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@ayekikan I had the same issue, if you go to Appearance > Editor and open up blogroll.php, just below the line <div class="entry"> (line 44 I think) you will see a line of code like this…

<h2><a href="&lt;?php the_permalink(); ?&gt;">&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;</a></h1>

all you need to do is change the </h1> at the end to </h2>

Heya Spread – Just got to this conclusion myself – I’m resending up the latest update with this fix as well. Thanks for helping spot the typo :)

Just to clear up two things that I’ve had problems with but since fixed…

1.) If your blog page is showing all text in large title format. See my last entry above.

2.) Don’t update the blog page at all. If you want to change the “intro” just do so in the Custom Fields section. Then click the GREY update button IN THE CUSTOM FIELD SECTION . DON’T click the blue update page button.

The only problems I’m having now are…
  • The IE dropdown menu problem
  • The “more articles” link going to error 404
  • The search tool sends me to index
  • for reference, here’s my site so far

    Thanks for your time helping us with this Brandon :)

    1) Blog title – This is now fixed and the updated version should be available for download by the end of the day (we’re just waiting for the reviewers to approve the latest file).

    2) IE dropdowns are patched up.

    3) Checking the More Articles 404 issue (which seems pretty rare at the moment).

    4) Odd – checking into this for ya.

    I’m happy to help everyone out :) Thanks for being patient while some of these obscure little bugs get ironed out (which is usual for the first week or two of a theme’s lifespan).


    Ok – just following up – I sorted out the issue with the Blog page bugging out for your guys – I’ll have a more robust fix at some point in the future, but for now, change your Permalink settings to something other than “Default” and you’ll be good to go! (Settings > Permalinks > Day/Name should work fine).

    Cheers! Brandon

    Ok – and the final followup regarding the search. This was a silly typo on my part, so it’s crazy easy to fix (or you can just download the update at the end of the day). In the header.php file, switch the search-form setting from “post” to “get”:

    <form method="get" id="searchform" action="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/"> <input type="text" name="s" value="Search" onfocus="if(this.value=='Search') {this.value=''}" onblur="if(this.value=='') {this.value='Search'}" /> </form>

    Cheers! Brandon

    Hi everyone! Just letting you know that all known “beta” release bugs are now officially squashed!! The version 1.1 update (available this afternoon) will include the color option updates, comprehensive dropdown menu support, and all bug patches :)

    Thanks for the continued encouragement and comments!!

    Cheers! Brandon

    Hi epicera,

    I know there is an update coming today/tomorrow but after reading all the comments – it looks like I am having a different problem

    My site is on Network Solutions. I upgraded to the lastest version of WP (2.9) I followed carefully your installtion instructions and did the import of the provided wordpress file. However, the data does not show up in the Los Angeles Options page. The fields are there but no data. When I add my own data – your template field information continues to show – almost as if they were hard coded in and not my updates

    Also I choose easyslider but cuber continues to show. It is a great looking theme and I am looking forward to presenting to my customer so I hope you can help.

    Many thanks – Char-Lou

    Hi Char Lou – this sounds like it might be something to do with your webhost and whether or not new data-fields can be added into the Wordpress database. I’d recommend checking with them to see if the permissions are setup properly…

    Hope that helps point ya in the right direction!


    Ok… I just proved my stupidity. Changed the Reading settings from static page to latests posts and all works great. So sorry to bother you. Great theme hope you show you my results soon.

    Awesome! thanks for the update :)

    Hey Brandon, Another great theme (no surprise there)!

    Just a couple of questions for you:

    1.) Is it possible to link the cu3er slides (to specific posts)?

    2.) As someone pointed out earlier, the portfolio is really great for someone with just images, however if you wanted to write a description it doesn’t really allow you to. I was wondering what you thought of this as a solution:

    Rename the “Blog” link to “Portfolio” and create a portfolio that way. You could even create blog categories for the different work in the portfolio (e.g., web design, logos, etc) and have link to them in the drop down menu. If someone wanted a blog and a portfolio, they could do the same by creating an additional “blog” category as well. Plausible?

    Lastly, should the above solution work, how difficult would it be to modify how the posts are displayed? Perhaps to something with a larger image (maybe landscape, spanning the width of the column, with the title, author, other information below it)? I’m reasonably capable with HTML /CSS.

    Thanks for the time and the great theme!


    Hi there!

    1) Yep – absolutely – this is natively built into CU3ER and it’s super easy to configure.

    2) You can actually provide full descriptions inside the lightbox if you’d like – Ceebox is built to handle stuff like this at the drop of a hat :) – you can also include your own custom HTML format if you’d prefer to use an Image > Text Description format – feel free to hit me up if you have any questions on how this might work.

