Discussion on LordCros - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Discussion on LordCros - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

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Pre-sales question. Is this theme no longer being developed? It appears that compatibility with Wordpress has stopped at 5.6. Are there any plans to further develop this theme and bring it up to speed? If so, what does that timeline look like?

On the verge of making the purchase because the theme looks incredible, but I’m seeing a lot of posted issues and requests for refunds.

Hello, On the slide on the homepage CHECK AVAILABILITY When I click the button, I want to redirect to whatsapp, how can I do this? Website address: https://hotelkuluhana.com/

In the same way, I want to direct the button that says check rooms at the bottom that I added to the sidebar to whatsapp.


You can see it at this address. Can you help me?

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/xxxxcom/public_html/xxxx/wp-content/plugins/lordcros-core/inc/shortcodes/templates/instagram.php on line 254 Instagram has returned invalid data.

Hello, theme work just fine with PHP 7.4, but with php 8 or 8.1 it have many php warning errors. Does theme is compatible with php 8.1?

Good morning, i would be interested in your theme. I would like to test the admin backend to see if the booking has what I was looking for. Could you give me a link to log in? Thank you

Hi, Unfortunately, we can not give you admin credentials. Best regards,

Hi there,

how to I can change room and service slugs?


Hi, Unfortunately, you can not change the slugs. Best regards,

at functions.php or theme templates? No way for it ? :)

Hi, Please create a ticket in https://c-themes.support-hub.io/. We will support you on it. Best regards,

Hi, I am using Header Layout 1. I want to add social media icons on the right side of the header, but social share links appear. How can I give the link of Social Media account pages?

Thank you so much. The theme is really beautiful. But until now, I have not seen those who add share social media icons in the header. So it would be better to have regular icons. We will be glad if you add this in the next update :)

Hello, I have added the following information for Akdeniz Villa from the Specialies menu and defined it to Akdeniz Villa. There is no problem on the reservation screen, but it shows the price as 0 on the regular villas page. Whatever date these prices are, for example, on 14.02.2022 today, the price should be £800. How can we price accordingly?

1 April-30 April £1395 1 May-31 May £1495 1 June-30 June £1695 1 July-31 August £2495 1 September-30 September £1895 1 October-30 November £1495 1 December- 31 December £800 1 January-31 March £800

Please create a ticket in https://c-themes.support-hub.io/ with your purchase code and send us your website url and admin credentials. Let me check. Best regards,

Hello, I bought your theme and I like it very much, congratulations. I have a question I want to ask, I am building a multilingual site with WPML. I created the OpenWeatherMap api, but the Turkish site receives information in English. How can I get this information in Turkish? Thanks.

By the way, I think it has to do with the last update. The header of the site is broken, the menu has changed to sidemenu. I reinstalled http://kuluhana2.zeytindemo.com to another address, I made demo import (layout 1), but again the menu came as a sidemenu. I can’t edit the header from the theme settings. The client site is currently operational. Can you help me? https://hotelkuluhana.com/

Hi, We just used OpenWeatherMap api for the weather. We don’t know how to change the language on it. And for the header layout issue, I can see the top header in http://kuluhana2.zeytindemo.com/ Best regards,

Thank you. I removed the mandatory weather information.

Hi, I would like to ask for information. When a user books a room, where is the booking notification sent to the site owner? And how is the customer also notified? Is it possible to eliminate the visibility of the payment methods that we do not use, or will they always appear on every booking? Example! the hotelier does not use a credit card and does not use a bank transfer, so he does not want these two options to be seen when booking! I await news and wish you a good job

Hello, You can config email notification in theme options panel. Please check http://prntscr.com/1wm5qzl If you want to remove the payments in your website, I can explain how to remove it. But it is impossible to remove payments in some special hotels. Best regards,

1. Does it support polygamy or just wpml? 2. Can I deactivate the entire booking system and only keep the rooms with a booking button, with a link to another url or reservation window of a pms? 3. In case you decide to use the integrated booking system, can I only make inquiries by check-in date? The idea is only to limit the reservation for 1 maximum day.

