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How can we set the blogroll to only show a particular categories?

This would be HUGELY helpful! Thank you! A

Also is there any shortcodes for columns in this template? Thanks!

Hi Brandon,

Love the template. There is a small bug I notice in the blogRoll page template. When the page is labeled as a Template BlogRoll, the page holds the label “The Los Angeles Blog” in the header. is there a way to remove this from the blog?

Also how would I remove the PixeCraft Logo at the bottom?

Thanks for your help

Thanks for the note Pavel – I’ve added this to the list of updates in the next version :)

I am having an issue trying to get the navigation to show up… the WP function that is being used is wptheme_nav(); any reason why this wouldn’t show up?

Hi, I’m about to purchase this theme, but have a quick question. Does the homepage slider support videos?

Thanks! Blair

Nope – videos aren’t supported inside the slider, but you can link to them from the slider.


I figured out the Logo at the bottom, but the Subheading”Los Angeles Blog” in the blog is still up. Is there a way to remove or replace the text there.

Thanks Brenden.

I bought this theme and I cant seem to get the navigation bar right, it showing in a weird manner. There is no infor about how to set up in the documentation. Please help.

Hi again – so, what exactly are the problems that you’re having? Have you visited the Appearance > Menus page and built your navigation menu yet? That’s really the first step to getting it to show what you want it to :)

I tried what you said, i created the menus but its not showing. can we have this conversation via email? You can contact me at

Hi, Any update?

I’m having issues with the nav bar as well. I’ve made a custom menu and set it as the primary navigation, but nothing shows up at all. Also, the search bar is floating oddly above it rather than inline with it.

Dash Fitness

Thanks, Blair

How do you change the link color in the footer? My copyright text needs to be made into a link and is showing up black, but I need it to be white. I’ve looked through all the typography & style CSS but can’t seem to fix it.

Thanks, B

Is there a way to remove one of the quicklinks so that there’s only three? And is there a way to remove the icons from ‘QuickLinks’?

I removed the info from the index page but nothing happened..

Thanks, B

So I am running off very little sleep, so I hope this isn’t something rather easy to fix.


I have mucked up the pages a bit to use them as I see fit, but ran into a snag with the blog and blogroll pages. I have a separate full-width page for the home screen, and then a separate page for the blog (called The Pulse). I see posts popping up in this main link, but my sublink that I wanted to setup as the full on blogroll isn’t populating and I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

I also know I need to fix the link from the “More on blog” link at the bottom of the old home page blog page thing, but that isn’t my concern at the moment.

So can you decipher what the hell I did to screw this up? Thank you so much, your vimeo videos were great help with my first wordpress site.

Hello—WP newbie here. A couple of questions for you…

1. I’d love to make the Home Page a static page, but when I attempt to do this via the Reading link on the Settings page, the Home Page is not listed as one of the options in the drop-down menu. I’m sure that there is an easy solution to this that I’m just overlooking. 2. I’m having difficulty getting my menu bar to show up on the Home Page. I set up a menu using the Menus link and designated it to be the Primary Navigation, but no luck.

In both cases, I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. I’ve searched the forum and noted that others have run into similar snags and have resolved them but wasn’t able to track down the steps they took to fix them. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks SO much for your help.


when you are looking at your site, log out of the wordpress bar ontop, it pushes the content but not the menu down, kinda weird. Basically it is there now, just you can’t see it because of that bar.

You need to add “home page” to your menu before you attempt to set it to the static homepage page… The problem I am having is when you set a static homepage and then another static page for the posts to appear on, your actual full out blogroll that has all the content on it doesnt work. You apparently HAVE to have your home page be the blogroll top 5 page unless you figure out the coding to fix that, which is currently what I am trying to do.

I might be missing something easy as well, but for now I am trying everything to set it right so that my blog posts appear where I want them.

Also, although this video is for a different theme, it may help you

This may not be the right place to ask this, but I can’t seem to find a solution using my google-fu.

How can I prevent the cu3er banner from being cached on a visitors computer?

Any help, even a nudge in the right direction, will be appreciated.

Hi, I’s Albert,

I'm using your theme on the site

I’ve a little problem: Every time I select the flags for translation (wp Google Translator widget) the letters of the horizontal pages menu decreases its size, and in addition of that the image of the header is moved down on the page.

Please to sugest some solution to avoid these effects,



Hello, It’s Albert again, Did you check the question about the modification of the fonts when the google translator is used on the page

Thank you for your support,


I just did a Wordpress update over at where we are using this theme and the navigation got really wonky. Hoping you have an easy fix for me!


Hi, It’s Albert, have you see anything about the gt-translator on my page

It could be necessary to modify the index.php file?

Thanks a lot for your help,



My blog posts aren’t displaying correctly on the homepage in IE but correctly in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome and was wondering if there was a quick fix for that. I’m fully updated with WP and the newest LosAngeles theme. Any help would be greatly