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Love the theme! Have just been installing it today. At the bottom of all inside pages, is there any way of deleting the ‘About the Author’ section at all?


Sure thing :)

On page.php – remove the block of “about the author” code towards the bottom:

<div class="author"> <h2>About The Author</h2> <div class="pic"><?php echo get_avatar( get_the_author_email(), '78' ); ?></div> <div class="info"> <h3><?php the_author_firstname(); ?><?php the_author_lastname(); ?></h3> <p><?php the_author_meta('description'); ?></p> </div> </div>


Thanks, worked a treat! Just also deleted it from gallery.php too.

Having issues with the blogroll page …. all im getting is one generic post

Hi Fdot – thanks for the question.

A few questions for ya:

1. Where are you at in the installation process? 2. Have you filled out the admin panel and uploaded the dummy content?

Let me know where you’re at and I’ll be happy to lend a hand with troubleshooting.

Cheers! Brandon

Hmmm – the only thing I can think of for troubleshooting is to try deleting that custom field and see if that works. If it does, then I’ll know exactly where to look into the issue. Any chance you can try it out and report back?

deleted the custom field and it remains the same …. no activity showing on the blog roll page

Also the “More Articles” Link is giving me a not found error

That’s strange… can you elaborate a little. There are no 404’s on the demo, so it’s hard to say what might be causing this in your installation. What page are you coming from (the homepage, an archive page, the blogroll page?).

yeah all content uploaded and it was working fine …. i just changed the title of the page on the blog and it disappeared >>> check the link

Hiya Brandon, I have been playing around with the theme I purchased from you and I’m having a little trouble with the home page. I was wondering how I could change it from displaying blog posts to a static content page. I tried to change it in the settings->reading in the admin and it displays the correct content, but then the slider and blurb info default back to their original settings.

Sorry if this is a simple question, but I’ve been trying for ages now without any success

Heya Boosh! This is actually a funny little thing that I noticed myself earlier today – I’m working on a mini update that should tweak it to be more clear which should be ready by the end of the weekend – in the meanwhile, if you’re feeling ambitious, note that you actually are dealing with the page.php file whenever you make the homepage static. Cheers!

Oh yeah, I didn’t realise that until I read your reply, but it’s pretty obvious now. I guess looking at something for so long gave me a mind block. Hate it when that happens, anyway I’ve managed to work it out now so thanks for your help. :)

Hi Brandon, me again lol. I have noticed that the footer links do not work. I have selected the pages that I wish to have in the footer but instead all of my links show in the footer rather than the ones I have selected.

Hi Boosh – Just following up on this now that I have the color update out – did you ever sort this out or is it still acting up for you?

Thanks dude! B

Hi Brandon, Love the new theme. I am having the same problem with the blog page not populating from the home page. I’m wanting my posts to link to the page Exclusive Offers which is a blogroll.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks, Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,

It appears as though this is fixed… is that correct? Just let mw know if you’re still having any issues with it :)

Cheers! Brandon

I havent read through all the posts, but I was wondering if there was any chance of an HTML /CSS version? VERY INTERESTED . Great look! This is awesome!

Hi Michael,

Yep! I’m actually releasing this today – so expect it up in the store by the end of the day (or early tomorrow).

Cheers! Brandon

Love this theme! May I ask how would I go about changing the color of the navigation links on top? Also, any recommendations for making that navigation bar a bit bigger? I need the font on the nav-bar to be dark, like a #333333 or #666666 and the nav-bar height at around 62px. Any ideas or suggestions? I would be so very appreciative. Either way, this theme is the best I have ever seen, so thank you for putting in so much time and effort into creating it. I’ll be following your work!

Hi there – great questions!

First – check out the Firebug plugin for your browser as this will basically allow you to isolate precise lines inside the CSS to make changes to elements you are requesting. To help out though, start with core.css file around line 71 to change the styling and color – you’ll also want to note that the actual stripe behind it is an image that you can easily modify on your own –


Nice looking theme! Two questions… 1. When can we expect it in the dark color as I only would like to use the dark version. 2. It is possible to have the 3D image slider change automatically without having to use the arrows? Thanks for your reply!

Hi there,

1. The colored version is actually finished – just gotta incorporate it into the backend panel today and upload it. Expect it by the end of the week (to account for the review process).

2. Yes – it’s actually just a setting within the CU3ER XML file – you can set it to rotate automatically based on your own time parameters. Read more at CU3ER :


Hiya Brandon, I have a question regarding the right hand content. Is there a way of having different content in the right hand sidebar for each page rather than it all being the same on every page?

