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We have integrate your theme, there is problem to add slider and search option below the slider. Kindly help us to integrate theme as per live demo of theme.

Hi, I’ve just replied via email.

I have revert the email, kindly help me to fix the issue.

Hi I want to make an adult dating site can you add a feature for some adult gifts as its missing. Also, I want a way to verify all members by id so that their profile would be real and not fake can you add a way to do this. A way to send all id and import documents in the back end for verification and all members must do this and get verified before they can use their account. Can you do this then I will buy this as its missing this future.


1. These are just sample gifts, you can add any custom virtual gifts with any custom images.

2. Currently there’s no pre-moderation option, you can ask users to provide an ID after the registration or require it before registration if you use a contact form for registration requests.

how can i do this registration requests is their plugin on here or can you add this feature in?

You can try using a separate page with a custom contact form, for example using this plugin So you can add a field for uploading an ID and other fields. Please note that if you receive registration requests via third-party form you will have to add each user manually.


Question before purchase

1) Have you added a contact form on your plugin?

2) Is your Theme compatible with all plugins?

3) Does your Theme have a page constructor?

4) Possible to put the site free for women when registering ?

Thank you


1. It’s possible to use any third-party plugin for adding a contact form, for example this one

2. There’s no theme that compatible with all WordPress plugins, unfortunately it’s impossible to guarantee it because each plugin or a theme are created by different developers so there may be conflicts.

3. All layouts are set using shortcodes, you can try using third-party page builder if it’s required.

4. Yes, it’s possible.

Can I have an admin account for me to watch

There’s no admin demo for security reasons, please view screenshots of all available back-end options on these screenshots


i like ur theme but one question Can you upload video in this theme video as on youtube or video as you have filmed the kids from the camera?


It’s possible to embed videos into the profile description field, for example if you paste a YouTube video link to this field it will be converted into a video on the profile page.

Can members look and found by country and origin ???

It’s possible to add custom profile fields of a few types (select, string, text). So it’s possible to add a weight field and make it searchable.

Even origin ? African, Asia, European ?

Yes, since the select type is available you can add a custom field and set comma separated options “African, Asia, European” and users will be able to select them in the profile form.


walidkh Purchased

Hi, May I know how can I insert adsense code below the tchat messages box please? Just tell me which file is it and I will insert it manually.

Thanks in advance, W

done for the chat section, what about the message section? which file should I edit?

Many thanks

Please try to make the same change for lovestory/template-message.php file.

done , thanks a lot for your support :)

why does “post_formats” not work, that is an inherent thing in wordpress. The theme does not have “post_formats” or seem to support it.

This theme is not focused on blog features so it shows the same layout for different blog post formats. If you want to use different content in the blog section please consider embedding different media items into the post content, for example audio, video files, sliders.

Hii.. How can I hide header from search result page… Thank you..

Please try adding this code to the custom CSS field in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section:

.blog .header-wrap {display:none;}

Please note that in this case the main menu, account buttons and logo will not be available on the search result pages, also it may affect other pages and require additional styling.

Thank you!

You can translate the language file Or the source is closed? Can you edit the pages and colors? The homepage will be like the one with the search engine? Is there an extension file after installation?

Wait for quick reply

Sell from your program number You can display some of the sites on which you installed the program Or send it to the mail:

I could not find a reply I want to ask What version is this version?

Please check the changelog here If you mean links to LoveStory sites I collected a few links from the support forum, please write me in PM and I’ll send it.

Hi, have you added the option for users to block each other yet?


Yes, it was added a few versions ago – now “Ignore User” button appears on the chat and message pages, it’s also possible to hide it.


1. Can you email all your users?

2. Do you force them to register before they can search?

3. Can you add custom fields on the registration form and the profile page?

4. I want users to be able to add a profile for free and search for free, but they can only contact other members if they purchase a membership. Is that possible with ease? They should not be able to do anything for free except make a profile and search.

5. Is there an online status indicator?

6. Will it work with bbpress if want to add a forum?

Thank you.

Hi, it’s cynthiaperk again. i just want to clarify what I mean on a couple of my questions above. On question #2 – What I mean is do you force them to register before they can view profiles? And on question #4 – I want chat, email messaging, gifts, and any kind of contact with members to be restricted unless they have Paid for a membership. But they can create a profile and search for free as long as they are registered. Thanks.


Thanks for the details. I’ve just replied via email, please let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

Grettings! I need to learn more about this theme. Please send me the tutorial


Please sign in on the live preview to check all front-end options or view the back-end options on these screenshots Also you can view the screencasts here

I have a presale questions what are the complete server requirements? And what hosting you are preferred for this theme?

