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Do you have any updates coming up with some new features?

There will be an update with fixes for minor bugs reported this month. Please let me know if you have any suggestions about the new features.

Hi, thinking of buying your theme, is the theme ready to go as soon as its installed or I have to do some major work on it on my part?


If you want to get the same functionality and layout as on the live preview it’s possible to get it in 2 minutes, please view this screencast

ok, thanks.. will check it out

Pre sale question: I need a paid video chat, is it possible to insert it without custom code? I mean plugins like Cometchat or Arrowchat? Or can you code for me? Thank you


Replacing the built-in chat requires code customizations and unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this. You can consider hiring a developer for customizing LoveStory on or any similar service.


I’m thinking of purchasing this theme but I wanted to know if there are any tutorials out there to help me.

Sure, please follow this screencast step by step to get the same layout as on the live preview Also you can view other screencasts about LoveStory here or in the documentation folder of the archive that you downloaded from ThemeForest.

Thanks for posting the solution!

Hi I wonder can I set up so members can chat without login? Like a button send message


Unfortunately there’s no such option because chat requires registration, anonymous chat stores messages in the browser cache and it would be lost on every cache clearing.

Hi ! Two Questions : 1) can I hide a profile field from visitors as well as members (such as email , phone number) or can I add these fields in the registration form? 2) what will be the url string for a member registred at the site


1. It’s possible to add private fields that will be visible only to subscribers of the premium memberships, but if you don’t need this feature it’s possible to make them visible to administration only, it requires a simple code fix.

2. By default there’s a “profile” URL slug, but it’s possible to change it


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1) kindly advise how to change this url slug 2) how to mark/add a profile as featured profile

1. Please change it on line 32 in lovestory/framework/config.php file and then refresh permalinks in Settings/Permalinks section.

2. You can set profile IDs manually, please edit profiles shortcode on the home page and try setting IDs, for example:

[profiles ids="1,2,3"]

Having a pager issue here When i click page 2 I don’t see any results. I see the following Please help. :)

I am using the Profiles template for this page. See here

Please try to change URL slug of this page, as far as I know “search” keyword is reserved for post search. You can edit this page and change URL slug below the page title field.

Thanks! That worked.

The profile search wisget–can the items be customized and added to?

If you mean the advanced search form on the profiles page then yes, you can add custom fields of a few types (select, text, string). Home page search bar shows only a few basic fields because they form the sentence (I’m a … seeking a …).


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Hi, where can I download a child theme for Lovestory?


Child theme structure is the same for any theme, please generate a child theme with 1 click using this plugin


I am getting this error :

jquery.custom.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

I am missing the jquery.custom file. I have searched in my customized template and in a fresh unzipped lovestory template in both i cant find the file.


If you didn’t remove it this file is located in lovestory/js folder. You can download the latest version from your account on ThemeForest and upload this file manually or replace the whole folder.

I never removed it. And when i download a new version. The jquery.custom file is still missing.

Please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue.

HI , I have tried to upload the demo content , with the help of, but I rcvd following errors Failed to create new user for George. Their posts will be attributed to the current user. Failed to create new user for Maggie. Their posts will be attributed to the current user.

Hi please send me your email address where i can send my WP access

hi, i have sent the details to your email through your profile page

Thanks for the details, I’ve just replied via email.

hola saludos soy de chile y me interesa mucho comprar su theme pero antes tengo unas preguntas

1.existe la opcion para bloquear a un usuario teniendolo de amigo y no de amigo? pueden añadir emoticones y opcion para mandar fotos al chat y al dejar mensajes privados?

3. Existe la opcion de que para enviar un mensaje privado a una persona antes se le envie una solicitud o opcion para que ella te asepte antes?


Thanks, glad you like it!

1. Yes, if you mean adding user to the ignore list it’s possible.

2. It’s possible to use smileys, unfortunately it’s not possible to send photos via chat.

3. There’s no such thing as accepting another profile, you can simply reply to chat messages or decide to ignore user.

Hello , Can you translate this theme easily?


Sure, it’s easy to translate all static texts like button captions, account menu items etc. directly in WordPress using this plugin

Hello, I’m thinking about buying this template for a nanny-family matchmaker. Could you please answer the following questions?:

1. I would like to keep the profiles strictly private, I mean, users have to pay the membership fee to be able to see any profile (both nannies and families). Is it possible?

2. I would like that families can only see nanny profiles, and nannies can only see families profiles. Is it possible?

3. Can the nannies rate the families, and can the families rate the nannies? I would like to have that characteristic.

4. I would like that each participant can send a private message to the administrator (me) to file a private complaint about the other party, is it possible?

5. I would like to collect private information of participants for safety and for the records, but I don’t want that information to be displayed in their profiles (home address, email address, phone number,...). Is it possible to make some profile fields only visible to the administrator?

6. Can I build up a database automatically with all the email addresses of participants?

7. Each participant needs to create their own password to be able to login, to see other’s profiles, and to add modifications to their own profiles, correct?

Thank you very much. Carmencilla


1. Memberships limit the number of messages, gifts, photos etc. by default, they don’t limit the profile visibility, but it’s possible to change this with a few code changes.

2, 3, 4. Unfortunately there’re no such options. Reporting can be implemented using a third-party contact form plugin.

5. It’s possible to create private fields that are visible only to users with premium membership, but it’s possible to change this to administrators.

6. WordPress stores user emails so it’s possible to export them or use third-party mailing plugins.

7. Sure, by default WordPress requires basic details like username, password and email address.

Please feel free to send more requirements to I may consider developing a separate theme for matching purposes, a lot of customers buy LoveStory for non-dating purposes, for example for client/business matchmakers and it’s a bit different niche.