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Looks awesome, I would certainly buy if you can add location country & city in search filter.

Members would not want to see thousands of other members and then have to look each member to find where ate they located.

Hi, thanks! Country filter is already available, i’m planning to add profile fields editor in theme options to the next version.

Thanks, When a member gets a message or chat message is there any notification shown?

Sure, there’re live notifications for chat messages and unread messages number shown on the user profile page.

Great Work man :) gl


Nice work & concept!

Thank you :)


Great theme, but I notice if you run a search from the home page lots of results appear, but if you run the same search using the widget no matches are found. I guess that’s because it’s searching all countries, so it might be useful to have a country selector on the home page, or an ‘any country’ option in the widget for consistency.

I like the front end member admin though, that works well. We’re looking for a dating theme so have bookmarked this one.

Hi, thanks! You’re right, there’s default country set in theme options, will add “Any Country” to the list in the next theme version.

Hey, seems like a great theme – could you please let me know when you’ve added a profile fields editor in the theme options? (as mentioned in another comment)

Hi, thanks! You can purchase it (all future updates are free) or follow me on Twitter – i will announce the new version of LoveStory.

Also – any way to moderate messages sent between users (to prevent the exchange of offsite contact details?)

Thanks for suggestion, i’m planning to add something like message filters – so you can add a list of words or sites to be removed from messages, for example links to facebook profiles.





great design. Love your theme.

Does it support Buddypress (like the Sweet Date theme) or it is a stand alone theme?

Would be also great if the theme support Gravity Forms and custom profile fields.

Regards :-)

Hi, thanks! Custom profile fields are planned for the next theme version (will be released in a few days). All features are built into the theme, i think using a few different plugins is not a lightweight solution.

I was looking for a theme like this but i really need the cities to be available. When it will be i will definitely buy this theme!

Good work!

Hi, thanks! Cities are available already, there’s just no field in the search form yet

Hello again. I need to bind the city with the country.

It would be really hard to include all cities of the world and filter them on the country select. I’m planning to allow users to set city as a text and then just order this list alphabetically, with moderation to prevent adding fake cities.


Thanks for another great theme!

I am using your other theme (Academy) for my online courses and I want to be the first to buy this one if it is possible (now or future updates) to turn it into a teacher-student matching site and edit the profile fields and form (languages learning, languages teaching etc) and other little details to use it as this kind of site?

Thanks ina advance.


Hi, thanks! Glad you like it.

I will add custom profile fields in the next theme version, but i guess it would be hard to turn off all dating-related features.

Is it possible to add new profiled custom fields like Education, Job/Business ? Also Is it possible to include them in search form too ?

Hi, profile fields editor is planned for the next theme version, it will be released in a few days.

Let me know, I am interested. BTW good Work. :)

If a new message arrives does then comes an email to this user so that he realize that he has a new message even he is not log in?

2. is it possible to review any profile or photo before it goes public to prevent fraud?

Hi, currently there’re no email notifications, user will get popup notification on the site. Sure it’s possible to moderate profile before adding it to the site.

Hi. How to change language? I translated of the en_US.po file, but it does not work. And I changed font (Meiryo : Japanese Font) but Chrome browser broken CSS.


1. Generate .mo file using POEdit, upload it to your site and language changes will be applied

2. How did you change the font? Here’s a video about changing styles and fonts in this theme

Please make star Ranking and best top10 widget.

Next version, Is add and remove fields in profile?

When are you going to publish a new version?

Hi, do you mean user ratings? Sure, next version will have profiles fields editor, it will be published in a few days (before this weekend i hope).

Really a good looking site. Nice work.

1) Is it possible to implement a forum, where all users can interact?

2) I’m looking to make a “find a new friend”-site, so not really a dating site, but would it be possible for users to list their interest, and then make that searchable? Like, if someone signs up, they can check off “I’m interested in: football, computers, cars and finshing” ... and then on the main page, instead of just choosing between “seeking a man/woman”, it would be those previouslt stated interest?!?

3) Those premium accounts, can they be set to automatically renew themselves, or does the user have to renew them manually?

4) I suppose a “free membership” is also a possibility?!


1. Currently there’sno integration with a forum but i’m planning to integrate it with bbPress.

2. Profile fields editor is planned for the next version, will be released in a few days.

3. WooCommerce has premium extension to add recurring billing.

4. Sure, user has free membership by default, you can set free trial number of messages, gifts and photos.

Beautiful!!! I can’t wait for the update!!! :-)


Very nice theme looking to buy it for matrimony website. some presale questions.

1. Can we have more field in profile page like dropdown questions or text fields.

2. advanced Search – Extend default search by searching based on all the profile drop down questions.

3. In setting to show and hide pretty much all the fields in profile page.

4. Interest Cloud – Your users can click on the Interest Cloud to find an Interest and see what profiles contain those Interests.

5. Your users can send Winks to other members.

6. Matching Tools – Based on the Profile Questions, your users can get a list of profiles that match what they might be looking for.

features like on this website

Apologize for a long list of questions

Hi, thanks.

1. Will be added in the next version, it will be released in a few days.

2. Already possible, here’s an Advanced Search widget

3. Do you mean userprivacy or site settings?

4, 5. Will cosnider adding this, thanks.

Thanks for your reply eager waiting for your next update.

3. in you r website these info are in setting page to hide the photo and other info.

Looks awesome – Looking forward to the next update.

One request (aside from letting people search by city and zip code), can you make it so visitors can contact/email the person without being logged in? Looking to use this for a different type of site (non dating).

Hi, thanks! Will consider adding this feature.

Hi, very nice, good luck with sales ! I’ll buy this for sure, just for the beauty of this thing :)

Thanks for the kind words :)

“Also – any way to moderate messages sent between users (to prevent the exchange of offsite contact details?)”

I know you already answered this question but once this is in place you will have a instant customer. I am coming from SkaDate platform and I just want to get off it ASAP! lol

Thanks! Next version will be released in a few days.

Amazing, Bookmarked

Thanks :)