Hi Boosh – Yes (and no) – It’s not part of the “out of the box” theme configuration, but you can pretty easily add these using a variety of the tutorials out there for creating new sidebars. In layman’s terms, here’s what it’ll entail:

1. Declare a new sidebar for each custom iteration that you want inside the ‘functions/widgets.php’ file.

2. Create a new “page” template from the main ‘page.php’ file for each page that you need. IE: if you want a custom template for the “About” page, you’ll need to make a copy of page.php, give it a “custom template handle” and name it “About Template” – and then where the sidebar is you’ll need to call back to the new sidebar you setup in step 1.

3. Go to the About page in the page editor and select the new page template.

4. Rinse and repeat.

Google “Custom Page Templates” and “Add a new dynamic sidebar in Wordpress” to get started with the resource hunt though :)



co4 Purchased

There’s a bug in IE8 (possibly other versions too) that the drop down menus don’t show up. I think it may be related to cufon, as if the page is still loading, they will show up, but once it’s loaded, they disappear.

Hi CO – this is actually a known issue and I’m working on a fix for it – No clue why IE8 is doing this, but it’s strange indeed. Expect a patch for this (likely it’ll just be a simple CSS addition) as soon as I sort it out. Cheers!

Just following up CO4 – the new update (which should be available in mere hours now) fixes this issue :)


co4 Purchased

just to follow up on my previous post, I’m sure the bug on the template is related to cufon. If I disable cufon, the menus will show up (albiet in an ugly font)

Cool, thanks for the update :) Fix is on it’s way.

Do you have a full page template for this theme?

At the moment, no – but I’m hoping to have the new template included in the next update over this weekend :)

I seem to be having the same issue as a couple of others.

The blog section isn’t populating – just shows a blank blog page. Blog content does show up on the home page however.

I went back through the instructions & tried re-populating with the dummy content, however it didn’t work.

Any advice would be much appreciated – thanks!

Hi Nettsnook – a few quick things:

1. Try setting your permalinks in the “Settings > Permalinks” section. 2. If this doesn’t sort it out – please post (or email me) a link to the site so I can check it out for ya.


Many has problem with firstpage and the blogpage, firstpage working and blogpage does not show any posts.

I have a solution. If “blog” page is empty do this: go to settings then reading and choose static page, in the selection posts page, choose your blogpage, and all your posts will be shown up there.

Hi Xtrrx – this is a solid idea for anyone running into hiccups with the blog posts on the homepage :)

i think that my solution in the earlier post dont work ether. it will just make a copy of the frontpage, not a page that just lists the posts

I was just wondering if those color options had been added yet?

Hi EK – Yes! The color options update is now out (the reviewers for the site are sending it through the approval process now) – you should be able to download it and update your version by the end of the day.


Hi Brandon, amazing theme! I just have one little issue. I’m having the same problem as “danohara” mentioned earlier in this discussion. The blog page has stopped worked because I tried to change the intro value. I’ve already tried importing the dummy content again, but it doesn’t seem to fix the issue. Any ideas?

Hi Spread – I’m looking into this for your guys at this very moment – answers coming soon :) Thanks for being so patient!

the font on my blog page randomly changed. All the font is large now and looks just liek the headline font.

It’s odd. Any help greatly appreciated. thanks.

Hi there – I’m actually not getting this on my side… it sounds like there was a hiccup in the CUFON loading, but all is well for ya now :)

1) I am interested in the fix for IE8 as well, I plan on utilizing the dropdown menus extensively and it really is important to be able to see the words :)

How long until this issue is fixed?

2) The blog page does have an issue as pointed out by “danohara” & others. The only way to fix it is by deleting and trashing the current blog page, then you can use the dummy file to overwrite it, then and then only is it restored to original functionality.

- I want to change the “intro” text on the blog page, I can remove the text without clicking update, but it leaves the text “The Blog”, if I click update after changing the text the problem of not showing posts remians. I would like to change the intro title of my blog. Hopefully this can be fixed.

I appreciate your time and effort on this template, the documentation is great and easy to understand.


Hi Pmaile,

1) Fixed! The patch is up in the new version (1.1, which includes the color update as well) – and you guys can download it by the end of the day.

2) I’m looking into this at the moment, so I’m hoping to have an update ready by the end of the day for you guys :)


Ok – just following up – I sorted out the issue with the Blog page bugging out for your guys – I’ll have a more robust fix at some point in the future, but for now, change your Permalink settings to something other than “Default” and you’ll be good to go! (Settings > Permalinks > Day/Name should work fine).

For the “intro” field bug – just visit the blogroll.php file, at line 44, make sure both header tags read “h2” (there is an opening tag and a closing tag – the beta version of this theme has one of them reading “h1” still, which threw the bug).

Cheers! Brandon