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Nice design. I like it.

Thanks :)

Clean & creative. Like it too!

Thanks Mega Drupal :) congratulations for your works

Very cool! Dig it!

thanks I’m glad you like it :)

Thanks :) congratulation for your portfolio!

Will there be a HTML version?


I want to evaluate if it can be an interesting article .. I hope so :) My plan is to develop html in september ..

Thanks for the comment :)


thanks for your patience! The HTML5 version is now available!



Very nice work , GLWS !

Thanks Atlaspix :)

Thanks clamalt!!! Grazie :)

Wow, nice work, I hope to see a web version soon, I wannaaaaa buy it ;)

Hello thanks for the comment. I’m glad you like it :) Yes, there will be a HTML5 version in September .. I hope :) Thank you and congratulations for Android UI Flat Template, i like it :)

Great design containing all elements/pages needed. This fits my needs perfectly! (Clean professional design without losing a holiday / travel feel!)

Purchased & happy :)

ohh nice!

Thank you for your wonderful comment and thank you for purchasing the theme.

I am very happy! THANK YOU

Hi there this design is exactly what I need. Will you also be creating a word press version?


nice, I’m very glad you like it. Certainly the HTML5 version at the beginning of October, for the version of WordPress I want to evaluate if it can be an interesting article.

Thank you so much for the comment :)

i want too in html or wordpress.

Yes, of course, I’m working. Thanks for the comment :)

Great design!

Is there a forecast for the release date of the html version?



I’m glad you like it. I can not give you an exact date, I’m working a lot, I hope between 3 weeks to finish.

Thanks for the comment

I see in your template a price, your template supports paypal payments? Save the contact info in some database? Can I import the contacts to a CVS or Excel document?


“Love Travel” is a template in the category “PSD”, it’s just a graphic file.

Thanks for the comment

What a awesome design :D Still waiting of the html version :D

This is one of the best design, I’ve never seen before like that in travel sector. How I said, waiting for the html template :D Nice work again 10 STARS!!!

OHHH!! fantastic! thanks for your nice words :)

Fantastic!!! Wish you so much sales! :)

Hi Sanja thanks :)

Awesome template!!I’m waiting for the HTML5 version! :)

Hi, thank you for your interest. is longer than i expected, I’m working I hope to finish as soon as possible.


Updated: ThemeForest gave me a soft reject, I just added some features. Tomorrow sending the issue again. I think that will be available on Monday. Thank you for your patience.

Nice design, when will HTML/ Wordpress be available?

Hello thanks for the comment. At the end of the month I think it will be ready :)

Great stuff.


thank you for purchasing the theme and thank you for your wonderful comment :)


Do you have a date for WP release? Thank you.


no I’m sorry. We are implementing the html5 version but for wordpress I can not provide a date. Thanks for your interest :)


Is this responsive?


thanks for your interest. This is a PSD theme.. it’s just a graphic file.