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as usual its awesome..

Love it! Can I ask what font you used for the “Los Angeles” logo?

The font is Affair, which you can pick up at Veer if you want to use it for your own logo :)

Which flv player are you using with lightbox?

Ceebox it the lighbox – you can use anything from YouTube to Vimeo to just about any other player to have videos inside the lightbox :)

Shoot! Now you come out with the html version…arrrrrghhhhh…great job!!!

Hah! Thanks for the comment BNTG :)


Is it possible for an auto fade in and fade out for the banner? Also would it be possible for the banner to have text in it? Please let me know. I am very interested if it can be modified in such a way.


Yep – absolutely – there are actually a wide range of options which include text, a variety of slicing options, auto-timers, timer graphics, and more :)

I downloaded the template – and love it! Nice work…

I can’t seem to find the documentation mentioned.

Please advise! Robert

It’s all in the Start folder :)

I redownloaded it – everything was there – thanks!


Awesome :) Thanks for the update! Brandon

Hello, looks awesome! Your work is real clean.

I have some pre-sales questions:

1) How does the HTML version work? Specifically, how and where will I manage all of the content? I recently purchased a WP theme for one of my blogs and obviously I use WP to add pages, posts, etc.

2) Since this HTML version comes with a blog, where will I make the entries?

These are probably simple questions, but I’m rather new to this. Thank you in advance.

does the blog work?

Not on this HTML version, but the Wordpress version has the full working blog (as well as a number of extra features) –

Hi Epicera

the contact form is not working in my website. I mean I change the e.mail adress but when I pushed send mail nothing happen , the thank you page doesn’t appear. I am using modx. Thank you for helping

Hi Antonio,

Got a link that I can check out?

Thanks! Brandon

Just bought the product…

I noticed that the Services page is missing… Did I miss something?

Thanks for the help.

Yep :) Follow the rest of the instructions and it’ll explain it. Cheers! Brandon

Love the design.

One question, is it simple to get the main menu text to change from white to another color? Am looking for that feature and know my way around html, but not too advanced.


Yep – absolutely – it’d be a simple CSS fix and I’m sure you’d be able to get the answer quickly at the support forum once you pick up the license :)

Thanks for the response. I just saw your “Los Angeles” wordpress theme, that is exactly what I was looking for (main menu changes from white to gray). Do you have an html version like this?

Related question, but is it possible to purchase both the html/wordpress versions, and have the main page in html, then when the viewers clicks “blog” it shifts to the wordpress version. They can view the blog entries as part of the wordpress blog…Then if they click any of the links in the main menu above it is linked back to the html version. From the viewers perspective they would have no idea they are shifting between two different sites, but I could take advantage of using both html (which I know better) and wordpress` blog features.

I love the theme, but I’m new to this and I bought the HTML download instead of the Wordpress download. Is there any way I could get the Wordpress from you?

Thanks for the help!

I love ur theme ! Thank you.

Gratings from Web Design Livorno Creazione Siti Internet Toscana Italia

Hi, great template, your truly a master craftsman!

This template ticks all the boxes for a project I am working on, therefore I am very tempted to purchase, however have one question. I would prefer a three image slide like the one in Atlantica (HTML) – and I am of limited skills – is it a simple and straight forward process to make such a change.

Thank you in advance,


If I started editing the dark version of Los Angeles and in mid-design I want to change to the white version. Is that possible or would I have to go redo all of the work i’ve done on the dark version?