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Is your Phlox Pro page here http://averta.net/phlox/wordpress-theme/demo/landing/ created with the actual Phlox Pro theme? If so can this demo be imported? Does Phlox Pro still have the issues reported by many users in the past comments?


Yes, it is created by Phlox Pro. But unfortunately, that landing page is not available for download.

If you check the comment dates, they have been reported a long time ago and all of the issues are fixed in the past.

Phlox Pro is brand new and high-performance theme which is very stable and works out of the box.

Having any further questions, please let me know.

Hi. I have Lotus 3.9.0 theme installed. You stated that “Phlox pro is the name of a big update for Lotus theme”. How do I update from Lotus to Phlox without losing settings from the Lotus theme?


I see a bunch of updates became available for Phlox pro. What about Lotus? Are new updates for Lotus available via the same link you provided above? Thanks!

Yes, the latest update of Lotus theme is only available from the above link. http://avt.li/lotus-latest . You will receive an update notification in your admin panel for lotus, as soon as a new update has been released for this theme.

What are the differences between Phlox free and Pro ?


Differences are: - Full integration with Visual composer - Exclusive features for WooCommerce - Professional Demo sites - Exclusive widgets and elements - Features for adding News section to your website - Features for creating Magazine or News website - Dedicated and support - Regular updates - Pricing Table - Bundle of Professional Business elements.

and much more..

Having any further questions, please let me know

Hi I found the following link on a award website and I love it so much. it is so minimal. If I buy your theme. Can I have it? http://averta.net/phlox/wordpress-theme/demo/modern-portfolio/


Thanks for your interest. Yes, you can simply import the content by the powerful setup wizard in Phlox theme.


good job,looking forward to use it on my new project soon

We are glad you like Phlox theme :) Please keep us updated and let us know if we can be of any assistance.


netfort Purchased

Hello, how can I make the menu sticky?

Please navigate to “Customizer > Header > Header section” in admin panel and enable the sticky menu option.


Hello Averta, We love your LOTUS theme, We used it twice! But now we have a problem that we can’t update portfolio items. How come? (We’re using LOTUS version: 3.5) This is the website: http://www.ronaldjanssen.eu

Please help us!



Dear friend,

We recommend you to switch to the new generation pf lotus theme (Phlox). It offers you tons of new and modern option with same functionality as Lotus theme.

If you are interested, our support team eagerly will help you to migrate to Phlox theme.

Please let me know your opinion.


We do not need a lot of functionality. Lotus works fine for us, it just needs to be updated.

But how will a migration to Phlox work? We have a website with a lot of portfolio items in 2 languages. See http://www.ronaldjanssen.eu How easy is the migration?

Please tell me more.



Our support staff will do the migration for you. All you need to do is giving the permission to our support staff to start the migration.


Hello averta, how many hours does it take to download the theme’s demo, i have been trying to download for hours now with little or no progress

Dear friend,

There was an issue in setup wizard that we have successfully addressed it. We included the fix in next upcoming update of phlox theme.

I will be available in few hours. Please update the Phlox theme as soon as it released and try importing the demo again.

Thanks for patience and reporting this issue.


Hi, i’ve donwloaded the update Phlox, but in the zip i can’t find the download package > demo-data folder ?? Thanks, Anthony

Dear friend,

You don’t need to upload any demo file.

Just install the theme, then from Phlox setup wizard you can simply choose and import any demo site on the fly!



QUASIN Purchased

i did a clean install but when i run the setup wizzard it takes forever …

Dear friend,

We will release a new update tomorrow. It contains several improvements for demo importer.

Thanks for your patience.

Hello ! I have updated the last version of this theme today and now my images on portfolio page look awful http://florence-esnault.com/ My plugings have last updates. Before this update of your them my images were perfect. What is going on ? Could you help please …

Dear friend,

Have to upgraded to Phlox version 4.4.9? Also please make sure to update” Phlox core elements” and “Phlox Portfolio plugin” to latest version as well.

Please let me know.

Have you read carrefuly my message ? I said “This issue came since your last update” so obviously yes I have done all the updates. Thanks. Sorry but this is not working. I loose so much time with this theme… this is not serious. I think I’m going to buy a new theme somewhere else … Really disapointed.

Dear friend,

We are sorry about any inconvenience it has caused to you.

The new update of Phlox theme (v5.0.0) is almost ready and will be available for download in few hours. I believe that this update will fix any potential issues on your website.

Please keep in touch.


I am trying to install phlox pro 4.4.6 demo content but it is giving me this message “Whoops! There was a problem in demo importing”

Dear friend,

We are going to release a new update in this weekend. It will fix the problem. We really appreciate your patience for this matter.


Are all the shortcodes available in Elementor?

Yes, they are.

Hello, I installed Phlox Pron on my WordPress site and I can’t install any theme. Yes, I have all the plugins required and updated, but when I want to import any demo it just keeps “importing data” and it nevers ends, not matter what I do I can’t select the theme I want, plus the only theme that my site shows right now is the Default Pro Version one. What did I do wrong or what am I missing?, thanks.

Dear friend,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We are going to release an update for addressing this issue.

It will be available for download tomorrow.

Thanks for patience and sorry for inconvenience.


What is number of latest release?

The latest version is 4.4.9

Thank you.

I purchased this theme and have gotten no where. I contacted support and they told me I’d have to wait for an update. I got the update today, but there are no changes. The theme will not properly install and gives me an error with the “Phlox Core Elements” that its not installed/updated…but it is…

Having a horrible time with this theme and I haven’t done anything with it yet but try to install it!

Dear friend,

We are sorry about the inconveninece it has caused you.

The update is ready and will be available for for download less than two hours.

Thanks for your patience.

Hey! When trying to install the theme on wordpress i get «The link you follow is expired». Can you please help?


Thanks for using Phlox theme.

Please ask your support related questions in our help forum.
Our support staff will investigate your problem as soon as possible.

Hello, we are using Lotus on our website for a long time ago and we wanted to migrate to Phlox. Is anyone can help up to do a properly migration? Thanks.

Dear friend,

As you may know Phlox theme is designed and built from scratch and unfortunately is not completely compatible with Lotus theme. If you have pages that were build using Lotus theme, they cannot be converted to New page builder content in Phlox theme.

If you have very complicated and important pages that were built using smart page builder, we recommend you to keep Lotus theme as your theme and migrating tp Phlox theme is not recommened in this case.

Having any further questions, please let me know.


amazing and fresh design.. the magazine dont look good on mobile .. otherwise idd buy

Thanks for your kind comment. We are glad you like Phlox theme. We will improve that demo as you mentioned.

Thanks for your feedback.


Hi averta I am testing Phlox with the scope of buying a license. I installed the free version and the default content, then edited a random page with elementor. While in edit mode all the elementor components appear correct, once i preview the page anything edited with elementor does not render at all. If i edit the page again the elementor stuff appear again. If i create a new page and edit it strait away with elementor everything render correctly. Is this normal, can i use elementor on the pages imported as demo or do i have to create new pages to use it?

Also i would like to fully edit the work pages (so the individual portfolio pages) but by default they have a specific format. Can i use a blank page for a work page and edit it with elementor? Kind regards Alkis

Dear friend,

First of all thanks for using Phlox theme.

Please note that default demo is a old demo which was created by siteorigin page builder. As a result while editing those pages in elementor, you may encounter unexpected problems. Howver, you can create a blank page and edit it with elementor page builder without any issue.

Regarding the portfoli pages, yes, they have preset format and you cannot fully customize them at the moment. But we plan to add this option in Phlox Pro version soon.

Having any further questions, please let me know.