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I just bought this theme and wanted to have a “first 50 members get bronze for free”, is there any way to specify this for each individual member? Thanks

Hi, the easiest way is adding new members to the bronze (or other custom membership you’ve added) manually under the membership content editor and stop doing this after 50th registered user. Also you can set the same limits for the free membership in Appearance/Theme Options/Membership section so new users will get the same limits as in the bronze membership, then you can reset limits after the 50th user.

Thank you for the prompt answer, I will look at this, Is there any way to decide which membership they will have when registering? And also, I can’t seem to set up the payments for the memberships. Do you by any chance have any kind of guide for that? Thanks

All users get free membership by default, please set it’s limits in Appearance/Theme Options/Membership section. Please follow this screencast to set a price for membership

Hi, Is this theme support that only after paying for registration fee, the members will be able to search or access any other users profile? I mean I want to keep the whole profile system hidden for guest, they can only see general pages and registration pages, the registered user will be able to see dating area, can able to search profile, can view profile, can request for contact details etc.

Hi, currently there’s no such option, memberships limit the number of messages, gifts, photos and chat. It’s possible to hide single profile pages for guest users.

Hello, how do you handle the city field? I see it’s an open text field where the user enters the city. However, I assume this can lead to problems. For example some cities like swedish cities have a lot of accents in their names, so people may type it differently, with accents, with no accents, etc. Also, for cities like Vienna some people may type the german name Wien. All these may result in problems like: -multiple cities get created in the search box drop down, while they are actually the same city. -the list of cities can get super long if users are fro small cities, there can be many many small cities in each country.

So my main point here is: wasn’t it better to use some Google Place field where you start typing and the city is given to you? This is like Airbnb and all website location based do. To avoid people adding multiple cities. Please let me know your thoughts.

Unfortunately i can’t say for sure, but if this customization is required and you decided you use LoveStory for your project please find a developer for adding the location field. You can customize the theme framework directly – LoveStory was updated a few days ago and currently there’re no known issues.

How many files do you think a developer will need to customize in order to implement the geolocation? because if it’s many files done in a child theme, i am trying to assess how big is the risk when you release updates that the theme will break.

If you mean city field validation using Google Maps autocomplete then it’s possible by editing a few, maybe 2-3 files. Please note that it may require adding new functions and files.

Hello… Pre Sales Questions -

1 ) How many fields can you have?

2 ) Are those fields editable? meaning can they be anything I want?

3 ) Can the “Gift” system be disabled?

4 ) Are their limits to sending gifts?

5 ) What if someone receives the same gift from someone else?

6 ) Are the images for “Gifts” easy to change?

7 ) What plugins are required?

8 ) Plans to add Twitter / Google + / LinkedIn Logins?

9 ) Possible to Enable the full html TinyMCE functionality?

10 ) Can these fields be whatever I want?

11 ) Is this theme only a Boxed design?

Thanks! IC

12 ) Profile image – Any plans to add photo crop ?

13 ) For user profiles – Any Plans to Integrate Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

14 ) Can you make user profile details only visible to logged in members ?

Thanks! I know I’m asking a lot of questions… You have created a very nice clean looking theme.

Hi, thanks!

1. The number of fields is not limited, but please note that this search bar contains only basic fields, custom fields appear in the advanced search form. Also if there’re a lot of custom fields query may become slower depending on your hosting plan.

2. There’re a few types of custom fields (select, text, string). You can set any labels for these fields or change labels for existing fields.

