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I’m a little worried about the lack of support for this theme. I’m wanting to use this for a project of mine. I hope the support will continue :)

Can anyone comment if this theme works on WP 3 .3.1 ?

Where is the Menu???????

The menu for this theme is MIA

I am using the latest version of the template but find that the menu does not show correctly in Chrome. It is fine in ie and firefox. Wondered if anyone has found a “fix” for this…

RE: my post right above about issues in Chrome. This is not a problem of Chrome but the new admin menu bar the shows on top of the page when you are logged in. Annoying.. So I have to have two screens – one where I am logged in – and the other not so I can clearly see my changes.

I’m having the same problem as a lot of other paying customers. The main nav does not work in IE9 . Any help at all would be appreciated.

I’ve been using this theme for years. Finally, I switched my install to WP MU and now I get fatal errors , and the page content won’t show up. Please help

Help dont have a menu in IE :O

how to fix menu 4 IE :D the way to fix the IE9 display issue is to replace the cufon javascript file. Go to (or google cufon it should be one of the top links) and download at least 1.09i—Then overwrite the old file cufon-yui.js that is located at wp-content/themes/los_angeles/assets/js

Now cufon fonts which are the headers and menu bar will start working in ie9. thank you scot74 !!

hello guys, for those wondering why the menu is MIA this might be the cufon 1.09i, but this could also be the fact that you didn’t go into “Appearances” => “Menu” to define a menu , and attach it to the theme. I searched a long time because it wasn’t write in the installation instructions, but I finally read it from the upgraces changelog… hope this helps you… Regards

Hello, my menu labels are very small until you click on one of them that label enlarges. How do i fix this?

There is a new cufon ver… 1.09i the i for the IE9 fix for those having trouble getting menu to show in IE9

Can you help me with jquery issue… I have a plugin called collapse o matic that use jquery. The dev for the plugin said that it uses the newer ver of jquery and that my theme is loading an older version. When I update jquery file the plugin works but it breaks the slider on los angeles theme.

Talked to some other folks that said that wordpress should always load jquery becuase the admin area uses it so they always have the latest..

This is the page that will not work unless I delete 1.3.2jquery file but then the slider on home page breaks..

Got it working for now.. downloaded latest jquery and changed the path name in the Header.php file for now. Does anyone know how to let wordpress call the jquery so you never have to do this manually?

I just installed this theme and everything worked viewed fine on my Mac in Firefox and on my Galaxy smartphone, but the menu items did not view on Windows IE9? (just a blank menu bar). I Reinstalled Wordpress and reinstalled Los Angeles and now I have no menus in ANY browser. I’ve installed the cufon update but still no menus. (they view fine in the footer so I know they are specified correctly in the theme). Any suggestions?

Correction – I forgot to designate the navigation menu… so actually I’m back to where I started, works perfect everywhere except for new Internet Explorer. Cufon 1.09 didn’t help.

Hi, I have a question! because the preview shows me the theme “Lit”???

is an update? or is no longer available this theme ?? :confusedsad:

After adding new gallery item i get this error. In fact it gives this error every page which has gallery.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagecreatefromstring() in /home/myfiles/public_html/wp-content/themes/nobb/cloudfw/core/classes/class.freshizer.php on line 1485

I’m using latest WP and Nobb version.

Sorry, I wrote wrong page.

I’m trying to disable the photo effect that comes with the theme. I have an advanced photo plugin that I love and it doesn’t jive well with this theme.

Worried that the last comments were 3 years old…