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Hi All,
For anyone with support related question(s), please post them to the theme’s support forum.
For Before Purchase Questions you can post here (in this case no registration required)
Our support staff are there to help you to get your answer as soon as possible.

Why Support Forum?

You can upload images and insert code with code-highlighting.
It is organized and searchable (that makes support easier and faster)

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Hello there. I have had my eye on this theme for a while now. My first initial theme that I bought disappoints, and I got no replies from the author when asking for help in the support forum. I just wanted to comment that you do a great job replying to all the “pucharsee’s” questions and comments. Keep up the good work!

thank you my friend;) That’s why we are here.
Good luck

Hello, this is a really nice theme. I have been doing some tests on it to see how the tech end works. It seems that you are gzipping the transfer of files, but 4 of them are being missed off.

I assume that these files are added within the theme options and you are using WTC plugin as this tends to happen to a lot of themes due to the way the image is addressed. Is it possible to ensure that all files are gzipped?

The files are:

http://demo.averta.net/themes/lotus/agency/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/bg3.jpg http://demo.averta.net/themes/lotus/agency/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/bg25.jpg http://demo.averta.net/themes/lotus/agency/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/bg1_11.jpg http://demo.averta.net/themes/lotus/agency/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Xenomorph.jpg

I also noticed that there is a 404 for the favicon. Is this normal?

Sorry to be such a pain, but I have shortlisted your theme from hundreds of others and these are the only remaining questions I have.

Many thanks

GZipping images is not worth it. The shrinkage is minuscule or even negative, because image formats do a pretty optimal job compressing already. Try zipping a JPG file to see what I mean.

Also, compressing data that is hard to compress is extremely processor intensive and you may end up using more resources rather than less.

The Yahoo performance rules confirm this:
Image and PDF files should not be gzipped because they are already compressed. Trying to gzip them not only wastes CPU but can potentially increase file sizes.

The issue is not too much that they are being missed when all other images are being gzipped, but that they would not add to CDN when I activated CDN. When all other images are gzipped on your site, the 4 images I listed should be getting gzipped too.

Sorry, one more question. Can I use one image for the portfolio item to display within the portfolio section. Like a thumbnail. And a different one within the portfolio?

Many thanks

You need to set at least 2 image for each portfolio item, one for thumbnail and one for preview in single page.

Great stuff, thank you. I assume that how to do this is documented so that I can get straight on it as soon as I have purchased the theme.

The template has some functionality for “upcoming events” or could adapt some plugin? Thanks for your reply

in “News” section, there is a field for adding “upcoming event date”, so you can use “news” as “events” too.

and the calendar events?

No, it is not included.


For some reason non of the custom colour options are working. I have enabled the custom settings but everything on my site is grey – except links and pictures or what is in the slider.

Can you please repost your question in our support forum?
Our support staff are there to investigate your problem as soon as possible.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Hello, When I downloaded this theme, there was a folder called “lotus-child-theme” in the extra folder, what is it ? Thank you ! :)

It’s something about developers. if you are a developer and need to modify theme core files, child theme is something handy for you. else you don’t need to use child theme more info

Supportforum doesnt work .-(

Hi. yes our server was down for couple of minutes, please try again. thanks for your patience.

Hi Sir,

Interested in purchasing this theme for a client – one question tho….

The homepage slider doesnt play video, i kno this theme comes with the ‘Revolution slider’ which enables you to play videos from a slider aswell image slides. video and image slides alike. I saw the example of your revolution slider but it doesnt have full 100% width.

Is it possible to use the revolution slider that comes with the theme on the homepage and have as full width?

Really would need video on a 100% width homepage slider.

Please let me know,



actually we didn’t test it for full width videos, but all feature with revolution slider are available in this theme too. also we know cute slider supports full width videos too.

HI mate, i need to add a link in the footer copyright section, but when i add a link its sends me to my page plus the link if you understand. Eg. www.domain.com/www.link.com/ that is where its sending me? Any ideas?

Hi. Thanks for your purchase.
because you are adding relative link, to make it absolute, add http:// at the beginning , for example http://www.link.com

Thanks for your reply i have tried that to no avail suggestions?

The pagination doesn’t work as pages address is not correct: http://localhost/marchefano/news-2page/2/ instead of http://localhost/marchefano/news-2/page/2/ What to change?

I checked that, it’s ok on my side. go to setting > permalink and make sure to use pretty permalink (for example post name)

Works with postname, but my permalinks should be / category / postname .html

You must only use structure tags (like category ) to customize your “Pretty permalinks” (more info )

no, built-in showcase

how to make the breadcrumb navigation work? help! the only things that is linkable is the “home” button in the breadcrumb navigation work, and nothing else after that.

in this theme breadcrumb just displays the direction and is not clickable in most cases.

Do you include PSDs of things like slider BG images and the png images used in the slider?

Hi. no , preview images are not included in download package.

hi trying to desperately get this sorted: im trying to change my product size, its just too big, i tried uploading smaller images but it is set by default and just makes it the same size, is it possible to change this within the dashboard or with some css? really need it about half the size, i saw within the forum a similar problem to change within the short code… i tried this but it didnt work for me, please advise thanks need to shrink width and height on product display page thanks, also left in the help forum yesterday, many thanks

hello guys, how has this change? Can you help me with this? http://d.pr/i/YsOY I really want to buy the theme, am undecided in two. :)

Hi. this feature is not included in theme. but you can edit the page and add them by yourself.

The main slider is disabled, and How can I activate it and edit it? thanks

This is of my demo data: http://i50.tinypic.com/jhsdjk.jpg

it is not disabled. the slider content can not be included in demo content. you need to add sliders content by yourself.
Good luck

Please show me how to add or is there any tutorial for this? thanks

Ok, here we go. Let’s see what the thema and able, my friends I am waiting for a response from you hug.

already answered my friend.


i want to lower the size of typography under staff image. It is too big. How can i do this without upgrade lotus (i afraid to lose old site).

Is there anyway to type code or something.

Yes, of course. your content is always safe in database and you don’t loose your content or setting on theme update.
Please repost your question in our support forum?
Our support staff will help you as soon as possible.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

I asked in forum but nobody answered it. Then my post erased.

erased?! so what is this topic?

Hello. I was still wondering about the breadcrumb navigation. I am a bit of a newbie in wordpress and coding. I’d like some direction where to go about finding the solution. Please let me know. Thanks :)

Hi. already answered. please check.