3. Yes.

4. Yes, membership limits the number of gifts.

5. It’s send again because it may be a different gift.

6. Yes.

7. Only WooCommerce plugin if you want to sell memberships, it’s free.

8. Currently it’s not planned, but Facebook login is available by default.

9. If you mean WordPress dashboard it’s possible, front-end forms may require code customizations.

10. Yes, you can hide existing fields or add custom fields of a few types (select, text, string).

11. Yes, please check available styling and layout options on these screenshots

12. Currently it’s cropped automatically, if you mean selecting the crop area there’s no such option.

13. If you mean fetching photos, posts etc. from these networks automatically currently it’s not planned.

14. Users can hide gifts, favorites and photos, it’s possible to hide profile pages from guest users globally in WordPress settings.

i bought this product and cannot download it and it is not installing its like a read only file how do i get the program i paid for

If i cannot load the program do i pay to have one of your specialist do it if so i will consider it

@Zoxee people like u make me smile this is an open forum to express ones ideas or concerns i wont be bothered with u, focus on your own biz and not mine i paid for something thats not working so and i did not buy it from u thanks,

I can install it for you for free, but please make sure that you have a WordPress site, it’s required for installing LoveStory since this is a WordPress theme, just making sure that you understand this.

If you have a WordPress site please send a link to it with login credentials via email and i’ll install LoveStory (following the same steps as on these screencast and import sample content, you will get the same layout as on the live preview.

I can help you to install LoveStory and I have to fix it’s bugs if you find any, but if you have no experience with WordPress you may need someone who will help you to manage your website after the installation.

airdreanne get lost with your shitty comments. If you’re to dumb to know exactly what you buy and why you bought it in the first place then keep away and go learn some manual job instead of busting the author’s balls. I would love to use the theme but unfortunately can’t afford it at the moment and you come here after buying it and start insulting the author’s efforts his intelligence as well as mine to be frank.

I am currently having trouble with the live chat feature and the online/offline feature as well. I can not get the live chat to work and I am assuming its because there is no way to show who is online or offline. I have made sure that sessions in enabled and it still wont work. How does a member show if they are online or offline and how do i get the live chat to work. Thank you

Hi, both of these options are based on sessions so I think that this issue is related to the session settings. Please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue on your site.


Msm2016 Purchased

I just emailed you a temporary login and password for WP access. Thank you

Hello… Pre Sales Questions -

I am very interested by your plugin


Your plugin is to create a dating site? No translation in French?

Seen no function for the photo Verifier example by admin Photo Fake check, to avoid having fake profiles. 100% verified To trust given to new customers.

Possible to create two group 1 goups of men and 1 women groups.

On the men groups That automatically add all the customer who are men For men given a free full access to 7 days, to continue to chat or sent messages, or view profiles etc …. Pay for a premium membership with full access, eg for a period of 365 days.

Women groups That automatically add all the customer who are women. For women given a free full access to life

Can you make user profile details only visible to logged in members ?

thank you

You can use any third-party contact form plugin for embedding contact forms into the page content, for example

Thanks for suggestions, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee adding features by request, although I always consider them during development of the next version. If some features are not implemented yet and you need them please find a developer for custom work.

Hi how are you

We wait with patience your new version with other features?

membership such as group creation, man and woman free woman, freeman 7 days, to further discuss or sent messages, or view profiles etc …. Paying for a premium membership with full access, for example for a period of 365 days.

fixed but floating menu as the scrollbar?

thank you

I’m sorry, but I can’t quite understand what you mean. It’s already possible to make membership free for women, set free trial for men, sell memberships via WooCommerce and limit the membership period. If some additional options are required for your site and it’s urgent please find a developer for custom work.

Hello it is possible to make the registration fee for men and free for women?


Sure, it’s possible to disable membership options for both men and women so registration will be free and there will be no limits.

Before going to buy this template (i come from a bad experience with another one)i would like to know if i could personalize profile lists and search in a different way. I’m going to build an LGBT (gay & Lesbian) dating site but i’ve man gay passive, active, bisexual.. .I need that this data could be see in the profile preview (scroll line) and searchable. These personalization are easy to do or i’ve to modify the code?


It’s possible to add custom fields of a few types (select, text, string) and show these fields in the search form, also it’s possible to change the default list of genders in the theme configuration file. Please note that the short profile preview text is based on the default fields and if you want to change it then it requires customizations.


Crisebel Purchased

Hello First of all let me congratulate you on this great theme very complete. I just wanted to know if it is possible to add to the famous chat emoticons to give a more pleasing appearance.

