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Looks very nice! Good luck with sales.

Thanks mate ;)

Like wow this theme has power and presence. Does it come ready for ecommerce? Woocommerce?

Thanks for your interest.
No its not, because we introduce a new approach for presenting products in this theme. You have tons of option with our built-in product showcase


Awesome work

thanks rafigh ;)

nice work. the page builder look promising.

Thanks for your interest ;)

Nice work. Congrats ;)

Thanks mate ;)

WOW!! This looks SO Amazing! Any chance to see a video on how page builder works? WooCommerce you said isn’t compatible… if I want to sell a few products/services through the theme, how would I do? I LUV your Mobile Dropdown menu smoothness (so many sites have iphone/mobile ‘Pop Out Menu’ bar, so GRT JOB with yours here!!) Curious, could I put custom backgrounds in each page? Plz let me know and if so I can Buy this Week!! GRT THEME -Sterling


Thanks for your great and kind words ;)

here is our page builder introduction page http://demo.averta.net/themes/lotus/agency/features-2/smart-page-builder/
The introduction video is placed at the bottom of the page.

You can use third party plugins for ecommerce, but for now any custom style is not included.

Yes absolutely, you can add custom background and texture for any page on your website. also you can add background for title bars!

keep in touch

Just two more things (srry, I need to buy one new amazing WP theme for an upcoming site job and am looking at two other new ones, yours the Fav though!!) any chance on mobile view when scrolling and viewing images/like in portfolio, when you touch on (same as when mouse over on desktop view) you could see the zoom and Title without going straight to image link, so viewers can browse and see titles without leaving page unless they double click? And I think with some css I could center the mobile menu text, instead of left justified? THNKS and again AMAZING theme!! thnks for your time, just making sure have all I need for this new site job BEST -Sterling

First , thanks for your interest
That is an built-in capability on all ios devices, so don’t worry all of ios users know about it. about the menu, yes it is possible by simple custom css code.
Let us know if you have any further questions


Thanks mate ;) we are glad you like it.

Hello, this is an outstanding theme! Congrats!

You talked about “built-in product showcase”, can you give me more details about it, please ?

Is it versatile as Woocommerce, please ?

I need a system to show products and also to let customers buy them, if they would.

Many thanks!


Thanks for your interest and kind words ;)

Yes it is versatile, but it does not have something like shopping card feature, because our built-in product showcase is a new approach for presenting luxury items, and it is not just restricted to ecommerce purposes.

here are some example. you can see how flexible it is.
Luxury item :
Shoe :
Food :

So you are not restricted to a traditional style. Its all your choice to style and present your products in unique styling look.


Thanks for your prompt reply.

Is it possible to have products in Categories ? I have at least 10 categories for my products and I need to separate them.

So it is possible only to showcase products, not to sell them through website, isn’t it ?

Yes. you can add unlimited number of categories. even you have option to add filters for giving option to your users to filter your items live.

Yes, you are correct

Is PSD file included?

for now its not. but we can send you PSD files if you need them. in future updates we will include psd files.


Hello the theme looks very good. questions: SEO – how does it work? SPEED – have you tested? UPDATES – you have a responsive team?


We were working on this theme for 13 month and everthing is created from scratch with SEO in mind. that is why we proud our item!
Also its architected through best web technologies (HTML5, CSS3) for achieving high qualityand high performance website.

Just check it by google page speed and compare resaults to other top selling items on themeforest.

also Smart Page Builder comes with a great output caching System for Maximum Performance. because we always care about performance.

yes, we have 3 staff on support team ready for responding you as fast as possible


Looks very nice! Good luck with sales. dude

Thanks mate ;) appreciate that.

Hi There,

I just bought the theme and I do love it. The only problem is the logo up-loader does not work. It uploads the image but won’t display it. I noticed the logo is also missing from all of your different theme previews. Something missing? Any help or advice?

I am figuring that I can just add the logo manually via the main.css file but it just seems like a strange issue, but I understand I am the first to buy it. I don’t usually pick the themes and plugins I buy here so fast but I was in love and just went for it.

Please let me know :) Best, April

Thank you. Everything else looks absolutely amazing!

Worked perfect too. Thanks again :)

we are glad you like it ;) Please do not forget to rate us.


Very nice theme – is it possible to switch off the zoom hover feature in gallery items?


Hi. Thanks ;) yes it is possible.

Looks SO Amazing! Can I use WPML? Is compatible with this theme?

Thanks for your interest ;) we plan to add this feature in next updates.

Is it possible to not have the thumbnail zoom/move up when you roll over them? I just want them to stay static when you roll over.

i missed something. please try this snippet

That worked,thanks.

ur welcome ;) please don’t forget to rate us. appreciate that.

Does this have html versions as well?

No my friend. Just wordpress version

Looks powerful goodluck!

Thanks my friend ;)

Hello. I have some problems so sent email to you.

1. logo & favicon isn’s uploaded. Frozen… http://whobo.co.kr/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/2013-02-18-232844.jpg 2. gravator or identicon is broken. http://whobo.co.kr/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/2013-02-18-232940.jpg 3. smart page builder isn’t draged. It changed yellow bar… http://whobo.co.kr/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/2013-02-18-233023.jpg

Please help.

But My logo & favicon image name is English, lower case.

Ok. we got your email. we will check and back you as soon as possible

One more… top button right bottom screen, is not correctly. Please check.

If page scrolled then it must be shown, but start scroll, button is disappeared.

I just purchased this and am having an issue with the logo. My logo is 150×150 but if I use that it overlaps everything. Anything I can do to fix it?

Well. Because its an unusual logo size the solution is : go to option panel. in general tab, paste this code in “Custom CSS code”

header#siteheader .container { min-height: 155px; }

then hit “save all option”
Let me know

Love the Business theme. If I buy it, can you set it up as it appears in the demo? Or are we on our own to figure it out?


Hi. we are glad you like it. Yes we can send you xml file. so you can setup the business theme in few clicks. Please note that the preview image files are not included in demo install

Let us know if you have any further questions