Discussion on Lost in the Clouds - Error 404

Discussion on Lost in the Clouds - Error 404

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Is it posible to add adsense below the ticket? I tryed copying the code but doesnt show anything. Seems there is a div configuration or something? Could you tell me where should this be inserted or if I have to modify something at the css?

<script async src=”//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js”></script> <!- Banner -> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script>

Did you buy this template?

Hello. I built them into my vps. But css and images not visible. Do you have any suggestions?

Maybe you need to change the paths to CSS and images?

Hi, i have a question, what is the js jQuery files use for? i mean what is their role in this theme?

Spritely parallax plugin needs jQuery to work properly.

Hey , an update comes to a newer jQuery ?

If you want to run it with the latest jQuery, then you must update a jquery.spritely.js script to version 0.6.8 first.
Please contact me if you will need my assistance.

Hi, how do I avoid scroll?


What do you mean? There is no scroll anywhere.

Greetings! i have downloaded the file. i can find a html folder where and at which location of my site should i copy this.

Please advice as i am a beginner.

secondly, how do i change the menu that comes below the ticket to my preferred menu.

Waiting for your response. Thanks

To change the menu, all you need to do is to replace ”#” with any URL you want and to name that link somehow, starting from the the line 48 in the latest version 1.2, e.g.:

<a href="#">Home</a>

Change to:

<a href="http://example.com">Home Page</a>

And so on…

Sadly, I can’t help you with the first issue. I only created an HTML template and it is up to buyer where and how does he want to use it. There are plenty of content management systems and all of them differs of how to add a custom 404 page. I’m not developing themes for any of them, but you may find these links helpful, if you want to try by your own: 404 – WordPress, 404 – Joomla, 404 – Drupal.

Can I use it as a wordpress plugin AND a plane html add-in?

This is an HTML template only.

Thank you!

Hello the demo page appears to be down. :(

Thans in advance

Thanks for the info!
It’s fine now.

Sorry, but the error persists

It’s working.
Maybe try to refresh the page few times to see the result.


I really like this error page: D.

No clouds that have stopped moving.

What can it be?

Thank you!


Solved !! .... I put the plugin “WP Minify” I have removed and it works … :D.


Awesome 404 page!

Thank you!

Oh please ignore my question. I figured it out. It’s simple. Install the 404 like you would with an HTML and then find a WordPress plugin that will allow you to redirect to that 404 page. Amazeballs. Love this 404 page. <3

The perfect 404 page for my website. Thank you! :)

And I thank you! :)

You said that this will not work on a self-hoster WordPress site. Will it still be possible to create a 404 site somewhere then on my WordPress blog I will redirect the user to this 404 page? If this is possible, can you please tell me how? :) Thanks!

Nice 404, Small point: Looks like jquery-ui-1.7.2.spritely.custom.min.js is missing from the scripts folder.

Fortunately everything is ok. This file is not needed and I simply forgot to remove this link. Sorry.

Hi adraft,

I’d recently purchased your ‘Lost in the Clouds’ 404 page. But I have some problems regarding getting the page working. Could you please clarify the issue regarding your page. I’ve hosted your 404 page at http://infut.org/404/ and have set it to be my default 404 page in my hosting account at godaddy.com.

While the page loads fully if called from the direct url, it doesn’t load any of the images and alignment if called from any of the misspelled url from my domain. I’ve discussed the issue with godaddy to be informed that the problem is with the page script.

May I kindly know what the issue is and how do I resolve it.

Awaiting your early response.

It looks like you should remove all “404” files from 404 folder and put them into your main folder, but change index.html file name to e.g. 404.html. And also don’t forget to change paths to images and scripts if you will change files structure.

Thanks a lot for your prompt response, I am amazed at your dedication!!! It works now… Thanks again


I bought this template, but I noticed that the page loading is very slow… :( There is a way to speed up page load? Use this page as 404 on wordpress 3.2.2

Is all of the text editable without editing any images? If not, which text is editable and which is not?

Everything is editable.

ok, and what about the IE6 .css file?

The same.

two minor problems

1. html code reads:
IE6 fixes are found in styles/ie6.css

I can’t find the fixed css-file anywhere.

2. what about the birds & little animated clouds that you referenced to in the start page HTML as well as in the css-files?

Sorry, my fault. I simply forgot to delete those paths.
You don’t need them at all, so you can safely remove them.

Nice 404 page. My only comment is that the PSD file is not sliced for easy export of the ticket image (I needed to make some changes). Not that it was a big deal, but it would have been convenient to have been able to just save for web rather than having to create the right sized and positioned slice first.

Otherwise, nice work!


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