    3) Regarding renaming Blog > Portfolio – this is totally possible – it’d actually be pretty simple if this is how you’d prefer to handle the “Blog” – just name it “Portfolio” instead and have each post be a portfolio piece. I’ve had a few users already do this and that works fine. The decision is totally up to you how to organize the content, I’m just here to help out.


    Thanks for the prompt reply!

    That’s just what I needed to hear; just bought the theme, and couldn’t be more excited to start playing with it. Thanks for the hard work!

    Hi I’m contemplating buying this theme but I’m on the edge about a few things 1) Like someone above asked, is it possible to make the large image slides to specific posts or pages? 2) I assume its possible to put in your own images? 3) The 4 small columns right below the slides are those customizable? 4) Is the font for Page titles customizable?

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the questions :)

    1. Yep – this is built into both of the slider options and it’s super easy to configure.

    2. Absolutely, it wouldn’t be a very good theme if you couldn’t ;)

    3. Yes – all of it’s completely customizable with your own content. Full instructions are included on how to do this.

    4. Yes – same answer – this is the entire point of a customizable template – the hard work is all done, you get to populate the template with your content, your images, titles, videos, music, etc. :)

    Hope that helps, Cheers! Brandon

    Excellent! Thank you for the reply. Your customer support is truly excellent. I’ve decided that I want to buy it even though I am usually a cheapskate.

    Now have the other color themes been included yet? And I assume should I buy it I will get the other colors free, as well as future updates to this theme free?

    Yep – colors officially were available as of last night :) The colors come free and you can change the setting from a simple dropdown menu in the admin panel.


    Thanks for the update, just bought your theme!

    :) Thanks!

    Is there a full page template in this theme?

    Not yet – but it’s coming today – just drop me an email if you want the full-width.php file before the reviewers approve the new file :)

    This is a great template and Im excited to get my content posted asap. The directions have been very clear and make setting this up almost child’s play. I do have some minor issues which I hope you can help me fix.

    One of the major selling points for me was the “plain text” “cufon-canvas” js font replacement scripts which allow non-system font usage for the headers and navbar. To my dismay, i can’t understand why my headers and navbar display normal text rather than the js styled font headers & navbar the example shows. Here is a link to my site. When I compare source codes, I notice the

    <li class="home current_page_item"><a href=""><cufon class="cufon cufon-canvas" alt="Home" style="width: 32px; height: 20px;"><canvas width="38" height="22" style="width: 38px; height: 22px; top: -2px; left: 0px;"></canvas><cufontext>Home</cufontext></cufon></a></li>

    is not the same as on my template:

    <li class="home current_page_item"><a href="">Home</a></li>

    I also ran into problems with the portfolio and ceebox. The thumbs do not launch a “ceebox” with the large images. The link opens the image in a normal browser window which i have to press the back button to return to the portfolio page.

    Is this something I missed in the setup process, or perhaps an error with my wordpress.. Im using the current version 2.92. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the questions – I’ll be happy to help out :)

    My first instinct is to tell you to try a fresh download and install of the theme (meaning, download it again from ThemeForest and then upload the theme-folder again to your server). It won’t effect any of your content, but a single file corruption during a big download or upload can cause little problems like this (and it happens more often than you might imagine). The truth is you shouldn’t have to look at any of this code if the theme is installed and performing properly – both plugins should just work naturally.

    That said, I did a quick inspection of your site and didn’t see any glaring problems with missing files… so this might be a trickier problem. Try out the fresh install, and post another comment here if you’re still having issues and I’ll be happy to dig a little deeper with you.

    Cheers! Brandon

    Brandon, thanks for the swift reply. I was able to successfully install your theme by creating a clean install of Wordpress. All scripts are working properly now. This time it really was child’s play to set up. Impressive & fantastic theme to create my airbrush portfolio… Thanks again!

    Hello Brandon, my previous setup problems were caused by a conflict with a thickbox plugin being activated, part of a previous wordpress theme. Once deactivated, all js fonts were restored and ceebox works as it should. Hope this helps. Charile

    Is it possible to break the blog into 2 different categories and have them both appear in the top bar navigation? For instance, I would like to have the blog which shows articles while at the same time have a page called current openings which just shows the posts in that category.

    Is this doable?

    Hi Agoyette,

    Yes, absolutely. You’d essentially just need to create a copy of the “blogroll.php” file, name it as a new template, and then create a custom category pull for each file. Here’s a few quick articles that will help out:

    Cheers! Brandon

    I’m trying to use this template for a video blog. Is this possible? If so, what type of video does this support?

    Yep – absolutely. Inside the template, any video can be supported really – Wordpress allows you to post just about any video you can imagine inside posts or pages. The same thing goes for the CeeBox lightbox popup. CeeBox currently supports Google Video, YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Spike, iFilm, CNN , Facebook videos and swf files.

    Cheers! Brandon

    Really liking the theme so far and glad I purchased it. Just a couple of questions right now:

    1) How can I edit the information for the “about the author” section of my posts?

