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Love it! Congrats! Paul

Thanks for the comment Paul!

I’m a Videographer and would like to use the portfolio section to link to videos via the lightroom pop up. It appears to work easily with photos, but how do you change the link to work with Video from Vimeo, Youtube or SmugMug?

You should be able to simply link to the videos using the embed link provided on each site :)

Did you already do an update to Los Angeles theme? If yes, can you advise of what was updated?

Just the index.php file :) There was a typo on one of the “more” links.

it doesn’t use the ceebox… it just goes to the vimeo site. maybe I have something setup wrong… – its the first image.

Okay, you have to use the embed .swf code snippet from vimeo, not the actual URL to the video.

Thanks for the update Danohara – I’ll be sure to pass it on to everyone who needs to know :) Glad you got it working!

Well done! But I gotta ask a question. In one of the slides in live preview, it says you’ll soon add custome color options. And the price is likely to go up once new options are added. How much do you think the price will go up? Besides, are you going to add only custom color options or something more?

Congrats on this one once again.

No clue on the price – generally a theme with colors gets bumped up about $5, but I can never say for certain how much it’ll be, if anything… it’s just there to remind users that 1) you get updates for free! and 2) it’s usually best to lock in a license early rather than later, just in case changes do happen.


Can the font be changed with these theme?

Yep – Absolutely! It’ll require you to create new CUFON font files (which you can generate for free at their site), and you’ll need to include them inside the header, but once that’s done you’ll have your own custom fonts :)

Great work man! :)

Awesome job man! Bet you gonna love watching the sales amount tick over in “blur-mode” ;)

LOL – it’s not quite blur mode, but it’s nice to see that people are enjoying a theme that I worked hard on :)

Okay, I just broke the Blog page… not sure what I did, I just updated the intro field and now it won’t show the list of articles, instead it shows the page content. – Help.

Hmmm – checking it out :)

It happens when you “update” the blog page. I reinstalled the dummy data and that fixed it. But if you click the update button on the page, for some reason it causes it to show the actual page body, not the blog listing. Really the only thing you need to change on this page is the intro custom tag, and if you delete it or update just tag, it seems to be okay. But click the update button (upper right) and it breaks the page.

Interesting… Ok – I’m on it – expect an update later today to resolve this little issue :) Thanks a ton for the note danohara!

Ok – just following up – I sorted out the issue with the Blog page bugging out for your guys – I’ll have a more robust fix at some point in the future, but for now, change your Permalink settings to something other than “Default” and you’ll be good to go! (Settings > Permalinks > Day/Name should work fine).

For the “intro” field bug – just visit the blogroll.php file, at line 44, make sure both header tags read “h2” (there is an opening tag and a closing tag – the beta version of this theme has one of them reading “h1” still, which threw the bug).

Cheers! Brandon

Just wondering when you are looking at releasing the version with the dark background? I’m looking for a theme for my new site.. and I’d really like to use the dark version of this..

- paul

End of the week :) All versions should be ready to go and released by then.

Nice work ! What is the font used for the logo ? Thanks

Cool thanks for the info ! I’m also about to post your theme on my website,


Some quick questions about the theme before I purchase it.

1. Can the slider be a normal Jquery slider without cuber? 2. Can you play a flash movie or youtube video from slider? 3. Can you use a background image in the header using the admin panel? 4. Is there a functionality for drop down menus or something seeing how I will need additonal pages under portfolio etc. ? 5. Can you turn off the comments altogether in the blog seeing how I will not need them? and can I add some buttons in my blog for example buy now, chech this out etc?

Hi there, Good questions :)

1. Yes – (just an HTML preview) – this theme actually includes both sliders (cu3er and EasySlider) right out of the box – just flip the switch inside the admin panel for which one you want and you’re good to go.

2. Yes – Pretty much every format imaginable is supported – Check out the plugin used –

3. Yes and No – this isn’t an admin panel feature, but you can very easily modify the background image inside the theme and upload/overwrite it with your own modifications :) Feel free to hit me up over email if you need a step by step.

