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Hello, i will buy this theme if following is easy to edit.

1, Instead of ” I am a man seeking a woman “

I want the following: - I am a Traveler seeking another Traveler:- Button = Find Traveler

The above part is quiet easy, and i mostly know how to change the text and or / Language.

But following below..

When i press the button ” Get Matches / Get traveler ” I want the search option to show both woman’s and men’s in the searches and not only one gender. And i want to apply the same for both logged in as well for logged out users.

/ Best regards Carl M

2, Can i also take the “Logged out” Profile-Search in the “Profiles section” and replace this for the “Logged-in-User’s” “Profiles Section”

So i want “Logged in user’s” to se same search critierias from Profiles-Section as if they were logged out.

Best regards.


1. It’s possible to rename any fields, all static texts are wrapped with translation functions so code changes are not required.

2. If you change gender field to “traveler” then it will work by default, but if you mean leaving gender field and showing members without filtering them by gender then a few code changes may be required.

3. Can’t quite understand what you mean, but changing layouts and built-in buttons may require code customizations anyway.

Hi, we are interested in buying this theme for a client, but have some questions.

1) Do you have a demo access to the wp admin dashboard? 2) Are the headers for this theme fixed width, full width or can I change it?



1. Please check all back-end options on these screenshots Currently there’s no admin demo for security reasons.

2. There’s a fixed width by default, but it’s easy to change it with CSS customizations.

Quick question: if we adapt this into a networking site instead of a pure dating site, can we have more than two kind of users? So rather than just ‘man’ and ‘woman’, can we have (for example), ‘Audio Owner’, ‘Ford Owner’, ‘Nissan Owner’, etc? Any limit to the number of types of user?

Sure, it’s possible to change this list in the theme configuration file, there’s no limit on the number of options.