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Insulin Purchased

I just bought this theme and wanted to have a “first 50 members get bronze for free”, is there any way to specify this for each individual member? Thanks

Hi, the easiest way is adding new members to the bronze (or other custom membership you’ve added) manually under the membership content editor and stop doing this after 50th registered user. Also you can set the same limits for the free membership in Appearance/Theme Options/Membership section so new users will get the same limits as in the bronze membership, then you can reset limits after the 50th user.


Insulin Purchased

Thank you for the prompt answer, I will look at this, Is there any way to decide which membership they will have when registering? And also, I can’t seem to set up the payments for the memberships. Do you by any chance have any kind of guide for that? Thanks

All users get free membership by default, please set it’s limits in Appearance/Theme Options/Membership section. Please follow this screencast to set a price for membership

Hi, Is this theme support that only after paying for registration fee, the members will be able to search or access any other users profile? I mean I want to keep the whole profile system hidden for guest, they can only see general pages and registration pages, the registered user will be able to see dating area, can able to search profile, can view profile, can request for contact details etc.

Hi, currently there’s no such option, memberships limit the number of messages, gifts, photos and chat. It’s possible to hide single profile pages for guest users.

Hello, how do you handle the city field? I see it’s an open text field where the user enters the city. However, I assume this can lead to problems. For example some cities like swedish cities have a lot of accents in their names, so people may type it differently, with accents, with no accents, etc. Also, for cities like Vienna some people may type the german name Wien. All these may result in problems like: -multiple cities get created in the search box drop down, while they are actually the same city. -the list of cities can get super long if users are fro small cities, there can be many many small cities in each country.

So my main point here is: wasn’t it better to use some Google Place field where you start typing and the city is given to you? This is like Airbnb and all website location based do. To avoid people adding multiple cities. Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, really appreciate this, but currently i’m working on the other theme update. I’ll try to improve location fields in the future versions, it may not be easy without breaking the backward compatibility with the old LoveStory versions.

I see, that’s why I was suggesting to maybe do it as a separate option so users could decide to switch if they want, or keep the default setting if it’s working for them. Without pressuring too much I just would like to know how long I should expect to wait to see if you are able to work on this improvement. I am in need to start a project and maybe I should consider hiring someone to do this customization. But I am concerned as later I won’t be able to update the theme released from you, because even if customization is done in a child theme I assume it will involve many templates or some with main functionality.

Unfortunately i can’t say for sure, but if this customization is required and you decided you use LoveStory for your project please find a developer for adding the location field. You can customize the theme framework directly – LoveStory was updated a few days ago and currently there’re no known issues.

Hello… Pre Sales Questions -

1 ) How many fields can you have?

2 ) Are those fields editable? meaning can they be anything I want?

3 ) Can the “Gift” system be disabled?

4 ) Are their limits to sending gifts?

5 ) What if someone receives the same gift from someone else?

6 ) Are the images for “Gifts” easy to change?

7 ) What plugins are required?

8 ) Plans to add Twitter / Google + / LinkedIn Logins?

9 ) Possible to Enable the full html TinyMCE functionality?

10 ) Can these fields be whatever I want?

11 ) Is this theme only a Boxed design?

Thanks! IC

12 ) Profile image – Any plans to add photo crop ?

13 ) For user profiles – Any Plans to Integrate Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

14 ) Can you make user profile details only visible to logged in members ?

Thanks! I know I’m asking a lot of questions… You have created a very nice clean looking theme.

Hi, thanks!

1. The number of fields is not limited, but please note that this search bar contains only basic fields, custom fields appear in the advanced search form. Also if there’re a lot of custom fields query may become slower depending on your hosting plan.

2. There’re a few types of custom fields (select, text, string). You can set any labels for these fields or change labels for existing fields.

3. Yes.

4. Yes, membership limits the number of gifts.

5. It’s send again because it may be a different gift.

6. Yes.

7. Only WooCommerce plugin if you want to sell memberships, it’s free.

8. Currently it’s not planned, but Facebook login is available by default.

9. If you mean WordPress dashboard it’s possible, front-end forms may require code customizations.

10. Yes, you can hide existing fields or add custom fields of a few types (select, text, string).

11. Yes, please check available styling and layout options on these screenshots

12. Currently it’s cropped automatically, if you mean selecting the crop area there’s no such option.

13. If you mean fetching photos, posts etc. from these networks automatically currently it’s not planned.

14. Users can hide gifts, favorites and photos, it’s possible to hide profile pages from guest users globally in WordPress settings.