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Hello, Longwave Twitter feed suddently doesn’t work. Do you know if it’s temporary or could i do something to fix it ? Thank you

Hi, please update to the latest version of Longwave or just update the needed files for the twitter api update described here: (Update 1.2.4)

Kind regards, tb

Hello, I don’t know if i updated the lastest version, because wordpress doesn’t suggest me an update. Anyway, Twitter doesn’t work. Where can i update it (i can’t download with your link) ? Thank you


Themeforest themes do not suggests updates in general, only does.

Please download the newest update from your download tab and overwrite the theme_widgets.php in the functions folder and upload the functions/twitteroauth folder into that folder too.

If you are facing problems doing so please contact our support at

Kind regards, tb

Hi good theme. Client has some questions:

1. On the mobile version can we put a phone number in the header, which the user can press to immediately call.

2. Is there a limit to the amount of text on the home page above the portfolio.

3. We like the portfolio on the web version home, but can’t see this on the mobile version home page.

4. On the mobile navigation is it possible to display the top level menu items, and then press the menu option to expand the pages beneath. Our site has a lot of pages.




Love the potential of this theme. However, I’m struggling to figure out how to have the portfolio show up on the home page like it does here:

How do I do this?

UPDATE: I figured it out. You have to change the Reading Settings to a static page and then select your portfolio. You should add this detail to your documentation.


actually we included the reading settings in the documentation and also added the needed demo content. But we will make that point a little more “present” so it is not so easy to be overseen!

Kind regards, tb

Great theme!

I have a question though; how would I get rid of the clickable button for categories in the portfolio page. I don’t need categories, never created one however I see that “ALL Clickable Button” showing up – is there a way to get rid off it ??? I would really appreciate your help here… or you can tell me what php template to use to omit that line code…


you can add the following line to our Custom CSS box in the General tab of the Longwave Theme Options to make the portfolio filter disappear:

#portfolio .filter { display:none }

Kind regards, tb

Hi Thunderbuddies,

Great theme! A couple of issues:

I can not select a sidebar for the portfolio page template, the option is missing – I have tried to add the ID or sidebar name in the custom field but this is not working either, any suggestions?

I’d like to get the rollover on the blogposts/portfolio images on the home page to not have to little link icon, but instead the post name like it does on the actual portfolio page. Any suggestions?

Many Thanks


the portfolio page template has no sidebar hence the missing option for it.

Changing the hover info would require some very little freelance work. We recommend for the job.

Kind regards, tb

Can someone pleeeease help me? Ever since I upgraded to the new twitter api version, the twitter feed no longer shows up on my main portfolio page (classic portfolio) as well as my blog there some kind of conflict going on between scripts? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I sent the info in a pm..Thanks!

Well after hearing nothing from you guys for days and days, I went ahead and just downloaded and installed the “recent tweets plugin” and it works perfect. If anyone is having the same issue I highly recommend this plugin. Looks great and works well with the longwave style settings. Good to know you guys can be counted on for quality support!

Thanks for the irony. Our supporter had a motorcycle accident and we are a little swamped right now. We will send him your comment, I am sure he will appreciate reading it in the hospital.

Kind regards, tb

Hi TB!

Quick presale questions:

- Is there any limit to how many image in a single portfolio? - Can I set a page to show only 1 portfolio category?


nope, you can put in as many images as you like and as long as it fits your design idea.

Yes, you could choose just one category and hide the “All” button with simple CSS.

Kind regards, tb

Hello there!

I have 4 problems about your awsome theme!

Since our server provider got an error there has been an back-up placed of our website. Since then i got these problems:

1: if you click on our homepage ( on 1 of the tags of the tag cloud it does not show any portfolio item anymore related to that tag.

Like this link:

2: Since the back-up if you press on a product on the portfolio page:

There is this /?tp=2440 added to the link… Why is this? I don’t want that added to the URL.


3: The products on the Portfolio page occasionally does not show up. It is really random. Mostly it shows, but sometimes really random it does not show any product and the screen will be empty.

4: If i want to go to the settings page of Slider revolution i have to turn the contact form 7 plugin off otherwise i can’t get in the menu? Is there some conflict somewhere between those plugins?



I’ve just downloaded the theme but it comes plain..?

I am wondering how to i activate the sub heading on the page where it has All. Artwork. Graphics. Interface

as that doesn’t appear on my theme

I opened up the file and it opened up a browser window with loads of writing, I don’t know how i could show you this. I am on a mac and i’m not sure whether this is the reason?


there is a chapter in the documentation about how to include the demo content.

Kind regards, tb

I am also having some trouble, to add the headings at the very top where the “porfolio” “pages” “Blog” “Featured” are


sorry for the delay. Sascha, our main support guy, had a motorcycle accident and so we are super swamped here. Sorry!

