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Hi ! I would like Enable JavaScript Minification (WP minify) but the layer slider disappear.. What is the file.js to exclude from minify ? Please.. Thanks


You can upload images and insert code with code-highlighting.
It is organized and searchable (that makes support easier and faster)

I’m still waiting on you to send me my account login information for the support forum. You mentioned it wasn’t working, and you asked me to send you my login and purchase number HOURS ago.

Ok. we will consider that.


thx :)

I still have issues with the theme not working properly on ipad. In the support forum i only got a very useless advice to update to the current version. Done that, and it still looks bad on my ipad. My client is very disappointed and so am i.

We will investigate your issue on support forum asap. Thanks for your patience.

Hi guys, Twitter widget suddenly did not work. Any ideas?

Can you please repost your question in our support forum?
Our support staff will help you as soon as possible.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

already posted on forum a couple of times. hope it can be fixed today. Using the widget on live site, so not looking very good. Thanks

WHY dont you guys offer the Self Hosted MP3 PLAYER to be embedded within the actual content of the page?!!! its really ridiculous for it to only be on top of the blog postings! can we fix that for the next update?!

Hi ;)

Yes we will do for next update.

Hi, just a quick pre-sale question: is the main menu able to ‘follow’ the user when scrolling down a page? we see this on more and more websites, but on Lotus demo.

Hi ;)

Sorry this feature is not available in this theme.

still waiting? It’s been over 24 hours and still have not received my registration account access to the forum?


We replied your email, but it seems there is an issue with your email address. we tried that for several times.
Please provide us another email address if you have not received our message.

Warm Regards

no issue with the email. I received two from you at 2:59 am pst and now have access to the forum and have posted a couple of questions. thank you!

Ok. we will consider that.

hi ! is this theme compatible with gravity form plugin?
how many header styles are there?


No it is not. but it’s compatible with contact form 7

too many issues with this theme not responsive like advertised looks awful on ipad and tablet, there are no or limited options to actually customise as not happy with the double titles that won’t go away and the space between content and header is not acceptable

I posted on the forum but unlike other developers on themeforest no response such as shame as this is my new blog I am sure visitors wont comeback

I want a refund!


I am needing someone from your team to please login to my website and see what the issue is with my homepage. I went to add something onto my homepage via the "Smart Page Builder) and even though my homepage has allot of content on it. The Smart Page Builder is showing NOTHING. Please help!

We follow and consider your problem on support forum

Hi, i have a problem with a recent tweet, don’t load never tweet thanks


Hi. we will check that and fit it in next update.

Hi, Recent tweet doesen’t work, http://www.kemical.it/ can u helpme?

Thanks Alberto

Hi. we will check that and fit it in next update.

Hi, What is the maximum logo height supported by the site to preserve responsiveness and keep it from pushing things out of the way? And what’s the maximum width recommended as well?



Maximum width is 400 pixel and about height, i think it’s 100 pixel

Hello, before I purchase this theme, will you be able to supply the 1st Slideshow “Slider Import” of the Business Lotus Theme to me?


Hi :)

Sorry, we can’t.

Hey – Lotus apparently not working with the latest version of Jetpack. It throws out the following error when I try to activate it…

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare soundcloud_get_option() (previously declared in /home/schroeds/pinkpolkadotfood.com/wp-content/themes/lotus/admin/include/shortcodes/codes/soundcloud.php:113) in /home/schroeds/pinkpolkadotfood.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/soundcloud.php on line 123

I’d appreciate some guidance on how to fix the issue.


Thank you so much for reporting, can you please post a topic in our support forum? so we can publish the fix for others.

Let me know

will do


I would like to know if I can construct the product page just with the page builder because is the only way to display de small sliders with my products but I don’t like the preset design of the product page.



of course you an created your product page with small page builder. you need to create a new page and create your page layout with smart page builder. (like what we did on our demo site)

Hi, shop product links on the demo theme are not working. Is there something wrong? I love the theme but I’d like to see a single product page before I buy the theme, because I’ll mostly need the shop.

Hi mojca2050

Thank you so much for reporting this ;)
We fixed our demo site, please check here

All the best

Hi, anyone tried to set the products images vertically? I need to show books covers and I can’t set the css properly Thanks and regards

Please repost your question in our support forum
Our support staff are there to help you to get your answer.

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Referred? Improve: Now Event date is localized in news section Since version 1.4 there is a box to enter a specific date and do not get referred to this new improvement.