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Have the updates been approved? I’m very interested in purchasing this theme!

is there a (easy) way to change the language of your great theme to german (or any other language)?

Hi Retinho,

Thanks for the question – the short answer is “I don’t know” – I’m not a language expert with Wordpress, so I simply don’t know much about language conversions. That said, I understand that there are several plugins out there that handle language support – in fact, I think Wordpress settings even has a language panel – so I’d do a little researching on your own to see what the story is. Hit up Google and the Wordpress codex for more info.

Cheers! Brandon

I’m having some issues with the sidebar on all pages it drops beneath end of the post.

It stays on the right where its supposed to be but it only starts at the point where the post in the main body ends.

what went wrong ? hope you can help me :-)

besides that really happy with the look of the theme :-)

Found out that my sidebarproblem was being caused because i had removed the “about the author” div from the page.php single.php and gallery.php

how do i actually remove this “about the author” section so it doens’t appear underneath the post without messing up the look of the theme ?


ok.. i dont know what im doing wrong but im getting very frustrated on doing a simple task of just uploading this theme. every time i try to upload the zip it wont let me.

i changed permalink settings, uploaded contact form 7, exclude pages, and twitter and i cant even get the theme uploaded. please help me out. i have been working for more than an hour on something that should take 5 min.

the error message keeps saying “the file could not be moved”

Hi there,

It sounds like it might be a server issue – make sure that you have the permissions set correctly for the themes folder so that you can post file uploads.

Second thing it might be: Are you uploading the actual file from the www-zip folder? I know it’s a silly question, but lots of people accidentally try to upload the entire file that they download from ThemeForest, which can screw things up.

Last idea: try just doing a standard FTP of the theme folder (non-zip) to the themes folder on your server. This seems to do the trick every time.

Cheers! Brandon

First Off – this is a killer theme…awesome work!

Looking for info/help on the Front Page Displays…. specifically static page versus the Latest posts.

When choosing to post static content to the front page… my setup info under the LosAngeles Options admin section is overridden by the dummy template info. Is there a certain spot / Location for this alternate set up?

Static look

Hosted by

Latest Post Look Hosted by

Here is the site…thanks

Oh! You bring up an excellent point and one that wasn’t forseen in the last testing session for this theme. Hit me up over email and I can get you a patched file quickly, or just wait until tomorrow for the official patch to sort this little bug out.

Thanks for the note! Brandon

Just to give you an update – I’ve already submitted the patch to the reviewers – should be approved by tomorrow at the latest – email me if you need the patched page.php asap though :)

erased and reloaded a fresh install today 1.2 and still no luck with the static page issue.


I’m thinking of purchasing this theme… I’m wondering, is it possible to make the entire width including footer / background a fixed width of say 900px. Is nav footer tied to the content class? or how would I do this? Also, are there other options for the footer instead of ads? Like 4 column row for widgets?


Hi Drew – Short answer – yes, absolutely – there’s just a few CSS settings that you’ll need to change, which I’ll be happy to assist with :) Youc an also pick up the free Firebug plugin for your browser, which will help your identify which lines you need to edit.

Cheers! Brandon

This theme rules. It’s very clean, very organized and I love it. The comments are also very clear. I had some troubles with some plugins, but because of your clean code, it was easy to code work arounds!

This theme is a great start for me!

Fabulous job!

Thanks!!! I’m always glad to hear back from happy theme users :)


I was hoping to purchase this theme, it looks pretty killer, I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions before I make the purchase:

1) is it possible to embed videos into that scripted slider?

2) would it be possible to have a dynamic banner, in which every time the user logs onto the website, the banner would change? Or change to a specific banner depending on which link the user clicks on?

please use my current website for reference:

I have more questions, but i don’t want to overload you with these, but if i do have more questions, would it be possible to get support?


Zig Shariff

Hi there, Thanks for the questions :)

1. Good question… I’m actually not certain of this off the top of my head – check out the official documentation to see – – my instinct says “no”, as this is an image slider, but that might not be the case.

2. Another good question – Cu3er right now is basically just loading in images via an XML file – so if you were able to somehow code a custom detection script that re-routed the source of that XML file (or the images inside it), you’d be able to do this. It’s not a supported feature right out of the box though, so it falls to you to assemble that kind of customization feature.

Hope that helps clarify that situation! I’m here to answer your questions – sometimes it’ll take me a day or 5 to get back to ya, but I do my best to keep up with all support questions.

Cheers! Brandon


I was just wondering what font you used for Los Angeles?


The font is Affair, you can pick it up at Veer :)

Hey Brandon, I just picked this one up too. Im going to be setting it up for a friend, Im excited.

:) You know where I’m at if you have questions.

A couple of questions for you.

1. How do I remove the “About the Author” Section?

2. I want comments but not on every page. How do I remove comments on every page, or is it possible to just have comments on my blog page?

3. How do I make a full width page? it shows it in the demo but, not in the template.

Great Theme!

