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Is it possible to change the videoplayer skin from the video player in smart site builder?

Yes, add video element on smart page builder, then click for editing element , here you can choose player skin too.

Hi All,
For anyone with support related question(s), please post them to the theme’s support forum.
For Before Purchase Questions you can post here (in this case no registration required)
Our support staff are there to help you to get your answer as soon as possible.

Why Support Forum?

You can upload images and insert code with code-highlighting.
It is organized and searchable (that makes support easier and faster)

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The Gallery is not working within the services post it is just bringing up the short code. Please see at http://streamvale.webdesignerpaul.com/services/play-areas/

Also the Services with in page builder is pulling across the H2 Styling which doesn’t work well within a homepage setup. Please see at http://streamvale.webdesignerpaul.com

These issues have only happened since the update to 1.7, can anyone help??

I posted this on your support forum and have had no reply.

should be available on 23 May

hows that update coming on? Services Section needs fixed.

new version (1.9) already released and is available for download.

Hi there, Trying to access the support forum, but can’t seem to find my purchase key. I don’t have the “licence certificate” link in my themeforest account..

Here is my question, I’m using the shortcode to put a button in a text colum by the page builder, and the color is always the same (stays grey) even if I specify that I want it black.. Can you help me fix this please ?

I appreciate your help.


4- Also, can I change the “staff” mention for another word?

Hello ? Can you let me know how I can access the forum since I can’t find my purchase key? I’d like to have answers faster..

Thanks a lot.

Hi my friend

First , here is how to find your purchase code

1 – That’s strange, please login in support forun ,post a topic and put your page link there, so we can take a look

2 – please go to option panel > header setting and turn off “Socials in Top Header?”, then save all options

3 – You need to align element by html elements or custom css classes

4 – You can change any of static words to another one by using translate file (recommend). in this case you don’t need to edit theme files. For more info about how to work with translate file please read here : http://www.presscoders.com/2012/11/how-to-translate-your-wordpress-theme-into-any-language/


Where in the code to change the built-in send mail title? I want to change from “From Name [email]” to “Message from Name [email]” format?



you can change it by using translate file. For more info about how to work with translate file please read here : http://www.presscoders.com/2012/11/how-to-translate-your-wordpress-theme-into-any-language/


Where is the code function which send the mail for the built-in contact form?

Never mind found it.

I dont use it the theme. I want this use business part. My website : www.modakaravan.com Why ?

Hi. sorry i don’t understand your meaning. can you explain more?

Hello, I’m loving this theme and ready to purchase, the main additional element I would need is a small mailing list sign up form at the very top of the page inside the black bar (laid out horizontally). Would I be able to pay an addtional fee for this? Although I could add it myself on a static site its really important that it displays well on mobile devices.

Thanks in advance!

Hi my friend

Thanks for your interest and choosing our theme.
I’m very sorry, we are very busy these days and we can not add this part for you soon. really apologize that.

Hi – I just installed the theme. When I imported the demo content some of the items failed. Also none of the sliders came over

my test site is located at performingimports.dynamics4.com


yes , it’s something regular while importing media using wordpress import tool. as a tip , if some media failed to import, click back button on browser and hit “import” button again.

about sliders data, they are not (can not be ) included in demo content file. you need to setup them manually.

Good luck

Everything was great guys, I just got thi mesage on the slider on the home page LayerSlider WP: old jQuery issue It looks like you are using an old version (1.7.1) of the jQuery library. LayerSlider requires at least version 1.7.2 or newer. If you are using the WordPress version of LayerSlider, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository. If you don’t know what to do, you can write us a private message from our CodeCanyon profile page. We need a temporary WP admin account (or a temporary FTP account in some cases) to solve this issue.


Its often caused by plugin function conflicts, so try deactivating all plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

ok guys thanks, i found the problem. Awesome support thanks a lot!

You are always welcome ;)

- edited – just read your post above, moved my question to Before Purchase Questions section.

Thanks. :)

you’re welcome ;)


here it is :

[callout size="" title="Callout Element. Important Messages Here" btn_label="Button" btn_link="#" ][/callout]

shortcode list is available in [download package > documentation]

hi how can i change my web site background ? do you have support forum ?


thanks, i do that but son’t work :-(

My friend (Duste Aziz!) please register in the support forum, our support staff are there for helping you.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”


Duste Azizi !!! :D;-) Are you persian ? Can You speak Persian also ?

does the demo data import color schemes as well? i imported the food demo data and the colors are not changing


Please go to option panel and hit “Save all options” button. because theme needs to apply and cache options.

I followed the installation video, imported the food xml, saved the option panel, Here is what it turned out like:


I wanted it to have the same colors as this:


Thanks for your help


problem resolved, thanks for the help

hi i need gallery in footer, what shulde i du ?

like it: http://demo.averta.net/themes/lotus/food/product/sweet-and-salty-cake/


It’s “Recent Products” widget.

Hi, first of all congratulations for the theme. I found a small bug. It does not appear the icon of social Tumblr. I have already fixed the problem, I wanted to warn you. the variable “tumblr” is written wrong “tumbler” in thema / themename / admin / include / init / functions.php and it is also written in the wrong themes / themename / css / main.css

thanks Alberto

Hi. Yes, you are right! we will fix this in next update.
Thank you so much for reporting ;)
Best regards

Hello, thanks for the great theme.

Is it safe to go from lotus 1.1 to the newest version?

And finally, has the archive on products been fixed as last attempt to fix this nearly crashed my site.

Regards chris


Should be safe. but i recommend to backup your website before updating.

Did you fix the archive/products/productpage thing? that was after updating from 1.1 to 1.4? i think

what was the issue?



How to repair Turkish character problem ?

There is definitely a problem with your twitter widget. It periodically shows tweets from random users (some of which are offensive), despite the fact that I only have one Twitter account linked to the feed. My actual Twitter Account hasn’t been hacked. Please let me know what to do asap or I will have to remove it from my site.


Please post a ticket in our support forum.
We will check that for any possible issue and let you now.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”


Firstly, you guys should be commended for the brilliant and regular updates to this theme. You’re constantly making a great theme better and better!

I’d really love to use this for a site I’m developing, and was wondering if you’d consider adding a feature. Themes that allow horizontal page sections that span the entire page width and have a different background colour or image are becoming increasing popular on Themeforest. It’s an amazing way to add focus and structure to a page. Do you think this is something you could add in a future update?


Thanks for your comment and kind words ;)
Yes, it’s useful feature , but it needs deep modification in our page builder and i don’t think it’s possible for this theme. may be we add this feature in our future themes.

Thanks for your suggestion ;)