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Awesome! thats all I can say about this template :) good job

Awesome theme as always! But, I get a 404 on the read more link!? (

That’s actually just on the demo :) The actual theme links are fully functional – those are just placeholders.

you inspired me todo more in design and i loved your work on tf back in 2009, but this new year you restart completely new – and i love it. this theme is awesome and its on my list. cant wait to play with it

having you on board gives the themes and designs a new fresh

Very pretty. Can I see a screenshot of the admin panel, if you have it handy?

Gorgeous work Brandon, as always… you rocked on the admin panel this time! So easy to use… and the documentation… it’s probably worth posting a screencap of it for other people to see – this is the sexiest documentation file I’ve seen to date. Thanks!

I’m SO happy to be following you right now… this is exactly what I was hoping would show up today :) Excellent work (not that I’ve come to expect anything less from you). Can’t wait for the updates (you always do an awesome job updating and supporting your themes), but this is an extraordinarily awesome beginning for this theme!

Side note – this is probably one of the best themes that I’ve ever seen on here from a typographic standpoint… simply gorgeous use of type on a Wordpress theme!

Thanks a bunch everyone! I already have the first quick update on it’s way to patch up a very small styling bug that I noticed, but other than that I’m super excited to be releasing this today (and just before the CU3ER cutoff date!!!). Thanks a ton for all of the comments, I’m looking forward to keeping and eye on this :)

Good job !

Is Charles your brother ?

Good work Brandon, as usual ;) Sorts Mill Goudy looks just great there, perfect and refreshing choice.

Thanks a lot FreshFace… good eye on the font as well :)

The other font used is League Gothic for anyone else who’s curious.

Great work Brandon! Like always! :)

Thanks Philo! (side note – Philo did most of the early foundational HTML /CSS work for me and did an amazing job :)). Check his work out when you get a moment!

Nice timing bro.


Thanks, lol ;) I worked my tail off yesterday to get this out on time…

... for anyone who doesn’t know, CU3ER is no longer being allowed for free after the cutoff date last night. This is probably one of the last themes that’ll have it on ThemeForest, unless authors opt to purchase the distribution license for $990!

@DDStudios – LOL – he called me and told me to respond. Yep! He’s teaching me some coding on the side and he’d been talking about this theme for a while… I always know he does great work, but this one is pretty awesome to see it in action though! So, hi :)

@Charles : Oh welcome to TF ! But why did you buy the theme ?


I have a couple of questions based on the Live Preview -

1. In the portfolio section, I noticed when you select a photo it does not have any option to select next so you can go through all the images in that particular portfolio. Is this option going to be available in future updates?

2. When you select either Author, Services, Portfolio and Contact, it shows the Author information twice at the bottom of the page…is there a way to remove this?

3. Any way to add icons and links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn on the Main Page? Also, can these be added at the bottom of each blog post too?

4. Are there any SEO options available for this theme?

Please advise and thank you for posting this great theme. I am in the process of deciding which one of 3 themes of yours to choose from for my first photoblog.


Where can I find your email address to email you directly?

On my profile page – or just use :)

Thank you for your quick reply…now, I need to make a decision…do I go with Alantica, Pacifica or Los Angeles…decisions, decisions, decisions.


Can you explain what CU3ER does in this template and what impact it has on users who buy this theme as it is no longer being offered?

Is there another solution available for replacement for CU3ER ?

Please advise. Chris

Oh – good question – there’s no impact on users at all – this is probably one of the last files where I didn’t have to buy a distribution license, but using it is and always will be free if you’ve bought the theme license here at ThemeForest :)

Nice job once again!

Thanks Cesiel!

Killer-theme Brandon, great job! :)

Thanks BC!

Another great WP theme man – congrats and good luck with sales!

Thanks Jonathan!

This theme looks pretty awesome but does this theme have multilanguage support ? German for example ?

Well, hmm… good question. To be honest, I’ve always left translation services to the end-users. Wordpress offers a suite of Language translation services from their admin panel, but I’m not sure how far this extends in terms of usability… If you want to try it out, feel free (I’ll be happy to work with you if there’s anything I can assist with).

I like all your themes, but there is just one small thing that holds me back from a purchase: The portfolio pages are not very robust.

Basically they are only pages where you click on thumbnails and a lightbox opens up to view an image. This isn’t ideal for a portfolio page as most designers would want to explain in detail what the project was about.

There are so many portfolio themes on here that only open images in a simple gallery… I just hope more of these themes go toward making a readable gallery (titles), sortable by category (websites, logos, illustration, etc), and have it open to a secondary page.

I understand this is a big request for you, but I think for the money you charge the portfolio pages could be a lot better to justify the cost. Keep up the good work!