I have also seen that when I enter the chat with someone and hold a conversation to get out of the chat conversation is deleted. Is there any way that conversations are maintained and that users can delete them at will.

Hi, thanks!

Currently there’s no such option, but it’s possible with a simple code change. You can send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll enable WordPress smileys in chat messages, also they will be added in the next theme version.

Chat messages are real-time, they are not stored in the database and only 3 latest messages are cached. Please try using private messages for this purpose, they are more like emails.

Hi, i have a problem, i try to make header transparent and when i do it, underneath i can see gray bar with buttons sign up and fb, can you please explain me how to remove it, i cant catch it with code inspector to view code… screenshot: link:

Hi, please try adding this code to the custom CSS field in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section:

.header-form {margin-top:-30em;}

Hello, yes, this string solve problem, thank you!

Am i able to remove the built in membership options so that i can use s2member?

I understand that, but you have not answered my question lol. Can i disable your membership options? I only want to limit registration and give a global user role with unlimited messages etc…..

Also, is there the option to add extra fields to the user profile page?

1. If you don’t need these limits then sure, you can disable the built-in options and just limit registrations using third-party membership plugins. Please note that third-party plugins may have their own design and may require additional styling.

2. Yes, it’s possible to add custom fields of a few types (select, string, text).


zoxee Purchased

Hi Themex. I finally can afford the Theme. I will install it on a WP site along WooCommerce, create and configure the Products and sycnchronize them with Woo. Could you please finalize the install and set up the whole check out process as it is on your demo site ? That would be really nice of you. Cheers.


zoxee Purchased

I just emailed you the credentials through your profile :)


zoxee Purchased

Just asking, have you already started ? Didn’t get any feedback from you yet.

I’m sorry for the late reply, I’ve just replied via email.


Thanks for this great item.

One thing, when resetting password visitors are redirected to the Wordpress login page. Is there a way to avoid that or how to be able to send the password via email without the resetting link ? Just a password reminder as I don’t want them to be redirected to the Wordpress page.



Thanks, glad you like it! WordPress redirects users to the back-end profile page by default, but it’s possible to change this behavior with a simple code snippet, please try adding it at the end of academy/functions.php file in Appearance/Editor section


you have no interest in improving it , in a similar way to the front-end to avoid reaching the wordpress backend ?


Thanks, I’ll consider to change this redirect in the next version, if it’s urgent I can change it directly on your site using this code snippet Please send temporary WP access in PM and I’ll make this change.

Hi, How can I translate field list in new profil option ?


Please try using this plugin for translating any static text without code changes

Hello, how i can change the word “man” and “woman” for the words of my language? I tried to change it with the plugin “Loco Translate” and not work. Can you tell me where is the file that i need modify? Thanks!


Please avoid editing the theme files directly – these changes may be erased because of update. If your WordPress is not in English please add your language in Loco Translate/LoveStory section and try editing it, changes should be applied.


Moeugene Purchased

Hi, Can I integrate countries menu to this theme? I am planning to use it for matrimonial services.

Hi, please let me know what you mean about the countries menu, if you mean search it’s already possible to select country in the search form

Hi, nice theme. 1) I want to know politely if the theme is compatible / tested with the latest version of wordpress, the 4.6.1 version of wordpress. If compatible, please update the information currently reported, and version compatibility, in fact I read “Software version 4.5.x WordPress” whereas the latest version is 4.6.1 wordpress 2) I would also like to know how it gets to update the theme once installed, that is, how to make subsequent updates.

Thank you, cordially

Perfect, thank you. But why not gently changes the indication of the wordpress version number in the details page, from 4.5.x to 4.6.1, here at ThemeForest? Thank you again. Best regards.

I’ve just changed it in the theme description, thanks.

Perfect, thank you.

Hi, Is there a way I ca take off the Love theme text in the footer. The footer seems uneditable.

Sure, please set custom copyright text in Appearance/Theme Options/General section, it will replace the default text.