Kind regards, tb

Hi when would I get a response. It’s been 4 days and counting now. I have a deadline for this website to be completed & i’ve not had great support with how to get the feature I requested, which you guys showed in the live preview..


it is 100% documented how to import the demo content in the documentation. Please follow the documentation step by step and you are able to recreate the demo content.

Thank you and Kind regards, tb

Yipes! Combing though the documentation to see if I can find the image size of the nifty little portfolio pieces….can you help? Trying to find by backtracking….any tips on finding image sizes in documentation in general?

Thank you!



you can upload any image size that fit your needs. The theme transports image dimensions automatically if needed.

Kind regards, tb


I bought your theme yesterday (my first!) because really good, i like his slide in ajax as I was looking for. Besides, I have a problem with this slide :(

When I inserted a Revolution Slider in a portfolio page, it appears well separate page but does not appear at Slide in page! Where this can he please come? (I’m in localhost)

Also, is it possible to make three columns pictures instead of 4 columns? Maybe in magnifying the images but I can not find where to go to change the width.

Thank you in advance



ps: sorry for my approximative english.

Sure, you can set the category slug with the “cat_slugs” attribute like this: [latest_projects cat_slugs=”slug1,slug2”]

Kind regards, tb

Gorgeous! Moreover, I had not seen that it was possible to select the category directly in the “Portfolio Option” _, Thank you :)

No prob. Sorry for me to understand your idea so lately.

Hi. Sorted the previous issue.

My next one is, you know the portfolio headings. It’s always sorted in alphabetical order. Is there any way i could order these as I want?


in order to order the categories you can use this plugin

Kind regards, tb

GREAT PLUGIN! Thank you very very very very much!

Hi!! I’m using the theme and I have two problems:

1. I want to add a Behance logo in the Right Subfooter with the Longwave Social Widget but when I choose Behance and then I check in my webpage I see Dribble logo instead of Behance. I think is a problem with the menu in the social widget.

2. I want to use the contact form like you put it in the Longwave Theme page (in the proof page) and I don’t know if it is posible using Wordpress or I have to change something in the code.

Thank you!!



yes there is bug in the social widget. We solved that in some update before. Anyway please take this file and put it in the wp-content/themes/longwave/functions folder on your server.

I do not get the second question though. Maybe the info that we used contact form 7 to build the form will help you? The code itself is:

<div class="form-container">
<li class="form-row text-input-row">
[text* your-name watermark "Name (Required)"]
<li class="form-row text-input-row">
[email* your-email watermark "Email (Required)"] 
<li class="form-row text-input-row last">
[text your-subject watermark "Subject"]
<li class="form-row text-area-row">
[textarea your-message]
<li class="button-row">
[submit "Submit"]

Kind regards, tb

Thank you for your quick answer!! Amazing theme. Kind regards, Martina

Awesome! Glad we could help!


Great theme! One problem so far: I cannot get the revolution slider to show up on a slider portfolio page. It shows up fine on a Portfolio link page. Can you help with this? I’d really prefer to use the slider Portfolio page for this design. Thanks so much!


could you contact our support staff about that? And please include an admin account to your installation so they can help you asap!

Thanks & Kind regards, tb

Hello, I’m experiencing some problems with the portfolio. There are extra parameters being added to the permalink and page formatting is incorrect. For example:

I posted in the support forum 6 days ago but have not received a response. Please advise.


the URL parameter is used to connect the detail portfolio to the parent portfolio page.

I will check your page with the admin account you did put in your ticket. Looks like something is messed up in the content.

Kind regards, tb

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for your ticket response.

Still haven’t received a ticket response. Please advise. Thanks.

Dear Thunderbuddies, Once again thank you for the great work! Love this theme. The current version of the revolution slider has a bug. I asked the plugin provider and was told to upgrade the plugin. Could you kindly provide a update for the long wave theme? The current version has a problem: View (sliders) Error: Field Image should not be empty and I cannot delete or edit any sliders on longwave theme.

Thank you very much for your time.


sure. Please contact me at

Kind regards, tb

Is there any way of removing the double—when you create a heading?



please add the following lines to your Custom CSS box inside the General tab of the theme options:

.colored:after {
   content: "";

Kind regards, tb

Hi, 2 questions: 1) how can I remove the “LIKE”, “TWEET”...buttons and the “share this article” message on the bottom of the pages

2) how can I get the transition effect I see when I click on a portfolio item in to work in my site? Right now it show no transition at all.

Thanks and congrats on a great job with the theme.

Thanks! Everything working now.

One bug though. When I set the “Detail Style” to slider tabs stop working properly. (the content of all tabs is shown on the first tab and I can’t switch between tabs)

Hi, sounds like a JS bug. Do you have a link for us to check?

Kind regards, tb

How do you update the theme?


you need to unzip the theme, then upload all files inside to your server via FTP (folder wp-content/themes/longwave).

Kind regards, tb