Any server that is able to run the latest WordPress version. I suggest using a VPS instead of a shared hosting because in this case you’re in full control of your site, I’ve seen a few cases of database limitations set by hosting providers. You can consider using DigitalOcean VPS, the basic plan costs $5 per month and they have one-click WordPress installation You can also use shared hosting like GoDaddy or any other popular one.

if godaddy shared hosting do you have an idea how many user database they have?

As far as I know it depends on the hosting plan, but if it’s cheaper than DigitalOcean VPS you can host LoveStory with GoDaddy WordPress installation.

Good day, i will love to by this theme and i was to use it for a kind of relationship agency, It looks good but is there a way i can set it for the users not to be able to share informations like phone numbers and emails? I will like to be the middle man between the man and the woman, Why because the agency aim is to bring people together and it takes full responsibility

Thank you so much, here’s the link i already sent my login information on your private message and i don’t know if you remember. You helped me remove the message service on the site days ago too. Thank you for your support, I will be waiting for it.


themex Author

Thanks for the details, but or some reason I can’t access your site Please let me know when it’s online and I’ll check this issue.

I am sorry i put on maintenance mode so it was offline, Okay i will make it online now so you can go through it. Thank you


ZerimaR Purchased

When is the next update coming ?

Currently there’re no known issues, the latest update was released for compatibility with the latest WooCommerce version. Please let me know if you have any feature suggestions.


ZerimaR Purchased

Well since i was reading some of the comments you were saying that you will make some restrictions on the free users and add new perks and stuff. Like a verified badge or icon on the profile.

Thanks, “verified” option will be added to the next version. It’s already possible to limit free users using memberships (the number of messages, gifts, photos, enable/disable chat).


kgrsajid Purchased

Hi there, Thanks for this awesome theme. My site is running for two and half years now with more than 12,000 real members (and growing). I really like the overall design of this template.

I want to extend my existing site. Do you have HTML version of this design? If yes, is it possible for you to sell it to me or upload it as another item on themeforest? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Wow, thanks! I’m glad that it’s useful for your site. Unfortunately there’s no HTML version of this theme because I changed a lot of things during developing the WordPress version, replaced a lot of images, icons and layouts. I guess the easiest way is saving the page you want to use as HTML and then merging scripts and styles.


kgrsajid Purchased

Thanks for your reply. Alright, that’s what I’ll do. :)


ZerimaR Purchased

Hi there. Ive been having lots of request about why not being able to see the picture of the person when writing message or chatting. All you can see is the user name. Is that somethinh you can put for future updates. Very important


Profile picture is displayed in the left sidebar since there’re separate chat and message pages for each user-to-user conversation Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll try to improve this layout.


ZerimaR Purchased

There are a few of my users that are not showing on profiles. And i checked and they have picture and all the profile fields filled. Is there a way that they can show up on profile as well. Right now i dont have any restriction. But still not showing everybody. Maybe you can provide a code or something i can do to fix that

Please send temporary WP access and a link to one of the hidden profiles in PM and I’ll check this issue. If this works for you I can disable the profile filter in the theme code, but please note that empty profiles will appear on the profile listing pages.

HI I have a few questions before purchase please:

1. Is it possible to add custom profile fields that can then be used in search form? (ie hobbies, interests etc)

2. Is it possible to add locations to user profiles and also can the search form have condiational fields for locations? (example choose ‘state’ and then ‘counties’ for that state appear only)

3. Is it possible to hide profiles to non members? Have it 100% private for members only

4. Is it possible to have a Free trial period?

cheers John


1. Sure, it’s possible to add custom fields of a few types (select, text, string).

2. Currently there’re 2 location fields (country and city) and city list is populated only when country is selected in the search form.

3. It’s possible to hide single profile pages, hiding profile listing pages is possible with a simple code change.

4. Yes, it’s possible to set the free membership duration.

Great thank you

Questions before buy. 1. Is this theme has article feature so admin or member can post article? 2. Is this theme has quiz feature? 3. Is this theme has preinstalled members/profiles so my dating site wont start from zero members?



1. If you mean adding posts then sure, administrators and editors can do it, it’s a basic WordPress feature.

2. There’s a profile form and it’s possible to add custom fields of a few types (select, text, string) so you can add questions like smoking/not smoking, religion etc.

3. Unfortunately there’s no such option, you can import demo profiles (about 20 profiles) from the live preview but they don’t look like real profiles because they are part of the same stock photo collection.

1. I mean evey single member can posting article/notes 2. If i use quiz plugin like personality quiz, can it be synchronized with your theme? 3. Thanks

1. Unfortunately there’s no such option, but trusted users can have an editor role and add posts via the WordPress dashboard.

2. Integrating third-party plugin instead of the built-in profile form would require code customizations.