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I have this theme now 1 year ago. Now i see that on the home page it’s missing Open Graph.

When i try to share on Facebook the website ( home page ), it’s no image, only the the meta title and meta description.

any ideea how i can solve this problem ?

I confirm that i use Yoast by SEO.


Facebook requires specific tags for fetching images and content, please try using this plugin for setting the required details

That’s fine, Many thank’s for your reply !

Hi there

I’m interested in this theme but one thing i noticed.

When a user completes their profile on the demo, you can add your own city…this adds to the search widget.

problem is yoiu can have a massive list of duplicate cities and poor spelling.

How can we change this should we buy this to make it a dropdown of main cities we add as admin…

regards Stef


Currently it’s a text field and a list of cities is based on user input to avoid showing cities without registered users. Yes, if city is set incorrectly it will appear anyway and may duplicate the correct city in the list, but you can edit incorrect cities by editing user profiles in WordPress dashboard.

Hey Lovestory,

I really like your theme. I want to use it for something else than a dating site though. I was wondering if the following is possible:

1. Are people able to livechat without making an account? 2. Can you seperate the signup? Make different profile pages for different groups of people (eg. business signup, and customer signup) 3. Is it possible to save livechat history, eg. adding a button “send chat as message” 4. Is it possible to add more than man or woman, eg. transgender or… i dont know.. cleaning lady. 5. Is it possible to have like push notifications. That if someone is in a different tab in their browser that they get the message popping up?

Love to hear from you!

Regards, Robert

Hi, thanks, glad you like it!

1. Registration is required, otherwise chat would be anonymous.

2. Currently there’s no such option, but you can add custom or replace existing profile field for this purpose, for example “gender” to “type” and change options to “business”, “personal” etc.

3. Unfortunately it’s not possible, chat messages are not saved, but private messages are saved in the same way as emails.

4. Yes, also you can add custom fields of a few types (select, text, string).

5. Currently there’s no such option, there’s a popup notification, but it’s limited by the site area.

Hi, I need to add on the user’s profile page the text ‘You Must Enable Your Free Trial In The Menu Before You Can Upload Photos And Chat To Members’ how would I do so as I have disabled everything on the profile till the user does this, leading to some confusion.

Is it also possible to add a hyperlink to this and have it as a side bar message on users profiles?

Is it possible to have users automatically be directed to the free trial sign up page upon clicking save on their profile?

Or is there a way to redirect the header buttons so that they go to Enable Free Trial when someone goes to register?


1. It’s possible with a simple code change, please send temporary WP access in PM and I’ll make it.

2. Redirecting would require adding a custom function, unfortunately there’s no such option by default.

3. Please try using this plugin for changing any static texts without code changes

Hi Ive sent the details through

1. Is there a way tot disable passwords or something. I intend to create a bunch of users by myself?

Basically no option for a user to create an account but just submit their information to my email and I add it in to a new member page myself

2. Can one have both the subscription service cost for the membership, but also have a webpage for a store and sell physical items on there too?

2. When you say there are no “marketplace” features, do you mean you can’t charge people for subscriptions,


just that you can charge a subscription fee for membership, although its made differently to where you can’t sell items with the woocommerce?

I mean this part “have a webpage for a store and sell physical items on there too”. Maybe I misunderstood your question – if you want to sell regular products along with memberships then sure, it’s possible. If you mean adding and selling products by users – it’s not possible, there’re no marketplace features.

Okay, I did not mean allowing other users to sell their products. Thank you

Hi there,

Perfect theme as per my requirements but wanted to do some modifications. so before buying i want to know that i can do the required things.

1) looking for some additional fields in the profile form i.e occupation, partner expectations, education, hobbies etc. (since we are doing matrimonial things)

2) Also, can we give or generate unique profile id to everyone, once the user registered means they can directly visit or search other user by id. (Since lots of people have same surname.)

3) Also, profile search option is not showing on mobile. (demo theme)

Love to hear from you!

Regards, shridsan

Please contact ThemeForest support It’s a marketplace and unfortunately I’m not responsible for payments on ThemeForest, I’m just a developer.

Hi there,

I have purchased the theme.

Also, i stared making website but i got some issues regarding which i have posted on

still i’m not getting an reply.

Regards, Shridsan

I’m sorry for the late reply, please check your topics and let me know if you have any questions.

Hi this theme looks great. But before I buy it I have a couple of questions or specific needs: - Languages: Can this be in translated in couple of different languages? - geo-restrictions: 1. people from my country can choose to see only my country or only other countries, or mix 2. people from other countries can see only people in my country - Can this be integrated with some kind of video-chat/stream with private(membership) and public options? - is it possible to make a mobile app out of this?


themex Author

Hi, thanks!

1. It’s possible using WPML, but please that there’s no full integration. For example profile description set by users will not be translated automatically.

2. Currently there’s no such option.

3. There’s a built-in text chat, implementing video chat is possible, but it requires customizations.

4. Mobile app is a totally different technology, you can try using services for generating apps based on WordPress sites but I’m sure that they will not generate the whole functionality, maybe just embed your site in an app.