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hehe, great! Nice one!

Would be nice if on a hover the image would stop moving. I think it’s neat but i don’t like having to chase down links.

I agree with Lostlogic,. it kinda of feels like a Arcade game.. which is not to good. Great idea though..

Professional and very creative 10/10 8-)

Thanks guys! :bigwink:

Come here you damn links!! I can’t click them :(

this is cool is there a way to get this to work on a wordpress site?

Thank you!
Unfortunately I’m not a WP developer, so I can’t answer this question. :crying:

Awesome, adraft. Five stars added!


Thank you very much!

Very Nice. I do agree with several others that stopping the movement of the astronaut on hover would make it a lot easier to hit the links. Would purchase except for that feature lack. Thank you.


This is awesome but I have a few questions before I purchase.

Does anyone know does this 404 work with wordpress?

Does it use up alot of bandwidth?

Can you customise to put in within a template?

Thanks in advance :)

funny and creative, congrats! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks, this is awasome!

Thank you!

I’m loving this… It’s almost as if you’re using a parallex effect.

Thanks! :)

Hi there I’ve just bought this fun template and it’s already customized. But I’ve a problem: what have I to do for having a running search box? Thanks in advance

Thanks for buying my template!
Unfortunately you need to configure this search form by yourself. Look here.

Well…. your answer doesn’t help. In my other template purchase the search it’s already ready to go. And in your given link I cannot see any help for this setup. Thanks

Hm, sorry, I thought it will help.

hi there.

any chance of stopping the movement of the astronaut on hover? would make it a lot easier to hit the links…


Hi There,

Please ignore the email I sent! I got the template running! One small issue, your guide didnt really show me how to configure the search box! Would you be able to help me in any way?


Email sent.