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averta does not currently provide support for this item.

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When I click a portfolio photo of related projects on mobile browser, there is no response (not go to target portfolio page). But, it works fine in normal browser. How do I fix this?

I know I have to ask this on the support forum, but I forgot my password. I have request a new one, but I don’t recieve any mail. That’s why I did a new register, but again, no confirmation mail. Please help!


Dear friend,

As we mentioned in profile page, unfortunately, we no longer offer direct support for Lotus theme.


Will you make a new version for WordPress 4.6 or is it OK with the last version of May ?

Thanks, Isabelle


The current version of Master Slider is fully compatible with WordPress 4.6.



Intell Purchased

This theme is totally broken. If I try to update a page – the entire page if made in their “smart page builder” wipes it out when you hit save.

Not just the update you made – I mean the entire page in the smart page builder is GONE.

They no longer support this item because it’s a nightmare.

You can’t even upload an image in many features of the smart page builder – you have to load into the media library and then bring the link over and past in.

Crap, crap, crap.

It should NOT be offered for sale anymore. I am really disappointed in Themeforest for selling it and you can’t get a refund.

Dear friend,

As you may know, the Lotus theme belongs to three years ago, so definitely much of modern features are not available on this theme. We can offer you to use our new and free WordPress theme instead. http://averta.net/phlox/

Hi there! Just wondering if you will keep on making updates for this theme in the future? I noticed there is no more support for the theme.

Dear friend,

Yes we keep updating the theme base on the latest changes in new version of WordPress; however, we no longer offer direct support for this theme.


My web dont work!! We need a solution!!! I cant open de theme options, cant use the contructor…

Dear friend,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We will investigate the problem and release new version in few days.

Thanks for your patience. Regards

We have checked everything in Lotus theme but everything works as expected. May be you are using PHP version less that 5.3 on your web host. Please check and let us know the result.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Stop selling this Theme, pls. Outdated an Unsupported!

We just dont offer direct support for this theme, it does not mean we dont update this theme and it is outdated. As we receive report regarding the incompatibility of Lotus theme with latest changes in WordPress, we will fix theme with an prompt update.

If you encounter any issue, just report us, we will investigate it.



ejazs1 Purchased

Why is there no demo content for the Layer Sliders and widgets? I have purchased the theme but cannot find the home page layer slider or widgets in the demo content? Can you please provide this?

Why does the theme update not load – I just get an error message?