I hope your support to decide to acquire this beautiful template

Hello, 1. LordCros Theme only supports WPML plugin. 2. You can not deactivate booking system in LordCros theme. Best regards,

Do you have elementor version?

LordCros only supports WPBakery plugin. Best regards,

Hello I downloaded this theme free sometimes ago and I am testing it for my project.

I activated captcha for the login and registration page. It works fine for the default WordPress admin login page but I have noticed that when I created the login and dashboard pages and select them within the Theme options, the captcha doesn’t show on the login page and I cannot login to the site again as I get the error “Invalid username or password”. This totally logs me out of the site.

Please how can I fix this so that the captcha can show up on the login page and I will be able to login? Moreover, I would like to buy the theme.


Hello, Please add captcha shortcode in /wp-content/themes/lordcros/templates/template-login.php file. Best regards,

Okay thanks for the response.

1. I am using All In One WP Security and that’s where I activated the Google Captcha for the registration, how can I get the captcha shortcode to add to the file.

Also, trying to login via the theme custom Login page shows username or password not valid, making it unable for me to login even with Admin credentials.

2. Where can I set the price for per trip or per night as in the image https://snipboard.io/E1LPSn.jpg

Lastly I will suggest that you update the theme to fix the issues.

I love this theme and I have funded my wallet to buy it but I want these issues fixed.


Please create a ticket in https://c-themes.support-hub.io/ with your purchase code to get our support.

Hello, has calendar export been implemented for synchronization with external bookings rbnb, booking, etc.?

Best regards

Hello, You can import/export hotel information with ical, but it is not sync with external bookings. Best regards,

Hello, How to choose the email who is recieve the notification of every notification, not just the principal administrator.

Best regards

Hello, Unfortunately, LordCros theme has no such feature. Best regards,

Hi there. How can we put different price for extra adults? I want the default price of a room to be for 2 adults and if customer want the room for 3 or 4 adults the price is more expencive. For example the room price for 2 adults is 50€ the same room for 3 adults is 65€ and for 4 adults is 75€. How is this possible?

Hello, LordCros theme has no such feature. Customers can not book the extra adults in the room. Best regards,

Hello, I have imported demo 6, but the slider has not been imported … and the home page is now without a slider. How can I import the slider from demo 6?

Please check sliders in Slider Revolution menu. If you can see the sliders in it, please set the slider in page content again. If you can not see the sliders, please create a ticket in https://c-themes.support-hub.io/ We will send you slider. Best regards,

Hello. The theme has no invoice feature? if not we can add this feature? thanks

Hello, LordCros theme has not invoice feature. Best regards,

Pre-sale question: Can I use Woocommerce for reservations so I can add local payment plugin to woocommerce as payment option? Is Woocommerce installed already? Thanks

Hello, Thanks for your interest. But you can not use woocommerce payment in LordCros theme. Best regards,

Hi, great theme

1.pls tell me the booking system has availability calendar?

2. How easy is to configure and what you can do with it?

3. what happened if someone cancel a reservation?

4. Payment methods? Woocommerce?

5. Email to admin and customer for confirmation?

Many Thanks

Hi, Thanks for your interest. 1. I am not clear about availability calendar, but you can search only the available rooms in search page. 2. You can config theme settings in theme options panel and it has demo import feature. You can create your website and manage rooms easily. 3. LordCros theme has not booking cancellation feature. Administrator should change booking status. 4. It supports Stripe and bank transfer. 5. Yes. Best regards,

Hi there. Love this theme and my customer also. Presale question: 1.My customer dont want to add a price in his rooms, only enable the request room function. I know, i can disable paypal and other checkout options, but when i set the price to zero it is like it is at the end zero. Any change to add a function like “Request price and availabillity”? 2.Is there a chance to book a double room as a single and add a separat price range for this option? This would be very important feature. 3. Is there a roadmap for updates for this theme or did you stop developing on it? Thank you in advance!

Sorry, i forgot one issue. Where can i translate the weather widget in the top bar? Thx!

Hi, Thanks for your interesting. 1. LordCros theme has not such feature. You should add prices for every room. 2. LordCros theme has not such feature. 3. We will update it in the future. 4. You can not translate weather information. We get it from 3rd party website. Best regards,


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