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Hi I have used the profiles shortcode on homepage and none of the browsers render the profiles nicely like your demo. Each browser is rendering them differently and none of are tidy.

What do I do to have the profiles appear like your demo please? S

Hi, i’ve just replied via email. Please try wrapping this shortcode with 1/2 column shortcode:


Hi… is it possible to increase the minimum characters in password… currently it is four…

One more help… is it possible to make the theme full width…


1. It’s possible to set this restriction in the theme code, please write me in PM and i’ll set instructions.

2. Please let me know what you mean, if you mean setting white background in the content section so it will look full-width please try setting it in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling section.

Thank you! I shall PM you for the first solution. I have done the second thing as you said and it is ok.

Hello, Is there a way for the user to upload a video on their dating profile? i will love to have that? Thank.

Ok thank for the reply. How do i find third-party service?

Please view a list of third-party video services supported in WordPress here

Ok thank u very much..

Hi, just bought the theme yesterday, and i’m still trying to customise to the way I want it.

I noticed that Direct Messages are in members profile. is there any way to add the Direct Message at the Main Menu, right next to My Profile to make it easier for members to check their messages?

secondly, will users get notified when someone else “Favourite” their profile?

thirdly, I uploaded my profile picture and added picture on my profile, but after uploading the images arent displayed, even though i saw it being stored on the admin backend. is there any way to fix this??


1. It’s possible, but moving this menu item to the header section requires code customizations.

2. Currently there’s no such notification, please check available notifications in Appearance/Theme Options/Notifications section.

3. Please make sure that GD Image Library is available on your hosting, this issue may occur if it’s not so thumbnails can’t be generated. If this issue remains please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check it.

1. Is there an option to make the website 100% heterosexual/straight? When someone registers as a man (or a woman), is there a way to make sure that they can only search for women and that they cannot see male profiles?

2. The theme demo on ThemeForest doesn’t integrate Facebook login. Can you please integrate it into the demo so that we can see it? Can we see the admin panel (can’t see it in the demo)?

3. Is it possible to make some profile fields mandatory and some optional?

4. Are you planning to integrate a compatibility test that matches members?

5. Can you make two options for searching members? Basic and advanced search?

1. It’s easy to edit genders list in the theme configuration file, but currently there’s no option for hiding other genders, in this case it would be impossible to show the correct search form before gender is set.

2. It’s disabled on the live preview to keep sample content clean, please view it on this screenshot When Facebook button is clicked it opens regular Facebook popup asking for permission and then just redirects user to the profile page.

3. All default fields are mandatory by default, but it’s possible to make custom fields optional.

4. If you mean automatic matching currently it’s not planned, but i’ll consider implementing it, thanks.

5. Search bar on the home page contains only a few default fields, advanced search form appears on the profile listing page

1. If I hired a Wordpress developer to make the theme 100% heterosexual (you can only see and search for the opposite gender), how difficult would it be implement this functionality? Is this possible and is it a lot of work? Yes, you will need to set the gender before you can search for other members.

2. How about a compatibility test/matching system? Would that be a lot of work for a Wordpress developer?

1. It’s pretty easy, i guess it requires moving gender fields to registration form and removing it from the profile form, so it will be impossible to change this field. Then it requires adding a few changes to the search function.

2. It’s possible, but requires adding new layouts and options. As far as i know it’s a scheduled search that sends matched profiles automatically from time to time.

I wanted to have a different avatar image for males and different one for female, is that possible?

I also wanted to have a different profile fields for male and female, is that possible?

1. It’s possible with a simple code change, please check this topic

2. Currently there’s no such option, custom fields are common.

Thanks :)

I have just setup this theme and everything seems to work well. The only thing I have not be able to successfully configure is the “Find My Matches” search featue on the home page.

I have created two fields in Theme Options > Profiles: One for “age” and one for “gender” but I could be doing something wrong.

Every search I get returns the message: Sorry, no profiles matched your search. Try again with different parameters.

If I visit the “Profiles” page… you can see all the profiles.

All of these profiles were created before installing the Love Story theme.

Your help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi, you don’t have to add these basic fields, they are available by default. If search bar is hidden please make sure that “Home” page or any other page is set as front page in Settings/Reading section. Also you can import demo content to get the same layout

Please note that if profiles were registered using another dating plugin previously then profile fields will not be recognized, probably the other plugin had it’s own implementation of profile fields and it’s different.


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Is it possible to add new custom profile fields?

Is there an admin interface to do it or any user friendly way to do it?

Thanks! Great theme!

Hi, thanks!

Yes, it’s possible to add custom profile fields of a few types (select, string, text) in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section.


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Ok… this is just awesome!

Thank you, themex!

Hi.. Everything is going fine. I would like to edit the registration successful message appear in the registration page after initial registration process. The current message is “Check your mailbox to activate the account” . Where to edit it?

Hi, please try using this plugin for changing static texts It’s possible to change any static text without code customizations.


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Hi there,

Are there plans for developing a “Verified Profile” functionality?


Hi, it’s not planned for the next version, but i’ll consider adding it, thanks. If it’s required on your site it’s possible with a simple code change, if this works for you please write me in PM and i’ll send instructions.

If i upload photo – get “This image is too large for uploading.” In php.ini i set 35m

WordPress has a separate option for limiting the maximum file size, please check it in Settings/Media section.

hi does it support WPML?

Hi, yes, it’s possible to translate static string and content using WPML, there may be minor issues with translating static templates like profile settings template.


I have these pre sales question.. Is there a report function. So users can report fake users?


Hi, I can’t find the “ignore” function. Is it disabled in the demo?

Hi, can’t say for sure about the date of the next release, but all reported issues are fixed as soon as possible and currently there’re no known major issues. All updates are free if you purchase it.

Live preview wasn’t updated yet, but i can send you a screenshot if it’s required – “Ignore” button appears under the user profile image on the messages page.

A screenshot is not required. Thank you for you reply, again.

Hi. The following are Suggestions or Questions:

Is it possible to:

1. Create new profile fields which could be the basis on which searches for other users are made?

2. Do you have some analytics to inform a user that another person is x% of a match?

3. Can I upload data of compiled users and if yes, will there be any problem where the compiled user database has maybe 6 out of the 10 of the fields available at the time of the upload/import – maybe for the unavailable fields “Not Yet Provided” can appear in a user’s search result profile page?

4. Is this something possible – asking new user to get x number of friends to leave testimonials about the user?

Thank you.



1. Yes, it’s possible to add custom fields of a few types (select, text, string) and these fields can appear in the search form.

2. Currently there’s no automatic matching system, users can search profiles using the advances search form.

3. It depends on the data format, if this data was collected using another dating plugin or other system than WordPress then it requires conversion.

4. Currently there’s no such option, but i’ll consider adding it, thanks.


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Hi there, I emailed you but haven’t heard back, so I thought I leave you a comment here too.

1.) How do you change the queries for the member directory page? We want to change the amount of users shown.

2.) How do users delete their own account? I have enabled the capability to delete an account but I can’t fund the option anywhere when I use a test account. Can you walk me through it?

Thank you!

Hi, i’m sorry for the late reply, sometimes it takes up to 24 hours. I’ve just replied via email.

hi your app include french language ?

Hi, there’s no built-in French translation, but it’s easy to translate static texts to any language using this plugin


Where can i find all users in database? not from admin panel. Are they saved in an specific array? I want to print specific user attributes in an array so they can be sorted.

Thank you

Hi, in WordPress users are saved in “wp_users” table, custom profile fields are stored in “wp_usermeta” table.

i can’t remember my login details for the support site

Please try resetting your password using this form