanks and Kind regards, tb

The development website is private so viewing requires username and password. It doesn’t work in the example either – if you try to click the date underneath each Twitter status in the footer you get a broken link.

Where is the code to make the social buttons in SubFooter Widget Right open in a new window. This is probably simple but I cannot seem to see it.


Hi johnrainey,

in the functions/theme_widgets.php file at the end you find this line:

echo '<li><a href="'.$instance['link'][$social_count++].'"><i class="icon-s-'.$class.'" /></a></li>';

please change it to:

echo '<li><a href="'.$instance['link'][$social_count++].'" target="_blank"><i class="icon-s-'.$class.'" /></a></li>';

Kind regards, tb

Thanks that worked great :)

Just one more question how would I center the logo and center the navigation menu?

Is this a big job



Where can I find the change log please?


sorry for the delay! A new update will follow soon (e. g. including newest RevSlider).

Kind regards, tb

Thank you, updated!

Hi, is it possible to make the header fixed so you don’t lose the menu when you scroll down the page?


unfortunately there is no feature for this inside the theme.

Kind regards, tb

Bought this theme a few days ago and within a few hours I had the best wordpress site I’ve ever customised. This is great work – thanks for all your help. 5 stars, easily :)

Wow, happy you like it!

Please follow this forum or our twitter account to see notifications of new updates!

Kind regards, tb

The full-width option doesn’t work. I turned it on in the backend and nothing happens. Is this a known issue?

No, this is not a known issue.

Could you contact our support staff about that? And please include an admin account to your installation so they can help you asap!

Thanks & Kind regards, tb

In addition to my last support question, the following doesn’t work either. - Logo at top off page - Google font isn’t working

I get the feeling that there is some kind off problem with the theme. Installed it twice on different location using the install instructions but no success.

Hi again,

could you contact our support staff about that? And please include an admin account to your installation(s) so they can out what is blocking your installation!

Thanks & Kind regards, tb

Hi, I’m having a couple of problems with my site viewing it on mobile! The Map on the contact page doesn’t resize and the revolution slider right aligns on all but one page it’s been used on, even though in settings it’s set to the centre position…

Hi, could you contact our support at about that please? Thanks and regards, tb

Hi, I have raised a ticket twice and honestly feel like I was fobbed off. Far from happy with the response that I received!

Hi, since we cannot reproduce both things (second sounds like a misconfiguration of the slider, first things does sound like a bug but a misunderstanding) we need to see them.

We had trouble with our support system the last weeks, also please note that our support staff does not work on weekends.

Thanks for your understanding.

Kind regards, tb

Hi Guys,

Just got the theme yesterday and must say that I love it so far – great job for real!

I just have a quick question – how do I get the mail form on the Get in touch page (your demo content) styled the way you did on the live preview sample here on ThemeForest?

Thanks for the time in advance.

I installed the theme and am getting the following error:

Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #4 is not an array in /home/content/21/8451321/html/wp-content/themes/longwave/functions/theme_functions.php on line 14

Kindly advise what the issue is.

Hi jonjon,

please save all single theme option pages as a quick workaround. Thanks! We will send out an update asap!

Kind regards, tb

How do you do that?


we will put an update to Themeforest tomorrow and additionally put the changed file here for you to download.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Kind regards, tb