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Thanks… :)

Nice nice, very nice i like it :)

Thanks…Thanks… very Thanks… :D

Manteb Om! :) namanya juga manteb, kayak sarapan saya tiap pagi :D


Nice job! good luck :)

Thanks PixelDima

Nice job, GLWS o7

Thanks DJMiMi

can help design my logo that will match this template? thanks :)

ye sure…please contact me via email

hy; would like to buy this theme; but got one 2 questions:

1.where do the emails form index 4 get saved; a

2. would you be able to help me put the social icons under the mail form from index 4 header?

thank you!!!

1. If you mean. the contact form below A message will be sent to your email but if you mean. download the form at the top of sorry this form does not work like a contact form.

2. I can certainly help you. please contact me via email after you make a purchase

Top banget boss, ane sudah beli dan puas dengan desain anda. Mudah-mudahan segera dapat 1000 penjualan. Lanjutkan….

Amiinn…., Haturnuhun juragan boleh minta bintangnya gan. :)

Does this Theme works with Wordress?

No sir, this is HTML template version

Hi sir, wordpress version available now

How does the blog item here works? Keying it manually into the html file? Or could we link it up with a Wordpress platform?

Lotek is an HTML template, our blog does not work and has admin panel. so the article in the blog must be manually into the html file

Hi sir, wordpress version available now

Can i stop or change the “animation”?

Yes of course this animation very easy to customize, if you need help for how to customize css animation. Please contact me after you make a purchase

Hi, Love the new theme, I just require a little help please with the menu on additional html pages. For some reason I cannot get the additional page to link back to the main index.html page. The menu not working is on page http://www.fruitbowl.com.au/event-management.html

see code below:

<header> <button type=”button” class=”navbar-toggle” data-toggle=”collapse” data-target=”.navbar-collapse”> </button> \\

<!-/.nav-collapse -> </header>

now when I replace the URL with index.html it does not work. but for some reason when I replace the url with index-alt1.html this works fine. How ever Im not using index-alt1.html as my main layout page.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated thanks.


Inserted the code but still not working. If i remove the ”#home” at the end of http://www.fruitbowl.com.au/index.html#home the menu button “Home” works. Something to do with the # anchor not working.

What your email address I can send you the ftp log on..

Okay sir this is my email address nce18cex@gmail.com

Thanks for this beautiful theme. I’ve a quick question before I can buy: Can I show the menu bar on the “Home” section? Currently menu shows only after you get to the “Introduce” section.

sorry sir it will require more work to change the jQuery navigation.

Thanks for the theme! Looks great. I am having issues with it displaying in Firefox, however. My background colour doesn’t display—only shows white. It works perfectly in Chrome, IE, and Safari.

All looks good in my firefox, Please contact via email and attach and send a screenshot image displaying issues

Hi, Great theme. quick question before placing an order. Does it support (video background)?

sorry sir lotek not support video background

Nice template looks very good on my mac, how can i add a background image that has the same effect as the demo..

Please save your image in folder img/bgslider and then edit setting.js ( location : js/bgslider/setting.js)
change this script "image" : "../img/bgslider/bg1.jpg", }, { "image" : "../img/bgslider/bg2.jpg", }, { "image" : "../img/bgslider/bg3.jpg", }

Sir, How can I install the theme. I upload through wordpress but error message was css file missing. Kindly assist

Sorry sir,
This is not a theme for wordpress, you buy the theme category of site templates
For wordpress version in here http://themeforest.net/item/lotek-modern-app-landing-page-wordpress-theme/9556339?WT.ac=portfolio_item&WT.z_author=cththemes