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Hi there, is it possbile to start accordion closed? i updated theme cuz we had a server crash.. now we wanna use the accordions… in which script can i change attitude? :) thanks


Please submit this to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and one of our developers will send you correct line you should edit :)


Hi there,

quick question: Can I have a multi-language version of my site that I built using Lounge? Basically, I will need to have the option to have the site in three different languages so was wondering what’s the best way to do that within the original language version.

Many thanks! Z


You should use WPML plugin and we will help you to take care of one small fix :)


Hi, veri niece theme, but cannot instal requiered revslide plugin. i get error in install. Chmode is 777, others plugins work correctly. What happend? please helpme. thanx, Jozef

Please activate main theme, install slider and then activate child theme again :)

ok, thanx now work correctly

We’re glad that it worked :)

Best Regards



I am not sure I understand your question. Can you explain it better?



You need to create Revoluion Slider (you can find its docs in the theme package). Then you need to copy its shortcode to “Enter revolution slider shortcode” field in Qode Custom Fields below page editor.


hi, i was wondering if we can add some caption to the images in a portfolio?

have not received a response. can u help to check with your support side? thanks.

i have just replied to the response. hope the support team can help to get this resolved soon. thanks!


They are working very hard and they are handling tickets from oldest to newest. They will also get to your ticket :)



We have the same problem than “multi2media in themeforest”

“multi2media PURCHASED

ipad&utf8=%E2%9C%93#comment_5395346”>3 months ago ipad%26utf8%3D%25E2%259C%2593”>Flag Hello, we posted 3 month ago the following question:

We have a problem with the theme in ipad. You can simulate it on your demo site.

1. Use an ipad 2. click on “About us” > “Our team” 3. Try to reach the submenu with “About us” again 4. No submenu

Its only working on not activated level 0 menu. Any suggestions? Thx for your help

You said, you would fix it – any solutions? Thx”

I Think that you responded to this question some days ago in your website, but we still having the problem.


In this link you can find a video that I record with the exact problem


Thanks, I hope that you can respond me as soon as possible


website: http://immograf.com/clients/gracia


our support stuff has just replied to your ticket. :)

Best Regards


Thanks for your help, we proved it and it runs perfect!

Great :) Thanks for the update :)


As you told me, we have send you the acces of our site. The ticket number is # 185352

Thanks. Our support will handle it.

Hi, i need help with simple link “a href…” i put link in one page to open other page, all in one domain in one theme, but link dont work. please check this:


link is this code:


and should by open this page:


but no.

only show location in location bar but page not work. when reload link with F5 or Enter, page work correctly.

what happen?

thank us for any suggestion or solution, Zador

Hi Zador,

please submit a ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ with WP admin access and our support stuff will help you as soon as possible. :)

Best Regards


As I can update my template without losing lounged css styles that I’ve changed?


If you placed your own CSS in Custom CSS field in Qode options, you will not lose the changes, but if you made changes directly to CSS file, you will lose them if you overwrite the file with new version.


I upload all files to ftp on the folder lounge, but not the version updated? my actually version of lounge theme is 1.0.2 and I can’t upgrade to last one. I used filezilla for upload the files.


We can take a look at your files if you submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access.


Quick question: We need to have our site multi-language but it appears that the WPML plugin does not support lounge theme? Can you please advise if this is the case or not? If it DOES support the lounge theme, what would be the fix to have the site in multiple languages? many thanks.


It will work just fine with one small tweak our support can make :)


I really like this theme but it has problems with some external plugins that limits the extensibility. Has anyone had any experience getting around this problem?

I would like to list pages on a page based on category or id. I found pagelist but the theme will not render the shortcode in the live/published page. It works fine in preview.

I tried using a raw shortcode wrapper, but the theme would not render the list in the published page.

Anybody seen similar issues?

The developer of the theme was not helpful this far.

Thanks for the prompt reply! #191093

Can you please reply back to ticket? Just posted question there.

Btw, I am sorry for very poor answer from one of our support staff. I’ve just explained them that this shouldn’t repeat again and that our goal is to try to help whenever we can, no matter if the problem is related to plugin client is trying to use.

Hi Guys,

Is there a limit to how many ‘Accordion’ drop downs you can have on a page? It seems to go horribly wrong when there are more than 4.

Is 4 Accordion tabs the limit?



Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access so we can take a look and try to help you :)


Hi Guys, What is the html code you used in the footer widget section section to get the customer counter animation?

Thanks, Mike.

Thanks for a fast reply!

Hey Mike,

Here you go :)http://screencast.com/t/ilU44Ouxb


Hi, good theme! I don’t know how to insert a Logo into the Footer. Could you help me? Thanks.


Here is how we added it:



Thanks! A few more questions: how to reduce margin between the end of the text and beginning of the footer…? Second question: I don’t want to show any back button and chose NO in the global options but it still shows. Tks!


Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and include WP admin access.


Hi, may I set a Link and an Alt for an icon? How?

Thank you Claudia

Hey Claudia,

Can you please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com and share the link to the page with icons, so we can understand better your question?



ADH Purchased

Hi Guys.

My site is lovely and responsive on the desktop, but not on mobile… can you have a look please – http://www.stablewebdesign.co.uk?

Also, will this theme work ok with the latest version of WP?



Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ so our support can take a look at responsive issue.

Please don’t upgrade WP until we state that our theme is compatible with it.


Dear Customers,

please don’t upgrade WordPress to 3.9 until we test the theme with it and until all plugins used with the theme are tested and if needed upgraded to work well with 3.9. We will update theme’s profile when this process is completed (you should check Software Version attribute there).



for an “align” issue, we are having a problem for a long time. I sent the details via message to you.


Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com/ and our support will reply after Easter.


Thanks for the new update (v1.2)! ;)

You are welcome :)

Just to confirm: No problems so far with WP 3.9 & WPML v3.1.5b2! :)

Great, thanks for the update :)

when will it work with 3.9?

Still got issues after reuploading through cuteftp with binary mode…

Please submit ticket to http://qode.ticksy.com so our support can try to help you.