Discussion on Lotus - Spa & Wellness HTML Responsive Template

Discussion on Lotus - Spa & Wellness HTML Responsive Template

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Hi How to change the delay time for sequence slider

Answered in private email.

Hello .. I hope you have professional sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D

Has anyone had any parse errors when complete the contact form?

Hi, Iam looking for missing wordpress template. Can you help me?

Hello, i have this theme that was done for me and I am trying to change the background image instead of using the standard ones – how do i do this pleae? thank you

Please use account that you purchased theme with and send private message to confirm and get support. Support do not include customization service. Thank you.

Have a nice day!

Could you to help to me in that as to where I know to rewrite the Galleria gallery2.html to another language under the upcoming modification picture This text was ,,undefined,, ?

Hi and thanks!

in gallery2.html there are tags “figcaption” and inside every tag is code for one of images. Inside of figcaption tag is also “a” tag for pop-up image. First of them is around line 187 and has class=”imagepopup”. You can add “title=”your text” ” in that “a” tag to make it work.

a class=’imagepopup glass’ href=”images/galleryimage2.jpg” title=”your text here”>

Thank you.

Hello, there is an issue with creating new user. When user is created (even with admin rights) it’s not able to see content of page in backend – visual nor html. Any advice?

Hi, this is HTML template and can’t be used for creating new user. If you have WP version of this theme please contact author who created WP version. Thank you.

is it possible to buy the images?

Great work by the way!

Thanks, images can be purchased on http://photodune.net/

Hi, nice work overall just having one problem – the area reserved for a logo is too small – we have installed a larger logo – and made some code mods to get the desktop and smart phone (i.e. screen smaller than 768 wide) versions working – but we cannot get the iPad version to work – at all – the nav bar will not collapse – so the menu runs off page and its unreadable.

We have tried many iterations of @media changes in the CSS – since we did not write the original code it is impossible for us to find the sections that control this.

In essence, I want to do one of the following : swap out the larger logo for a smaller one that fits the original dimensions (i.e. 190×120) or better yet, collapse the menu earlier so that the full menu only displays on desktops and the collapsed iconic menu only displays on mobiles and tablets.

We have tried to sub a smaller logo – while that works, for some reason it still pushes the menu into the slide show below…

Fix that and this template is a 10. Thanks

You can try with 1000px

OK I’ll try – Thanks.

It worked – its not perfect, but definitely will get us by for now. Thanks for the response and help ! Much appreciated.

Hi rayoflight, could you please help me on my email issue. i think it was working but it is not, maybe some of my setting is wrong. i did change email address to gmail account not hosting account. my setting is as follow on sendEmail.php. Do i need to put submit.php file as well in server.?
$site_owners_email = ‘example@gmail.com
$mail = new PHPMailer();

$mail->From = $email;
$mail->FromName = $name;
$mail->Subject = "$subject";
$site_owners_name); $mail->AddAddress('', '');
$mail->Body = $comments;
$mail->Mailer = "smtp";
$mail->Host = "http://mydomain.com";
$mail->Port = 21;
$mail->SMTPSecure = "tls";
$mail->SMTPAuth = true; // turn on SMTP authentication
$mail->Username = "YOUR HOSTING EMAIL ADDRESS"; // SMTP username
$mail->Password = "YOUR HOSTING EMAIL PASSWORD"; // SMTP password

Thanks for your reply, isn’t there any other way to use gmail with out adding password because i don’t want to know my client password after i hand over to them. Please give me suggestion which way is better to use just gmail. i don’t want to use own domain email. Thanks

I am not sure about gmail without password, please find more about that in official gmail documentation. Anyway for my template it is recommended to use server email and then redirect to gmail.

ok, Thanks for that i will try with my own domain server email with smtp setting. lets hope it will work. Thanks.

Hi. I using gallery2 (http://rayoflightthemes.com/htmltemplates/lotus_html_template/spa_green/gallery2.html) for my albums. In tab “All”, I want limit six object (six image). Please help me. Thankyou!

Hi, tab “all” will always show all objects (images) that you add in gallery. One image is inside “figure” tags, so if you add 6 figure tags you will see 6 images in “all ” tab. If you’re looking for more detailed jQuery solution and customization please see official Isotope plugin site for more info: http://isotope.metafizzy.co/

Yes, Thankyou!

Hi could you please let me how you email is works. am wondering why do i have to enter the host user name and password in sendemail.php ?

It is phpMailer script, please see details here https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer

Hi could you please tell me where do i have to change email address etc. am not getting any emails

Hello i just bought the template but 2 colors are missing. How can i get the the second green one ?

Hi, all colors should be in folder you downloaded. If you can’t find it send me email through my contact form and I will send you color that you want.

Hi rayoflightt, Very nice template, but am not happy on contact us page because when because error message is displayed on next page instead of same with ajax effect, i hope you got what am trying to say, is it possible to do that way ? And if i purchase this theme will you tell me the location(jQuery) to customise the responsive menu to make hamburger button? Thanks

Hi Knoky, thanks for your interest in my template. I can send you script that will make contact us page with ajax effect. That should be added in next update of template. Regarding menu I can tell you where menu code is in html and in js. Other customization that you wish you can do yourself. Thanks.

Thanks done am going to buy right now. will be waiting your script

Email sent.

Hi rayoflightt, I am so close to buying the theme but I am wondering is it possible to have hamburger responsive menu, or something like #collapseWholeMenu? Currently in mobile/tablet view all menu items are expanded, and few sub-items are collapsed. Thanks!

Hi, It is not tested but since collapsible menu is jQuery accordion it should be possible to customize it for someone who knows jQuery or simply replace current accordion menu with accordion that you need. You can see in html there are commented parts of code for small screen accordion menu.

Nice page, can you tell me what i need to set to make work the contact form? if i give you my email on gmail can you set up the file for me? thank u

Hi, first you need to contact me from account that you purchased theme with to confirm purchase. Then check this link: http://themeforest.net/item/-lotus-spa-wellness-html-responsive-template/4635420/faqs/16275 about form setup and see documentation for template. If you tried to set form up following instructions and still have problem send me sendemail.php file (you can delete your password from it) via Themeforest contact form to confirm purchase and get support. I will check did you correctly added data in it.

hi, we are doing business of herbal cosmetics is this template is suitable ? our own logo can be added ? pls suggest

thanks rajesh

Yes it is suitable and you can add your logo

How to edit the logo ? I would like to make the logo width bigger?

Thank you,

Thanks a lot!! Can you tell me one more thing? I would like to know how to set up for the send email working? Which files should I edit?

Excellnt Work :D I like it !! Good Luck with sales

Thank you

Hi, I have some troubles to load my images in the service page, can you explain what I have to change? The img are already in the website folder. Thanks


In service page, inside tabs, images are loaded via style.css. In service.html find comment “tabs” – inside that is html for tabs with circle images (I suppose you ask for that images). Then find classes: specialimg1, specialimg2, specialimg3 etc. In style.css find this: .ch-grid4 .specialimg1 { background: url(../images/special1.jpg); } .ch-grid4 .specialimg2 { background: url(../images/special2.jpg); } etc

You can see that circle images in tabs are loaded from this classes via style.css as background images. Now you can copy/paste and/or change names of classes (specialimg1, specialimg2 etc) as much as you wish to achieve number of tab’s images you need. I hope this helps.



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