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Where is my contact Form ??

hi. create new page, in smart page builder add contact form element

How can I add a simple list in the content area? Seems like a bit of a fail that I can´t use something as simple as an unordered list without having to use a shortcode.

Hope you can help, thanks.

hi. please update to latest version. it’s already fixed.

Hi – Now that you’ve brought out your second update on the Lotus theme it would be really great if I could get some help with my problem: the new files will not overwrite the old. Here’s my website http://sieder3.com/acting_atelier_munich/

I have written about this numerous time to this forum, by email, on your facebook page and from the form on this site and STILL have not gotten any resolution.


first you need to remove the previous version then upload new version

Hi! I just would like to know, is it possible to add add facebook comments function for single portfolio item (it will be greate!) and maybe also for each product? Thanks in advance!!!

hi. sorry it’s not possible.

hi Is it possible to reduce font of portfolio’s title ?( The title that will show when i hoover on portfolio ’s photo)

Thank you

where s that custom css code located? i know nothing about it but whole pack is great to manipulate my website. i just need to reduce 2 point of that portfolio font.(the name of my portfolio so long) .Pls let me know . thank you again

you need to ask someone to give you the custom css code. you can add the custom css code to your website in theme option panel > general setting > custom css field

would you pls give me? :)

Amazing theme (great work!) Is this theme internationalize? I”d like to use Polylang Thanks

hi.thanks for kind words. yes its internationalized, it means you can translate it using translate files but i’m not sure its compatible with polylang plugin. (wpml is supported)


Hi, please help me join Support Forum, as I can’t find my license certificate on my download page. I’ve email you already. Thanks.

hi. please check this link http://i.imgur.com/1y7hu.png

Is it my mistake or there is something wrong with my account? But I still cant find the “Licence Certificate” link on my download page. Beside the Pink’s Logo, there are only 2 link which is “Regular License” & “Help with Wordpress Install”.

By the way, I found that: (1) the Entry Time (under Title) on News Post didnt work. So what show up is “Posted on by [Username]” instead of “Posted on [Date] by [Username]”. & (2) “The Related Posts” section in Single Post didn’t work eventhough I’ve enabled the feature.

I’m already using 1,7 version. Thanks for your support.

how do i apply WPML translation ? Where can i find it and how i can apply it? please help. I cannot find any of menu.

wpml is not a free plugin though. so your theme doen’t support wpml plugin?

you can translate the theme without wpml plugin , you just need to use them translate file. wpml is a permium plugin for simplifying theme translation.

is there any demo of it? please help me how to use it. :(

  1. Is it possible to add more then one marker to a map location? As we have more offices this would be a great feature.
  2. Where can I preview the new resolution (1140px) in version 1.7?
  3. Any chance you integrate the Envato wordpress toolkit into your theme options? This would be an easy way of updating the theme.
  4. Last but not least: This is an awesome theme guys. Lots of functionalities and a cool page builder (as far as I can see from the previews). Thumbs up for your great work!

hi 1- no , but you can use third party plugins

2 – in option panel > general setting > enable hd size

3- no, because there is some conflict issue.

4- thanks my friend ;) please don’t forget to rate us.

good luck

Thanks for the reply. But as I am no customer so far, I wanted to have a look at the wider resolution before I purchase. Maybe you could enable it in one of your theme demos?

enabling wider resolution is as simple as clicking on a button, but we can’t enable that on demo sites for now, because in this case we need to prepare images with higher resolution and replace them all and its not possible for us now.

Hi, I recently bought and had the Revolution slider working fine, it’s a great plugin. However suddenly last week it stopped working and I cannot access the slider at all (see screenshot here http://themepunch.ticksy.com/ticket/49768 ). I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling however this doesn’t fix the problem. Can you help? I have asked Thempunch the authors of the plugin and they have said to ask you guys for the latest version if it’s not already…

hi. maybe there is some conflict with the other plugins. please deactivate all plugins except revolution slider and check it again.

Hi Great theme. I have a question regarding staff member features.

I have created staff members and I am adding them to my page with the smart page builder. It appears that any HTML I add to the staff content is ignored. So any page breaks I add are ignored so my text is wrapping to where it doesn’t make any sense.


please note that if you are using shortcodes in staff page content, shortcodes will be stripped in staff listing page. so just plain text appears in each staff excerpt

Love the theme, it’s fantastic and love it – however I need to resolve an issue. The blog module on the home page is not responsive or rather the images representing the latest blog posts are not responsive and creating big ugly mess on the page when I view it on the iphone 4s. The responsive ness works on resizing the browser on computer but on the iphone, the latest blog post section on the home page doesn’t work properly. I went back to your demo, and the iphone doesn’t seem to like that module. I’m also using the latest version of the theme. Many thanks in advance.

Hi. thanks for your feedback. we will check that for any possible issue and will include the fix in next update

good luck

Hi Averta,

I sent you two messages on the forum regarding a video issue and I am still awaiting a response from you. The thread is;

Video & Zoom bugs – Firefox & IE

When I copy and paste my video links into a portfolio, they will not appear on my website.

I would really appreciate a response as I’m waiting days to fix this issue.

Thank you kindly

Hi. sorry about delay on responding. actually our support staff are on vacation for some days, we will respond your tickets as soon as possible.

thanks for your patience

When can I expect a response as I am waiting over a week now?

How do I make my site look like the Agency demo??? I installed it and all I get is a sample page.

hi. demo content files are included in download package. you can import the file to have pages like demo sites. also take a look in our video tutorial page

What are the recommended dimensions of a portfolio image in “landscape” and “portrait”? My images are no showing up on the thumbnails that you click on but show up on the portfolio page

Hi. i think you missed to set feature(cover) image for portfolio items. in portfolio edit page you need to set an image for thumbnail too. in this case set an image to feature/cover image.

Is there a way that i can view all the icons available for services. I have checked in the main.css and have found all the names and reference codes f000 etc. But knowing which icon you want to pick for a service when they are only a name is nearly impossible.

if there was a page i could go that showed all the icons and their name below it would make everything so much easier

Congratulations Averta.

Ok. I’m not big spender in Themeforest but this theme is the best one that I’ve seen.
Simple, flexible and REALY deserve 5 stars.

wow, thank you so much my friend for your kind words. we are proud you like the theme and thanks for rating ;)

Hi, great job…how can I change the font of Message in Top Header (Header settings)?


Hi. there is no direct option for this in option panel. you need to use custom css code to change the font.

Are there any ways to fix the problems below? i) sliders can’t be saved or edited since “save” doesn’t work at all. ii) can’t drag and change the position of any elements in Smart Page Builder.

hi. it should be some conflict with other plugins. please deactivate all plugins and test it again, if it was solved try to active plugins one by one to find the plugin that causes the issue.

can you guys add a tumblr and google+ share option for the photos/content to the next update? i know you already have the twitter, facebook, and pinterest share options. would be really cool if you can add tumblr and google+...is that possible?

Hi. i think it’s possible, i sent a ticket to our dev team and might be available on next update.