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You can upload images and insert code with code-highlighting.
It is organized and searchable (that makes support easier and faster)

Is it possible to change the colour of the social icons? I have changed the top header to white and the icons are too faint. In the news they appear darker.Please reply.


You need to edit the background images for social buttons. it’s located in [lotus theme folder]/css/images/icons/socials/social16.png

Good luck

I try to import the data, but I always get the following message “Failed to import Object”. Try changing folder permissions, but it did not work. Try to modify the path of the xml, but it did not work. I have a VPS with more than 10 sites in wordpress, and I never had this problem.

Help please.

Thanks, Greetings ..

Can you please repost your question in our support forum?
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Can this theme be used in a Japanese language?

Hi hamasugu

Yes, this theme is translatable, so you can translate it to any language


Is there any way to change the size of the thumbnails created for the portfolio?

As default on a 1/3 Portfolio layout the images is cropped to 572px x 345px i’m looking to change it to allow a portrait image rather than a landscape look.

look forward to your reply.

Hi poz94

You need to modify theme files. So please post your question in our support forum, our support staff are there to help you.


hello, I have disappeared layerslider left side column and I can not manage sliders


Please deactivate all plugins and check if you see layer slider menu. if layer slider appeared again, try to activate plugins one after one to find the cause.

Hi there

I bought this theme and I have a question: is it possible (and how) to change the dimensions of the product featured image (I put books covers and the dimensions of the pics are horizontal so it doesn’t look very well… I thought it was possible to change in a “portrait” way but…)? Thanks :-)


Please take a look at this topic

Thanks, but the support doesn’t send me the password to access to the forum (I asked at 20:40)... So I can’t see this topic. Any idea of what’s wrong?

(I tried to register with several mails and usernames, on different mail clients, that doesn’t work and nothing in spam)

[update : works with gmail] ;-)

Dear averta,

I signed up for your support board yesterday using my purchase code and the same nickname as here on TF, but didn’t receive an e-mail with my password yet :-(

Could you kindly take a look at this issue please?



HI templatesam

Can you please test with different email address (like gmail, hotmail, ..). The issue should be on mail servers.

Pre-purchase question

Is it possible to retrieve more than 49 products from the same category using smartbuidler? This seems a serious limitation.


Hi hellobenno

Yes, you can select “All” to display all products on page.

A friend of mine uses this theme and he told me that you could the maximum number of fetched products using Smartbuilder was 49. Can you choose all, if so thankyou. :D I believe I will go ahead and purchase this theme next week then.

Great, so thanks for your purchase in advance ;)

Hi, can you tell me why my gallery doesnt open in a lightbox, please?




Hi krisfosh

This was a known issue in version 1.8. It’s fixed in version 1.9. Please update to latest version.

Good luck

Hello i already paid for your theme but i was wondering if i can use it for two sites? but i paid once

Hi q8dewan

If you are using this theme for two website, you need to buy two licenses (one license = using theme on one domain)

Best wishes

Brilliant Theme… thanks

I am using the Services… however, when I put an Excerpt in – this is not shown on the services page…

The only way it will show is if I move away from the page editor system and use the basic Wordpress text.

Please help =- thanks


Hi davidbaker2009

Please take a look here : http://demo.averta.net/themes/lotus/doc/#content-services

Thanks for this – but I want to use the Smart Page Builder… not the basic Wordpress text box… and when I use the page builder, I have to remove text from the Wordpress editor… so, I put some text into the “Excerpt” box at the bottom, and this doesn’t show on the Services Listing page either.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the reply – I have done everything correctly, as per the instructions. However, the excerpt only shows when text is in the Wordpress page editor – )service description) – it will NOT show when it’s in the ‘excerpt’ field at the bottom of the page – or, when it’s in a page-builder text panel.

Hi I have installed the theme and now I am trying to install the lotus_agency.xml but I got a lot of failed upload to media files. Is this normal?

also I wasn’t able to obtain the same look as with the demo site. And the “[LayerSliderWP] Slider not found” displayed at the home page of my site after setting it to Agency Home page as frontpage.

I need help on this badly


Can you please repost your question in our support forum?
Our support staff will help you as soon as possible.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

I wanted to but haven’t got the confirmation on my registration on the forum.


Can you please test with different email address (like gmail, hotmail, ..). The issue might be with mail servers.

Hi, I have created a page and assigned the gallery template. However, when I try to insert a media gallery, select the images to include and click to insert the gallery, nothing shows up in the content box.

When I view the page on my site, I can see a gallery – but I can’t edit it or interact with it at all within the CMS.

Any advice?

Many thanks.

Hi murorga

Please take a look in our video tutorial page about creating gallery

Thank you. I’ve watched that video before; at 02:38 where I click Insert Gallery, nothing appears in my page content box – it is simply blank…

Am I missing something obvious?

Can you please post your question in our support forum?
Our support staff will help you as soon as possible.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Is pagination possible with the portfolio on this? If so where and how? I wouldn’t want my long portfolio scrolling down thousands of lines on one single page! Please let me know ASAP as I am looking to purchase a theme very soon!


unfortunately pagination is not available on portfolio listing page.

First nice template~, good job! By the way i want to know is it your demo site the showcase page (first page i go in) include in your template? i also like the showcase page, if not can tell me where can get? thx

Hi jackyianqq

Yes, showcase demo content is included in download package.

Ok, this theme is having the DUMBEST glitches right now. I have recreated my homepage twice with the Smart Page Builder and in about 2 days after RE building the homepage EVERYTHING that I created in the Smart Page Builder disappears. You need to handle this asap. At the moment I do not recommend anyone to buy this theme. I need help pretty quick. Thanks for your time.

Dude what are you talking about? You told me to send in a support email and I did. I even let you know that I sent it to you as you can see the message above these ones. I gave you my website login URL and the login info. Are you telling me you didn’t get that email? I don’t even know what topic url your talking about. My website has been down for 3 days because of THIS theme. This needs to get handled asap. You said you were going to go into my website and check it out. That hasn’t happened yet Thanks.

Dear iamdavidvo

Sorry we missed your email. But i asked you to send your ticket in support forum not mail support, we are looking for you on support forum.
Any way, i checked you website and i think i found the issue. the good news is, this was a known issue and we fixed that and it will be available on next update (version 2.0). The update will be available in middle of this week. Please update to new version as soon as it released.

Dear iamdavidvo

New version (2.0) released, please update your theme. This issue fixed in new version

I bought the theme, I am having troubles editing the permalink (url of pages), can you aid me with the process?

Can you please repost your question in our support forum?
Our support staff will help you as soon as possible.

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

Hello, I have a presale question. I am looking at your website to possibly run a homecare business. I have looked at the features and maybe I just haven’t found it, but can you please tell me if there is an appointment form/scheduling function that I can built into this theme? Also another stupid question, down the road, I may want to have an online bill pay offered into the website. Would that be possible to add that in? Thanks for your reply. I hope you answer now. So I can move on to look elsewhere. Thank you so much. ~maynan

Hi maynan

The features you mentioned above is not available in this theme, but you can add those functionality by plugins

Have a good time

You mean, by using plug-ins that I can incorporate into this theme, it will work? Thank you for your reply.