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Awesome temlate pista, glws mate! ;)

Thank you very much :-)

Looks great, good luck with sales :)

Thank you :-))

Looks awesome on my iPad and iPhone too. Truly best wordpress mobile theme here! Good job

Thank you for purchasing and nice words, it’s really appreciated :-)

Just about to purchase. Brilliant template, can’t wait to have a play around with it. I’m just wondering, can the buttons be called anywhere on the site via a class?

Hello, thank you for your interrest! :-) Ofcourse buttons could be called anywhere like

class="button FancyBlue"

where class “button” is for button itself and “FancyBlue” is color variation. List of color are in help file.

Brilliant. I’ll be in touch. Thanks again.

You’re welcome. If anything I’m on the email ;-)

please Give me your Email I wanna ask you

contact form is on my profile as me there.

Hi there… Gotta choose a Mobile friendly theme to make a mobile version of this site: http://woburnyogaandwellness.com

would like to know a few things:

> custom background image, is this possible? > Cufon? Google Fonts?

Hello, custom bg image – no problem (using CSS), and custom fonts are used by default so there’s no problem to import your own.

Does this take over the entire theme?

Yes you can install Lotus beneath your desktop theme and everything will be maintained.

Is this regular theme that i can customize or a plugin that redirect to mobile website?

This is regular WordPress theme

I need a photo gallery on my mobile site and would like to know if I’d be able to use this portion on a existing site?

Is there any other way around? Do I need to install Wordpress then? I was hoping to be able to use the gallery on my website without Wordpress.

Do you have an email so I can write you?

This is Wordpress template we are talking about, so it requires wordpress to work with. But I assure you, it’s very easy and all described in documentation.

Hello is it possible can we use horizontal menu and other place can show a latest news?

thank you

Of course it is, but it will require some major CSS changes.

if you change it i can buy this

Sure here’s your code. Just place this in the bottom of your style.css file.

.menu_group .menu_item
    float: left;
    width: 24%;
    height: 40px;
    line-height: 42px;
    text-align: center;
.menu_group .menu_item .menu_item_arrow { display: none !important; }
#footer { clear: both; }
.menu_group .menu_item .menu_item_caption { margin: 0; }

Hi, Just purchased the theme. Have a couple of questions. 1) On the homepage, the menu and the flexslider only work if the WordPress Settings->Reading is set to show blog posts. It doesn’t work when it is set to Static Front Page – which is the case on my site. How can I make this work? 2) The images in posts are not showing are not responsive (not fluid-width). It doesn’t seem to be using the CSS from the theme’s stylesheet.

Could you help me with these? Thanks a lot.

Hello, thank you for purchasing. First issue is caused because there is template for showing first page including FlexSlider script. If you will set any other settting it will dissapear. YOu may optionaly add this FlexSlider manualy into code, here’s this line

if( has_action( 'insert_flex_slider' ) ) do_action('insert_flex_slider');
Your second issue just add special class for images like
<img class="custom_style" .....="" />

Hi, thanks for the reply.

For the first issue, both the menu AND flex-slider disappear if it is not set to blog posts. For the menu to work, does that mean I have to add code for the menu also? Where do I do this if I want to display the menu when homepage is set to show a static page?

For the second issue – I’m trying to make all the images I insert into every post to be fluid. So do I have to manually add the class to each image I insert using the Upload Media button? That doesn’t make the theme fully responsive?

hi , how can I configure the gallery as in your demo?

...so, i need the gallery that there is in DEMO VERSION, with panel for next image, prev image and close window as this way http://themeforest.net/item/lotus-mobile-and-tablet-responsive-template/full_screen_preview/3458536 thank you!

this is the code taken from demo version. Try it first.

I try… but the panel there isn’t look here: http://www.pcextremeweb.com/studioclic/?page_id=657

Hi. I have several Qs. I haven’t set up a mobile site before and have no coding knowledge. So my Qs: 1) Do you include instructions for how to divert main site to mobile site when mobile device detected? Does this happen automatically through theme settings or do I have to enter code? 2) Do you offer a clickable phone number when someone hits “contact us” or somewhere else on site? Can we put clickable phone number on front page? 3) Can we install logo at top of page where you have a photo? Thanks!

For clickable phone number just create HTML link like this one

<a href="tel:45451212">Call us</a>
. And about this logo issue where exactly do you want it? In dark variant it’s really simple to replace logo in header just replace this logo file on FTP.

Thank you for giving the code. But can I put this on the front page, where you have the menu? I like this theme but I want a clickable phone number on the front page of the mobile site, preferably with a button. Could you give the HTML for creating the button and tell me if I will be able to put above or below the menu on the front page? Also I don’t want to use FTP. I want to change images in WP. I’m have no coding knowledge. Can I put the logo on the front page using WordPress? I assume that I can because all other themes work this way but your answer has me wondering.

Logo has to be changet via FTP but it’s really simple! Level difficulty 1 of top 5. And if you want to force button into main page you will probably have to do it using simple HTML code and this code just place into index.php file. I can provide you this code afterwards.

Sorry I have yet another question. If I install this theme and divert my main website only when a mobile device is detected, will I have to essentially create a NEW site (meaning new pages & posts, new content all together) using your theme OR will your theme use all of the pages/posts from my main site, just using your theme?

Thank you!

I recommend to create new site for this theme. It seems to be the harder way but it’s really time saving for you.

i love this theme and so far all is good except for the gallery how can i get the Swipe slider and gallery when i attach a gallery instead of the gallery showed on the demo im getting just a file link

Thank you. About this gallery try to add class “showGallery” to your divs like this:

<a href="wp-content/themes/lotus/img/gallery/5.png" class="ShowGallery"><img class="custom_style" src="wp-content/themes/lotus/img/gallery/5.png" alt="Caption" /></a>

Hi, The Shareroller widget does not work when the theme is used with a theme-switcher. It loses the content of the widget. Any way to get around this?

Hello. This is common issue with wordpress switcher plugins. You see there’s only one setting for widgets but two templates but I’ve seen couple of tutorials how to get rid of this.

How to add icon on menu?

It can be made only by CSS.. background-image:url(‘icon.png’) 10% 50% no-repeat; .. ut you’ll have to adjust your own values.

I Used your site and sent a message to your e-mail Why ignore my messages ?

Hello, I would like to apologize for late answer. I just noticed there was issue with my email hosting and I didn’t receive any notification emails what so ever. I’m really sorry for that, thank you for notifying me here! You have ticket closed by now :-)

Thank you better developer ever

Hello, where do I ftp the logo?

Hello, logo PSD file should be in you ZIP file

Hi, great design! I am wondering if you can have a video on the home screen instead of the image slider?

Hello, thank you. Sure you can have anything on home page. If you have any problem just contact me on ticksy.