    2) Is it just me or is something wrong with the default twitter app? I’ve had to remove that twitter code from my index page and start using a different twitter widget- the one suggested in the theme manual hardly ever loads my tweets (I get an error saying “No recent updates”).

    Hi there!

    1. Under your user profile in Wordpress :)

    2. I’ve actually been noticing this acting funky lately as well. I’m currently running a few tests to see what might be the cause, i’ll be sure to post an update for ya as soon as I know more.

    Cheers! Brandon

    ^I figured out #1 on my last post just now. Still having problems with the twitter app.

    Also, I am getting hundreds of 404 error emails from my hosting company as I’m viewing and editing my site tonight, like

    “Someone, probably a legitimate user, tried to go to and received a 404 (file not found) error. It likely wasn’t the visitor’s fault, so please try to fix this as soon as possible. They came from”

    This is just an example of one but I’m getting these 404’s for all different pages/files from the template. How can I fix this? Thanks!

    Hi Dcolloff – this is usually the result of the theme calling for a file (in this an image) that’s not there… double check the paths that are turned up in the error and make sure that there is a file there. I’ll be happy to assist if you have any issues with it :)

    How can you have a video play in the lightbox instead of simply redirecting to the website?

    Brandon, I just installed the updates. Perfect! Thanks for the fixes and once again thanks for an amazing theme, you’re a hero!

    Hi Brandon, I wanted to provide you with some more info on these 404 errors I’m getting as I really need to sort these out, I’m getting hundreds and hundreds of emails from my hosting service. The main ones I’m getting are:

    Someone, probably a legitimate user, tried to go to and received a 404

    ^This one is interesting because I followed this path in my hosting account, and noticed that in version 1.1, there is no “Classic” folder with quick-styles.css in it. The other skins, dark etc, do have their own folders and do have a quick-styles.css file.

    Someone, probably a legitimate user, tried to go to and received a 404

    Someone, probably a legitimate user, tried to go to and received a 404

    Someone, probably a legitimate user, tried to go to and received a 404

    If you can help me figure out how to fix these errors it would be much appreciated! Thanks

    Thanks again for getting that update out so quickly! The only other small bug or issue I’ve noticed as I’m starting to get my design down is I seem to be having a slight spacing issue in the footer. If you take a look, the logo and copyright are aligned well (vertically), but to the right, the footer navigation links are little higher up. Not to be overly picky it just looks a little off in a theme where everything else is so symmetrical and well put together. I tried fixing this using an html linebreak in the footer file but it still won’t line up right, just moves the links too low instead of too high. Definitely not a big deal but if you have any suggestions for how to get those lined up let me know.

    ^Figured out my last error (footer issues) by changing up my footer logos. Pretty much done with my site now and the theme is great, so happy I got this one. A few small things I noticed as I was finishing up;

    1) Hyperlinks in blog posts aren’t hyperlinks in the blog snippet that appears on the index or blog page. In the post preview it will show the link text, but it’s not clickable. This would be nice to have for short posts that might just be a link or a youtube video.

    2) While the main page recognizes the Insert More function in wordpress posts, so that it won’t display as much of a blog post as it can fit in the preview section, the Blog page doesn’t recognize this tag. It will just show as much of the blog post as will fit in the preview section.

    3) Thumbnail images used on the main and blog pages aren’t clickable and don’t link to the post- you have to click the post title to get to the post page. Might be nice to have the image clickable as I feel like some viewers will just click on that.

    Not sure if the above are just my error as I’m not great with wordpress/html or if they are things that would need to be changed with the theme. If they’re easy fixes for the theme they would be great to have but if its a lot of programming no worries, the theme looks great, just some notes. Thanks again for the support and quick help!

    Thanks for the notes – per your last report, I’ve just released an update that should be available later on today that patches any remaining bugs and includes a couple new features – so keep an eye out for that :) For this stuff – I’ll log it onto my next update list – thanks again as always for the feedback – It’s super helpful to hear back from people that are using the theme and how I can improve it.

    Can the cu3er homepage animation be completely replaced with my own custom SWF file? If so, I’ll be purchasing asap.

    Thanks, Aarik

    Hi Arik,

    In short, yes. But, you’ll have to create your own embed script for this inside the index.php file. I’ll be more than happy to help out, and it’s as simple as embedding a SWF animation into any other HTML document, but I need to note that this does require a little coding on your part to get it up and running the first time.

    Cheers! Brandon

    I have figured out my above question. Do you know if the Full Page template is ready?

    Hi Toughtko – Yes – Just waiting on it to be approved by the reviewers for download :)

    One quick questions. Is there a way for me to set the header back ground color to be black and the page white? I need it to be 100% across the top.

    Here is my site for reference:

    Sure – the easiest way is just to edit the header background file in Photoshop and then re-upload it to the server:


    Cheers! Brandon