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Nice work Brandon. I like it :)

lovely template Brandon. Another great file to themeforest from you. And I really love the simpleness of this one.

Nice work brandon, You bought a place with these Palm Trees yet or maybe wait until the WP version comes out haha?

I see a Cu3er in there, lol.


Nice one Brandon :D

Very nice! Can’t wait for the HTML and Wordpress versions!

Thanks everyone!

The HTML version should be coming out right after Christmas, with the Wordpress version right behind it as a New Years release :)


Hehehe, let me guess, the slider is intended for cu3er, right? ;-)

All joking aside, looks great!

It’ll actually have 2 or 3 sliders to pick from :) Cu3er very well may be one of them, but it won’t be the only.

That’s a good idea!

loving the typography

and the blue version rocks!

Brandon… love this theme… hope your WP version comes out soon. Just been waiting to purchase for one of my bigger projects. This is perfect for it.

dying to know the font used for the title..

great theme as usual

Gotham Rounded :)

Hello! It has support for other languages with special characters? (ç`´~^).

Hi there,

The fonts used includes all characters that they support (meaning, I haven’t purposely excluded any), and it’s pretty easy to use another font using CUFON if you have a need for any other special characters.

Cheers! Brandon