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Two questions: 1) Is there a way to have users sign in through Facebook? 2) Is there a way to allow users to publicly comment on another user’s page?



1. Yes, there’s built-in Facebook login.

2. There’re no public messages, but if you have some PHP developer for customizing your project this feature is simple to add.

Any update news? I believe you told me in a week ago. Thanks

Hi, i’ve got a few feature suggestions and bug reports and it will take 2-3 days more to finish the next theme version.


I am very interested in buying this theme for a dating site, but have a few questions.

1. You say there is no recurring payment? Is there no way to do recurring payment at all, or does it just depend on the processor we use with Woocommerce?

2. How are members notified of new messages and chats? Do they have to go to their profile page to see them, or will they be notified regardless of which page they are on?

3. Is there a pop for the chat if someone sends you a chat invite?

4. I want my site to function similar to ThaiFriendly in that women can send unlimited messages with a free account, but males are restricted. Is this possible? How difficult is this to implement?

5. I also want to do as ThaiFriendly in that males with free accounts may only send one message per 10 minutes. Is this possible? How difficult is this to implement?

6. My site will be for English speaking males looking for women in a certain country. This countries language is compatible with Google Translate. Is there a plugin so that the females can have the site translated into their native language for them?

7. I don’t want the “gifts” option at all, can I disable it?

Thank you. The theme looks great, I hope it will work for my business.

Hi, thanks!

1. Currently there’s no way to enable recurring payments.

2. Chat notifications are visible everywhere, message notifications are visible on the profile page and are sent via email.

3. There’s popup notification.

4. Possible but with a few code customizations.

5. There’s no limit by time but you can set messages limit, for example 50 free messages, then user will have to buy membership.

6. You can try using Google Translate.

7. Yes.

Hi Themex,

It’s realy a good theme !

I wonder if it was possible to change the search form on the home page ? (for example : I m a business man (instead a man) seeking an affair (instead a woman) and to remove the age by a city or a region.

Thanks !

Hi, thanks! Currently it’s possible with a few code changes, this template is located in lovestory/module-search-bar.php file.

Hi Themex,

I’ve an another question, when i click on profiles, i see all profiles (men or women), is it possible to see only women when i’m a man and to see only men if a woman ? Thanks

There’s no such option because user can always choose this parameter in the search form. It’s possible with a simple code change.

Hi Themex,

I found your member page is more stable and easy to use compare to others since you are the only one not using buddypress. Great Job!

Can i know do it possible to add some icons like ID verified for some member? I think it is a useful feature for real dating site.

Thanks and will buy if the feature is there.


Regards, Adrian

Hi Themex, I really like your theme. Just want to know do your do freelance job for customization? Because you know your theme better then anyone else. Thanks

Hi, currently i’m not available for custom work, updating and supporting themes takes all the time, but you can find any developer with WordPress expirience, it’s easy to add new features to LoveStory.

Hi themex, I think there are really a lot of different features demand from different users. Maybe you can update the theme for those most demanding one and create/sell different plugin for those more specific need. Hope my suggestion make you earn more for your hardwork and satisfied more customer.


1. is recurring payments / subscriptions not possible with the theme, through the WOO extension ?

2. Is it possible to make individual info mandatory when signing up, and also in the profile search, like smoker or non-smoker, kids, no-kids, ect. ect.

Glad to see a solid tema behind this theme, looking forward to hearing from you

Thanks -Jesper

Yes, there’s “Searchable” option under the each field, check it and field will appear in the search widget.

I apologyse for perhaps not making myself clear enough. I asking for a editable profile search widget, and editable mandatory singup info, so that you are able to get info like smoker / non-smoker from users that sign up, and also for the user that search for profiles to get most relevant results, like option to choose only to show profiles of users that smoke, i.e. have pets, ect..

Thanks for returning once more on this one.

Hi, sure you can add new fields to the search form, like smoker/non-smoker. Currently all fields except gender and name are not mandatory.

hi, can integrate another payment system? say the payment by sms? to add besides Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, and a new payment method via SMS

Hi, this theme uses WooCommerce for payments, so you can choose any of the numerous payment gateways

Great theme! I’m currently looking for a business matchmaker type theme. How easy would it be to convert this to something like that?

Thanks, KM

Hi, thanks! You can turn off some dating features (gifts, chat) and rename anything using translation files, add new profile fields. Check the live preview and decide if this theme is good for your project.

is it possible to get an “shout out” feature…on the site… where people could “get attention” for a few credits….

