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can you remove the boxed in setting and make it a full page? do you have that option? or can it be removed via special coding?

There’s no such styling option, but if you’re familiar with CSS it’s easy to restyle the layout with custom CSS snippets (e.g. remove the content area border).

is there a way to blur the images from non-members when they are searching for profiles or to make it to where non-members can’t search at all? Also, is there a way to separate the sign in and registration page?

There’re no such options at the moment, you can block only the detailed profile pages, in this way users are motivated to register or buy membership to view the full details.

Hi how to redirect a user after registration to another page instead of profile dashboard


It’s possible with a simple code change. Please try changing line 508 in lovestory/framework/classes/themex.user.php file to:

ThemexInterface::$messages[]='<a href="custom URL here" class="redirect"></a>';

You can edit this file in Appearance/Theme Editor section.

Hi, I’m having troubles changing the footer copyright text. I want to change the LoveTheme © 2020 to something else. I tried editing the footer.php file but it’s giving me errors. I think this should be much easier to do than changing it in the footer.php but I’m missing this option somewhere.


You don’t have to change this in the code, please set custom copyright text in Appearance/Theme Options/General section.

Hi, I installed woocommerce but since it is my first time using it I don’t understand how to link the memberships to the products. Can you give me a step-by-step description on how to achieve this?

I meant step-by-step guide sorry.

Please try following this screencast step by step https://themex.co/docs/lovestory#managing-memberships


I really appreciate your theme as its fully customisable. Perhaps, I would like to know where are store the “Gift” in database. I still cannot find them as I would like to delete some users’ gift.

UPDATE: Sorry, I found them in the meta_key: Themex_gifts

Thanks again for your theme. It really well develops! Best

Thanks, glad you like it! If you have other questions please contact me via email support@themex.co or you can register on the support forum https://themex.co/support

When a user tries to register. The verification field is blank. There is no capture or image displayed. Is there a plugin you would recommend to fix this ? This has been an ongoing issue with this theme


I’ve just replied on the forum https://themex.co/support/topic/slide-3

After new WP version I am getting JS errors on page. Not able to do lots of things. Are there any updates on this theme asap?

This update broke a lot of themes, please try using this plugin as a temporary fix https://wordpress.org/plugins/enable-jquery-migrate-helper/ I’ll update LoveStory as soon as possible.

Hi. Is it possible to change the gender section? Add more options. Not just man and woman. Thank you for your response. Sincerely.

Sure, but with a simple code fix, please try editing lovestory/framework/config.php (you can edit it via Appearance/Theme Editor) and add new options to the genders list (it’s defined at line 1621).

Great theme thanks! But I got some havy troubles when I do an update to Wordpress 5.5.X Then this theme is not working anymore. Here only a short list of things that do not work anymore:

- No access to the Media-Files - Cannot change the featured images - No access to the Theme Options - Buttons are not working/clickable on the whole page

Please try updating it to the latest version compatible with WordPress 5.5+, you can download it here https://themex.co/support/topic/theme-updates-wordpress-5-5

I installed successfully the theme and the demo. But I have a big problem. If I click on appearance – Theme Option, I get a black page. Basically I can see all the different subcategories in theme options (General, Styling, Headers, Registration, and so on) but in the main window, I just have a white screen with nothing displaying. Wrote to the support, but no answer yet. Anyone here does he knows why and how I can fix it?

Please download the latest theme version here (you can register using your purchase code) https://themex.co/support/topic/theme-updates-wordpress-5-5 Once you update it in Appearance/Themes section, please clear the browser cache and this issue should be resolved.

Hello, I’ve just you an email regarding theme installation please check it, thanks

Please make sure that you sent it to support@themex.co You can also use the contact form on my profile page https://themeforest.net/user/themex I checked the inbox and couldn’t find an email from you.

Hi, I’ve just sent you an email through the form as you said please check, thanks

please check again I’ve corrected the details, thanks

can we use it in matrimonial website? and if we buy it then we also have to buy any plugins or it will give all features or the features will be done in free plugin? after instakking this theme we want any premium plugin or it will work?

Sure, if it has the required features you can use it for a matrimonial website. You don’t have to buy any additional plugins to get the same functionality as on the demo site.


nerkasa Purchased

Hi, I’m considering purchase of my second instance of LoveStory theme. Since it will be retiring soon, I have some questions: Will you provide paid support for this theme after 2020-06, and if so – what will be the pricing?

If not – are you planning to find a solution to these recent themeforest policies, that made you retire LoveStory theme – for example, to create a similar plugin instead of a theme, or a plugin just for “functionality” + a theme for “looks”, or use 3rd party plugin such as BuddyPress?


The support for this theme will end in mid-2021, unfortunately there’s no option to renew it, but if any incompatibility issue arises after the support period, you can hire someone on Fiverr for a really low fee to fix it (also, WordPress rarely breaks backward compatibility).

Separating LoveStory into a theme and plugin would mean rebuilding it from scratch, it was built in the era of “app themes” when all-in-one solutions were allowed. Moving it to BuddyPress would also mean breaking backward compatibility for all existing buyers.

I’m working on new themes, based on HivePress plugin (so they meet the ThemeForest requirements initially), but there’s no plan to build a dating theme at the moment.


gosmay Purchased

From what I understand, there won’t be a new version of LoveStory? I bought it more than 1 year ago, and due to other people’s issues, I could never work on it. Now he had planned to install it, but knowing that there would be no new version, he was amazed. I was sure that there would be an update.


LoveStory still works exactly as advertised and it’ll receive maintenance updates until mid-2021. The latest version is not listed on ThemeForest (updates for all-in-one themes are forbidden now), but you can get it here (please register with your purchase code) https://themex.co/support/topic/theme-updates-wordpress-5-5

Hi can i add more fields to the profile details and also add more fields profile search form?


Yes, you can add custom profile fields of a few types (select, single-line and multi-line text), and add these fields to the advanced search form (not the main search bar).


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