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Brandon – Urgent!

Hi Brandon,

Sorry to keep bugging you. I really feel bad however my entire site crashed yesterday. I called the host and they got it back and running and claimed it was a plug in. Now I have lost all of my plug ins and my whole site is screwed up – missing pictures, etc.

I wrote to you a few days ago because WP will not let me upload the updated theme and I just read this theme is not compatible w/ the WP 3 .1 I am currently using los angeles theme 1.2 and whatever I do to re upload the new theme WP will never let it go through.

Please I really need your help on this to the point where I will even hire you. I have advertisers on here and I really like this theme but everything is screwed up now and w/out being able to upload the updated theme I don’t know where to start. Thanks! Beth

Hi Beth,

This sounds like it’s on the side of the webhost… there’s nothing inside the theme that prevents it from running on 3.0x, and that’s what it’s running on for the demo. I’d recommend contacting the webhost with the error that you’re receiving – chances are that they have a fixed upload limit and you might need to FTP the theme up instead of using the zip method.

Cheers! Brandon

Hey Brandon, couldn’t figure this one out. I added Cu3er to the blog page as well, which messes up the #page and #sidebar margins. I would enter these codes:

.subpage #sidebar { margin-top:-380px; } .subpage #page { margin-top:-22px; }

into the custom CSS , but that not only changes the blog, blogroll.php, it also changes the posts, single.php.

How can I move up the blog’s #sidebar and #page margins independently of the posts margins?

Thanks once again,


I also have 2 other minor questions, that are just for appearance.

How I could make images on my site fade to black and white when you hover over them? The effect does not have to happen on every photo, I would be fine with it just happening on the thumbnails in the portfolio page:

Secondly, how can I make the ‘More at the blog’, or in my case the ‘Previous Posts’, button actually take you to previous posts

Like, when you click on the button, it shows you the same posts that are on your home page. In my case, you cannot really tell since I only have 2 posts, so I will use the site I used to work on as a reference

See, when you click ‘More articles’, it displays the same posts as on the homepage, and then it has the ‘Previous posts’ button which actually takes you to previous posts. Essentially I just want the ‘More articles’ button to take me where the ‘Previous posts’ button takes me.

Thanks Brandon!

Might as well ask one more while i’m at it.

How can I make my site compatible with all browsers? It’s fine on Google Chrome, the browser I use. I thought Firefox was fine, but I checked earlier today and a few things were off, possibly an older version. And of course IE is messed up…

FF and IE both mess up the search bar, it’s a tad bit lower than it should be. On IE, the navbar is wayyy off to the right. Other than that, I think everything is fine.

Great theme I’ve already installed. But I’m experiencing an important issue: your selected typography is not working properly in Spanish: no accents, no “ñ”. So, how can I change the typography?

Hey Brandon,

Awesome theme but I have a couple questions that I need answers too..

1. Is there a way I can make the blog posts use full width? If so how can this be achieved?

2. Is there any way that I can center everything? The Navigation buttons and the blog section? It hangs to the left but I would like everything to be in the middle.

Also I would like to use bigger images for the cuber (sp?) in your instructions it says not recommended to edit the header size but i would like to use bigger images…something like 960×600 … is this possible to achieve?

thank you,


i just purchased the ‘los angeles” wordpress theme.. i am a newbie to wordpress so i am sure this question is super elementary – i installed and activated the theme but cannot find the documentation. please advise thank you, ken green

Hi just bought this theme. I’m just wondering why none of my page navigation links show up at the top?

I created a menu, added the pages I wanted to display. Nothing shows?

Hi Brandon,

I really need your help. I had to pay someone to get my blog up and running after upgrading the theme. Now it works, except that NONE of my sidebar widgets are working. Please look at my site:

It looks like things are on the right sidebar but all of those items are stuck. I can’t remove them or do anything with them. In fact, I disabled all the links and as you can see they are still there. All of my subscription options are gone because none of the plug ins I download will work on the side bar. You really have to help me here.

The guy I hired spent 5 – 6 hours going through all the code to find the issue and couldn’t find it. I am literally stuck at this point and now I have so much time and $$ invested into this theme that I really don’t want to change but I might be forced to. I have people writing to me asking me how they can get to the facebook page, etc because I can’t get anything up there. Please this is extremely urgent since I have been having unexplained issues for 2 weeks now.

I am hoping since you are the creator you can help me pinpoint the problem. I have ads on here that are missing and I need to get up asap because the advertisers are getting upset. PLEASE write back as soon as you can.

Thanks! Beth

nevermind i fixed my problem

A couple of questions: a) How can I change the color of the black bar in the background of the theme? I’ve changed it just for the long of the nav bar, but the rest remains black.

b) How can I change the type of the titles at the menu bar (withouth changing the titles of the widgets in the sidebar?

Heya Everyone!

Just a heads up that I’ll be pretty busy with for another couple months. I’ll be checking back here as often as humanly possible, but keep in mind that some weeks that’ll be just once or twice a week. Thanks for being understanding – I promise I’ll be around as much as I can to help with any customizations!

Cheers! Brandon

I can’t seem to get the portfolio page to save my updates. It seemed to work on two images and any others I add it just reverts back to the previously saved version. I am new to Wordpress, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Michelle

I am trying to add a hit counter to the footer and it is displaying a white background instad of being inside the footer

any suggestions?

Just purchased the Los Angeles WP Theme, and immediately had a couple of install/admin issues:



The Transparent Images used for the PLUS /MINUS Icon for each of the Settings Sub-Menus does not exist. The graphic is looking for: wp-content/themes/los_angeles/functions/images/trans.gif

However, this file (trans.gif) does not exist in the theme. (An image named trans.png does exist, but this seems to be a different size and different name)

Where is this image? Do I need to create an image, or does the settings admin page code need to reference the png version?


A Javascript error occurs:

Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method Line: 10 Char: 2 Code: 0 URI : /wp-content/themes/los_angeles/assets/js/losangeles.js

I have seen this exact same error on another site using the same theme.

I just downloaded the theme from ThemeForest a couple of days ago. It is Ver. 1.4

Please advise. Thanks.

How do I include reference to WP Widget Code in the BLURBS ?

For instance, I use the Google Weather Plugin. I can add this to any post, page or side bar with following code:

[wp_google_weather city=”toronto, on” temperature=”c” language=”en” forecast=”1”]

I have the Home Page BLURBS enabled on the los_angeles WP theme, and I want to include this Google Weather Widget in one of the four Home Page Blurb’s DESCRIPTION text. However, the code just displays, and is not executed as WP Plugin Code.

Suggestions on how to force the Blurb Description Value to be “Executed” instead of just displayed?

Hey Brandon, it’s been awhile! If you have time I would still appreciate help on the above questions.



Sorry I can’t work out how to set up the drop down main menu above the slider. I just have a blank space.



OK. Like so many themes nowadays, the type in Los Angeles is awfully small, and grey to boot. That makes it look cool, but it’s hard to read.

I’m not a CSS guy and I’m trying to kick up the type size a couple points, but editing the typography.css and core.css files hasn’t delivered bigger or darker type.

Can someone point me in the right direction – or even post a custom css declaration that raises the point size of the body type by a point and also darkens the type (I can alter it myself once I see the code).

Thanks! Frustrated in the mountains, TC

Is there any way to put the prev-next id ul on the same line? Having them stacked makes no sense, and quite frankly is just a little ugly.

Other than that, there should be an option to use the “default” blog setting by wordpress. Unless you use a static page, the link at the bottom of the homepage won’t go to more posts!