Hi there,

Thanks for the questions :)

1. In page.php and single.php, simply remove the “About the Author” section in the code on those templates. They should be around line 100 and look like this:

<div class="author"> <h2>About The Author</h2> <div class="pic">&lt;?php echo get_avatar( get_the_author_email(), '78' ); ?&gt;</div> <div class="info"> <h3>&lt;?php the_author_firstname(); ?&gt;&lt;?php the_author_lastname(); ?&gt;</h3> <p>&lt;?php the_author_meta('description'); ?&gt;</p> </div> </div>

2. Page comments were actually disabled in the last version as it was causing some confusion among users – to re-enable them, go to page.php and add the following after the “About the Author” block of code (and just before the endwhile block of code):

<div id="comments"> <?php comments_template() ?> </div>

You’ll need to run a quick Google search to see how to get comments working on a per page basis though as that’s a little trickier.

3. Just create a new page and select the “Full Width” template from the right sidebar in the page editor.


Hi, would you mind telling me where I find your grey text hover for the menus. I think this is something you may have added in your latest updates. I have done a bunch of changes to your theme for – I’ll go back and update to your latest code a little in the future but just now I would like to have the hover work. I have had a quick look tonight but can’t find it. regards, GG

core.css, line 84 :)

.cufon-active #navigation li.page_item a:hover{ opacity: 0.7; }


I’m having trouble getting rid of the black bar that shows up near the bottom of some pages, with the publishing date, author name and comments on/off (like on this page: Can you tell me where to find the code I need to remove?

Love the theme!!

thank you, Katy

Hi Katy,

The easiest way is simply to drop the following into the custom CSS box in the admin panel:

page ul#entries li .tags {

display:none; }

Hope that helps! Brandon

the beste theme on themeforest. Great Work!

Nice work Shoxi – thanks for sharing what you’ve done so far!

Awesome theme, your instructions and setup guide are A+!

Would it be possible for you to email/give me instructions on how to make the jquery slider w/ the nav buttons like your Pacifica and Atlantica themes?

Also, for the dark theme do I replace the shadow.jpg with a plain black jpg or do I edit the code somewhere?

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the comments :)

Making such a big change to the slider is actually a little tricky as so many different components are involved. In short, you have to:

1. Edit the header.php file to include the slider HTML from the Atlantica header.php 2. Edit header.php to call any necessary plugins (jquery, jcarouself, etc.) 3. Style the slider accordingly (using any CSS that’s used in Atlantica) 4. Edit the theme panel to include the proper page for the slider.

There might be more, but like I said, it’s a fairly involved process that’d take me a couple hours to do myself, so it’s hard to say if this covers each step that you’ll need to take.

Hope that helps at least get ya started! Brandon

Thanks so much, I’m going to be getting Atlantica for another project, so I’ll play around with it.

Hey Brandon, quick note I found.

When searching for something via the search bar at the top, if you search something and no results are found, it gives a 404 error. OH NOES !

The search works great if you are searching for something that it is able to find though.

Hi Darksid3 – are you using the latest version (1.2) – this bug was squashed a little while ago as I recall :)

I am, I just downloaded it the other day.

I am using WP 2 .9.2 though, think it matters?

Anyways, is there a quick code change I can do to fix it?

Hi, amazing theme! The hosting administrator are getting tons of these messages:

Someone, probably a legitimate user, tried to go to and received a 404 (file not found) error. It likely wasn’t the visitor’s fault, so please try to fix this as soon as possible. They came from

How can I fix it quickly?


Hi Maxim – just grab the latest version (1.2) from your download page and update the theme folder :)

ok… I updated flash files and messages to administrator just stopped. Well done Epicera!

I’m having the same error as maximdesign, above, with the emails and the missing font.swf, and I’m running version 1.2.

Hi Jonathan,

That’s really strange… version 1.2 doesn’t even call font.swf (which is a file associated to the CU3ER slider) – I’ll have to do a little digging and see if CU3ER is even able to make a call like that without it being inside the code. If you could, double check header.php and make do a quick search for “font.swf” and let me know if it’s still showing up in your version of the file. The official version doesn’t call it anymore though.

More to come as I look around at this. :)


I couldn’t find font.swf anywhere, but it looks like it is an cu3er error:

I also tried putting “Arial” in the flashvars.font but it didn’t seem to fix the problem.

Here is some more info that may help debug the error:


First I want to say this a great looking theme. It def stands out from the crowd.

I do have one issue that I was hoping that you or anyone here can help me with. In the Los Angles options pane I did switch to the Easy Slider option for the top instead of CU3ER for the slideshow but I still get the CU3ER icon. No pictures even, just the logo and a freeze. I am not sure if I did something wrong. I left the pictures that came with the template in the EasySlider page. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again

Oh P.S. instead of the code of the html linking to the pictures like you mentioned in your instructions for EasySlider all I see are the pictures themselves. Not sure if that helps.


Hi Carlos – I actually changed a couple things up for this in the last update that’ll change how I answer – which version are you using right now? Or rather, when did you download the file for this?

I have version 1.3. I downloaded the package the day before I wrote the comment. Also sorry for not replying promptly. MY internet is dead in the water and I had to come to a friends house to reply.