Like if John wants some girls to notice him…...for an example…

he could write : hey girls have a great day…

and therefor get attention…

Hi, thanks for suggestion, i’m considering about adding user to the list of the featured profiles if he purchases some membership.

what i meant…was… could it be possible…to get like an bar….where members could be shown randomly…with a text…like shout out… so the members could say “hello look at me” ....and pay some credits for it…

also…i would like to know how. i can change the seek field… so i could put in like ” kids…no kids… smoker …nonsmoker etc.

You can add any custom fields in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section, set field name and type, click plus to add new field.

1. Was reading some of the comments and it was my understanding that if we used the woocommerce subscriptions extensions that it would automatically renew the membership???

2. Also I gave you my login details and you still have not told me why no pictures can be added to profiles on my site.

3. Is the full name showing on profiles going to be fixed anytime soon?


1. Currently LoveStory memberships are not integrated with this extension, it will work only for WooCommerce products.

2, 3. Fixed in the latest version, you should get an email about the new theme version available.

Updated to latest version. I was able to add the profile pictures but I still cannot add any extra pictures and yes free membership is set at 3 pictures. The window to browse pictures opens up but nothing is added.

If possible send me temporary WP access and i’ll check uploading profiles photos, if file dialog appears photos should be uploaded.

Great theme! I love it. I’ve purchased it yesterday and use it instead of a osDate install. It workes great.

There are some things what could be better, but I saw there is an update of today, so will try that. Also I’d like it if there could be some ‘grouping’ of the profile fields.

Hi, thanks! I would appreciate if you rate it on ThemeForest.

I’ve just added changes in the latest theme version to the theme description

Thanks for the update. is there any change log for “files”? I have modified several files and I don’t want to keep modify them whenever your theme updated. please post an updated files on ur support site.

Thanks, :)

Hi, i’ve changed a lot of files, it would be easier if you send me a list of files you’ve changed. Also you can try replacing all files except the files you’ve changed and check if new functions work.


This is great. However I did not know that it has not HTML version. I am looking the html version to integrate another dating script. Do you have html version? Or if you are interested to integrate this theme to our dating system please let me know. We have .tpl system for designing our dating system.

Please let me know.

Hi, thanks. Unfortunately there’s no HTML version of this theme, i’ve changed a lot of layouts during coding the theme. Please always check the item description before purchasing it, this item is from WordPress Themes category. Try writing to the Envato support, maybe they will make a refund.


Sorry if you have answered this before, however I love the design.

With membership is there a way to make it so only PAID members are shown on the site?

Can the number of featured profiles at the bottom be increased?

Hi, thanks!

1. Currently there’s no such option, but i can help you with a simple code fix that will add this feature.

2. Yes.

Hi Really nice theme, a good clean alternative to buddypress. looking to purchase just a few questions:

am thinking of using the theme for a supplier/client base

1. Is it possible to have 2 different user profiles like one for suppliers and one for users? with different profile fields?

2. Is it possible to to change favorite to following and followers? like twitter

3. is there anyway of adding a calendar on each profile. for example for suppliers, so they can have a calendar widget showing when they are booked or available?

thanks for your answers in advance. :)

Hi, thanks! Currently all these things are impossible, there’s only one type of profile, but with the different memberships. You can write me in PM and send a few examples of sites that are similar to your project, i’ll consider creating a theme with these features.

thanks i have PM you

I want to buy this theme, there is just 1 thing I would really want!

The ability to click and send a ‘wink’ to the person, sort of like the ‘poke’ feature on Facebook. Have the option to rename it to ‘poke’ or ‘wink’ or whatever I finally decide on naming it.

Is this possible? I will pay extra for this!

Or is there a developer on your team I can pay for this customization?

Also how about a feature to see “Who viewed your profile?” With the option for it be to publicly or privately seen.

I’ll consider adding these features, but i think gifts has the same functionality as winks – user shows attention to some other user, it would be great to choose a type of a wink. You can find any developer with WordPress expirience, LoveStory is really easy to customize.

Is this theme also availible in xhtml?

Hi, currently there’s no HTML version of this theme.


very nice theme. Are there any search field where you can search by username?

Purchased :)

Thanks!:) Currently there’s no field to search by username, but you can add any custom fields to the profile form.

Is it possible to get the profile fields mandatory or have a choice to have them mandatory? because someone can sign up and just fill out their name only and the profile will be live anyway even though it is not filled out. An option to approve the profiles before going live would be a great option though I think we have already ask for that.

Hi, currently there’s no such option but i’ll consider adding it to the next theme version, thanks.