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The Top Header bar background color change does not work for the lotus theme in Google Chrome! please fix this in the next update

make sure to clear your browser cache. let me know

it works thank you

Hi Averta, I’ve posted questions on your support forum on Friday and didn’t get any feedback yet.

Meanwhile I have new questions – for example for blog posts: I don’t want that featured image to show inside of the post. In many other themes usually there is an option to enable/disable that function. How to disable showing featured image in blog post in your theme? Also I would appreciate if you could answer my questions on support forum (user name ‘question’). Thanks


Sorry for the delay in replying.

This feature is not available for now, but we will add it in next update.


Is there a reason why some comments/questions get answered on here and others are ignored?

hi. we answered your question. please check that. thanks

yes after it was ignored for a couple days thanks.

which by the way was no help either

I would love to see a demo of the wider page layout (1140px).

Hi. unfortunately its not possible by now. because on our demo sites we need to provide high definition images and replace them with previous ones so its not possible for now.

Averta, an issue with the gallery page. I’m having issues creating a gallery page that looks like your theme demo of lotus like this http://prntscr.com/12y9l8 i was told before in the support forum to just use the image function in the smart page builder like this http://prntscr.com/12y7rt so although the thumbnails look fine like this http://prntscr.com/12y8pq the issue surfaces when i go to my gallery page it does not have the same functionality as your demo, because when i click it http://prntscr.com/12y8wj and the lightbox pops up it does not have the feature where I can click to the next image or click play to enable the slideshow within the lightbox http://prntscr.com/12y93t of all the images listed in the page

There’s something seriously wrong with the Twitter widget. I added it to my site, following the @BBCBusiness twitter feed. Unfortunately, after a while it started showing a bunch of random tweets from random people (some of them were racist and offensive). I removed it, and i’m not overly bothered about it – but I thought I’d better let you know so you can look at it.

Hi. thanks for reporting , we will check it for any possible issue

Hello Averta, would you be so kind to answer my questions I posted on your support forum 5 days ago; You put lot of effort in the theme and it looks good, but if your support is not on the same level this is not going to reflect good on your sales and brand. I didn’t ask anything out of the box – questions you need couple of min to answer. Thanks

Hi. sorry about the delay on responding, actually our support staff are on vacation until weekend. we will answer your question as soon as possible.

thanks for your patience

Love the theme, and I’m very interested in purchasing.

Quick question.. Can the home page format be set to display the blog?

Thanks! -Alex

Hi. thanks for your interest.
yes, of course

Why would the sliders not show up on IE8? There is just a red x in the top left corner where the slider would be…


Sorry for the delay in replying,

Which slider you are using?

Quick Question: do you know why my permalinks for my “products” sections and beginning with /archive/ ?

Thanks! -Anthony

Hi. yes it’s default permalink branch for products. you can change it using translate file. (you can change archive/products to something else using translate file)

I am down loading this theme which i bought a few months ago and it is NOT the new version… where is the link to the latest version????

in your themeforest account page go to downloads section and re-download lotus theme. that’s it.

I did that unzipped it and it contains the old version not 1.71 ? can you recommend another location… i have a bug where when i create a cute slider, but it does not save… i hope the new version will resolve it. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it Thanks.

Hi, I need to translate some words in portfolio pages, Next/Previus (navigation type) and Overview in portfolio page. How can I do that? Thanks.


Hi. they are translate ready. just update the theme to latest version , then use translate file to change them to something else (the words are included in translate file)

The ck editor messes up the shortcodes by replacing ” with &quote;

Button for example no longer work properly with colour etc in the builder

Please can you fix this issues

Hi. we will check that and we will fix any possible issue in next update.

ie changes button code to : [button link="/free-estimate/" round="yes" size="large" color="red" flat="no" ]CLICK HERE NOW![/button]

thus breaking it

try this please :

[button link='free-estimate' round='yes' size='large' color='red' flat='no' ]CLICK HERE NOW![/button]

comments wont show code properly

we will check that. thanks for feedback

replaces ” with

& q u o t ;

yes, that’s it

ISSUE with the gallery lightbox social media, i noticed when i click the facebook icon once the lightbox pops up http://prntscr.com/133lre it doesnt allow me to share the gallery link, it just shows a like button in the upper left hand corner like this: http://prntscr.com/133lve can you fix that please?

Hi. we will check that for any possible issue and include the fix in next update.

Hi I need help, I cannot import the dummy data, the connection is always dropping.

Please can you help me?

Hi. might be something wrong with our server, please try again.

Hi there…

Great theme and simple to use. I have a basic Q… sure I am missing it somewhere… but how do I change the size of the navigation (and other) fonts? I see where to alter the font style but not the size.


Hi. Thanks. for changing navigation font size, you need to use custom css code.

Hi, great theme. I think I’m missing something basic, but how do I disable people’s ability to comment on pages/posts?

Hi. thanks

Go to the Dashboard, click Pages, click Edit for the page you want, scroll down to the section labeled Discussion, and deselect the Allow comments & Allow trackbacks & pingbacks boxes. Then trash any comments attached to the Page.

video tutorial is also available : http://seehowtwo.com/2009/02/hiding-comments-on-individual-posts-or-pages/