4. Yes – Right now it’s buggy in IE6 , which is why I’m not showing it inside the demo, but this is already being fixed and the theme DOES support dropdown menus for subpages right out of the box. Once the IE6 bug is sorted out, I’ll be releasing a free update to resolve this on older browsers too :)

5. Yes – it’s actually an option inside the admin panel (although you can always adjust it on a per-post or inside the Wordpress discussion settings.

6. You can add pretty much any button, graphic, or plugin-widget that you want to the sidebar :)



Thanks for the fast turn around! Few more questions and I will leave you along ha! Do you know when you will have the update ready for IE6 ? Also, well about the blog and adding links or buttons in the specific blog I need to know if I can put the links or buttons in the seperate blog itsefl when you go the read more. Ex. I will be using this template for a client who will be doing concerts and promotions and the blog will be for indivual events so when the reader goes to read more I need to be able to have a picture and a link or buttons with some options to buy tickets etc? Also, last question how can I get a music player on this template for wordpress? I just need a simple one like myspace has or something similar … maybe flash?

1. This week I hope – next week at the latest. I also have a few other major updates going out for my other products and I always need to make sure that those go smoothly as well. Rest assured that it’s coming soon though!

2. Adding specific links to specific blog articles: This isn’t supported as part of this theme (and no other theme to my knowledge will support this out of the box). There might be a plugin out there, but this pretty much defies how Wordpress handles sidebars (which is an all-or-none approach). That said, there are a ton of articles out there that’ll describe how to create custom sidebars which you can then assign to specific pages… it just gets a lot more complicated on a per-post basis. Long story short, I’d suggest using each “event” as a “page”, not a “post”... as it’ll be possible to simply declare a new sidebar, create a new page-template for each “event”, and then assign that new sidebar to each new event.

Afterthought: You could always just include those buttons/graphics specific to the event INSIDE the post content as opposed to the sidebar… this is what I’ve actually done with a number of clients with similar requests.

3. There’s a bunch of music players out there for Wordpress – just grab one (most of them are free) and drop it in :)


I installed the theme, but my blog now does not load .. when i go back to the classic themes then it loads

Hmm ok – just send me an email if there are any larger issues and I’ll be more than happy to check it out with you. You might also want to try re-downloading just in case you got a corrupted download (which has been known to happen from time to time).

hey check it out … tryna get my twitter to show up correctly ... any ideas ??

Hmm – make sure that:

1. You have a title entered for the twitter widget. 2. It’s an active account (and no typos in the title) 3. and that all the forms in the widget are filled out.


I think I might be confused now! That’s kinda what I mean is I need to be able to add some links inside the post itself for example go to this website and you can see how I need the blog to be. the blog or post has an link in it as well as the read more! What you think?

Oh – dude – yeah that’s easy as pie :) Sorry I got you confused with a more complicated answer than you needed. Adding links and graphics inside the post is incredibly simple using the Wordpress “What you see is what you get” content editor. Just add an image using the image uploader, make it a link using the link button, and you are good to go!

Hi everyone! The color versions are officially under development now, and it should be done within a week or so as simple addons that you’ll be able to toggle from the admin panel (it’ll be a simple dropdown for each color) :)

To all buyers: Holler if there are any features you’d like to see in the next update. I can’t promise that I’ll get to them, but I’m always interested in hearing back from you guys/gals.


Hi Epicera,

I’m a big fan of your work, I purchased Shapeshifter about a month ago and I purchased Los Angeles yesterday. I followed the setup instructions to the letter and the only issue I encountered has to do with the blog.

In your live preview you have a page called “blog” which lists summaries all of your latest articles with the option to read more. I can’t seem to replicate that. Can you explain how to do so?

Thanks in advance!

Hmmm not off the top of my head. Did you import the dummy content that’s provided or are you just using the content that you already had in there?

Sorted itself out. Needed to reload Dummy content and it corrected itself. Thanks for your help. Looking forward to the blog feature in Shapeshifter. Thanks again!

Happy to help! I’m glad it worked out for ya :)