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Ok! Last question!

How can I make the VALIDATION (“Your Email Was Sent”) appear next to the form when the SEND button is selected like it does in your Demo? For some reason, mine opens a new window with those words at the top on a blank page.


and yes, contact.php is in the same folder

Ok! I figured it out. I looks like the validate.min.js file was missing from the folder. I ripped it from the link, added it to my server, and everything works correctly. =)

Great to hear that! I was about to write to you just now :D

Heyy! Awesome template!

I have one question: can i make a preloader in a easy way with that template?

thanks so much!

Hi, thank you! There is a simple preloader already used. But if you want something different, you can use for example this preloader http://thinkpixellab.com/pxloader/

The fonts for the Love.ly template are not displaying correctly in Chrome. They look great in Firefox or IE.

Any ideas? Please advise,


Hi, what do you mean that are not displayed correctly? Can you send a screenshot, please? Thanks

Great stuff.. and here comes a presale question—can i change color palette? Do you provide color palette CSS? I would be glad to have multiple colors.

Hi, there is no color palette in CSS, but you can edit colors if you install SCSS compiler by editing .SCSS files

The Contact Form doesn’t work at all. I tried two web servers that have PHP environment. I still can’t receive email. I checked JS files. They are all from 2013. Can you please help as soon as possible?

Hi, I can’t see your purchase badge and also this item is not supported.

I can use my company’s email which we used it to purchase the product to show you we purchased it. If the form doesn’t work, why do you still sell it?

Here I am. Please make your form work. I am working on my company project.

Hi, did you edit the contact.php file? I have tried to send an email and it works OK. Did you check the spam folder?

Hello, thanks for your job !

But ..

There is a big issue with your slider ! Try to swap with an iphone or ipad…

It’s a big big big problem. People use phone more than pc. And your website doesn’t work on that device… :(

since iOS 7

Hi, we have dropped support for this template.