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Hi themex,

Last question about the theme before i purchase. Are you going to update the theme feature in the nearly future? If Yes, what the plan?

I would like know the roadmap so i don’t duplicate the features that i am looking to add in by myself.


I’ve not collected any suggestions yet, because the latest version was released a few days ago. If you have any suggestions i’ll consider adding new features.

Yes, i would like to suggest two because it is quite important for many dating site. One is adding small icon beside the member name like “ID verified”. Second is send activity request function similar to facebook “like” or “poke” or “come out for coffee” or “i would like to meet you”. I am going to use the theme for a project and need some extra function. If you are not going to add the functions and i will still need to hire someone to do it. So i don’t mind to sponsor some of the update. Thanks.

Thanks for suggestions! Will consider adding these features.

Hi Themex, All features are able to set up for membership plans? An example, chat just for gold members, and this theme has “who saw my profile” and “who I saw” Thanks

Hi, sure – you can set messages, gifts, photos limit, enable or disable chat for each membership. Currently there’s no profile guests feature.

Looks like interesting template. I tried to log in the demo account with no success, and registration did not work either. Is there any reason for it?

Hi, thanks! Someone has changed the password for demo account, you can try to login now.

update ideas : What I would find more cool if you could add smileys for messages function and that you can delete the messages (my msgs) :) aaand poke function (facebook like) :D

or/and different backgrounds for slider (Header Background) :D

Hi, thanks for suggestions! Header background is already possible, you can find this option in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling.

No I mean, if you have several sliders :) for each slider, a background image


Thanks for update, I was waiting as others for privacy options but…only privacy names?

What does privacy names mean?



1) Is it an option for the user to hdes the full name or can we admins hides the fulle name?

2) Regarding to the privacy/members options I’ve asked in the past…is already implemented? (chat, messages and seeng photos only for members)


1. There’s a global option to hide the first and last name fields in the user profiles, it’s replaced with just username.

2. Everything except seeing photos, will add this feature to the next version.

Hi there, I am interested in this theme, however would like to know a couple of things first, as there is of course no way to trial before purchase. Can Users have the ability to block another User from Contacting them? Also. I’m not too keen on using WooCommerce, so would prefer that I can use PayPal. Can WooCommerce be ‘switched off’? And lastly, I’d also like for Users to be able to write their own experiences and post up. Does this theme support this? Thanks

Ooops, and one more: Is the ‘Man’ ‘Woman’ field editable, for say – ‘Man’ ‘Woman’ ‘Couples’ and so forth?


1. Currently there’s no blocking list.

2. WooCommerce is just a tool for adding any payment gateway, sore you can use PayPal, or any other payment gateway

3. You can add some form for sending a story, then you can moderate it and add to the site.

4. I can help you to edit it with a simple code fix, also you can add custom fields to the user profile.


can I add as an admin custom fields for the profiles? Or can the registred users add tags to theyr profiles and then other users for the tags? Or filter users with custom tags?

And can users register with facebook account?


1. Sure you can add custom fields to the user profiles. Currently there’re no profile tags.

2. Yes, Facebook Login is integrated.

Hi ! Is there any additional fees to be able to use WooCommerce plugin and starting receive membership payments ? Thanks !

Hi, WooCommerce plugin is free so there’re no additional fees.

Another question : is there any mean to add new search fields/criteria (i.e. zodiac sign, eyes color, shoe size, ...) ? Thanks !

Sure, you can add new fields to the search and profile forms.

Theme looks great, but I noticed that the search returns the same profiles if a woman searches a woman as when a man searches a woman. As a man you would want to search for straight women, as a woman you would want to find lesbian women.

Thanks, currently i’m working on the next theme version, will check this option again before it’s release.

Ok nice. Looks like a great theme. Like the woocommerce integration for the fees.

I should be buying this theme in a week time but i have a very few question.

Can the homepage of this theme be widgetized. Does this theme work well with short codes. Can the success stories and featured profile section be removed from the homepage? I’ll also love to disable the “Find My Matches Section”

In addition to the above question. Can i be able to get the members to either Follow/add each other as friends.


1. Yes, you can switch to right or left sidebar layout. Also you can use third-party plugins to use widget anywhere in the content.

2. Yes.

3. You can hide it with Theme Options.

4. Any user can add other user to favorites.


I’ve purchase your template. One bad point the header image is not responsive. Can you fix that?

Hi, glad you like LoveStory. Header image is tiled, it’s not full width. If you want to make it full width try adding this code to the Custom CSS field in Appearance/Theme Options/Styling:

.header-wrap {background-size:cover;}

It’s working thanks

Hi themex,

Any ETA and expectation feature for the next version of the theme?


Hi, currently i can’t say for sure because i’m working on my other theme update, if you have any feature suggestions feel free to send them in PM

Hi there, have purchased this theme – but my homepage image tiles and there is no styling option to stop this. Also, i had edited fields for the Man Woman search fields in the previous theme that I was using but they do not seem to carry over… site is

If you can advise as to why these are occurring that would be very helpful. Thanks

Hi, if you mean header background – it’s being repeated by default, try adding this code to Custom CSS field in Theme Options/Styling:

.header-wrap {background-size:cover;}

Two different themes will not be fully compatible because they are written by different developers, they have different functions. You can choose some theme, decide if it’s perfect for youyr project and then customize it.

And Profiles/Members pages do not style as they do in the products demo… grrrrrrr..

Follow this screencast to get the same layouts as on the live preview The only thing is that WordPress will not import member profile pictures.

Hi, Great theme. Apologies if asked already – Does this support/connect automated monthly subscriptions with Stripe?

Hi, thanks! You can use Stripe payment gateway but currently there’s no recurring billing, if you have a yearly membership you will have to renew it every year, but it can be done in 3 clicks.

Thanks – Do you plan on having a recurring billing option? if so, any time frames?

I’m planning to integrate LoveStory memberships with WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. Can’t say for sure about time frames because updating a theme always takes more time than i expect.

Hi, I have few questions : - Is it possible to change “gender” to “status”, and to add several possibilities (not only 2 – man or woman) ? I want members can choose between 4 status and search for one or several of the other status. - Can we add fields in the member profile, i.e. website or facebook profile ? - Can I disable gifts function ? Thanks !


1. Possible with a few code changes, i can help you.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.


Thanks for bringing a WP theme to dating :), i hope it will be a good investment for you.

Some questions for future updates:

Make it possible with mandantory signup fields, that users also can search for in profile search.

Make it possible to use other letters then eng. letters in username

Make the membership fee ready for WooCommerce recurring payments, as this would be a keyfeature for users running a dating site.

It would be great if you could share the likelyness for such features to see the daylight, and a possible ETA


Hi, thanks for suggestions! Currently there’s no ETA, i’m working on my other theme update, but i will release the next LoveStory version as soon as possible.

1. Will consider adding mandatory fields to profile form, user will not appear in search without these fields set.

2. Currently it’s impossible in WordPress.

3. Planned.

Ha! That maybe what is causing the issues, BB Press from the old theme installation. Thanks for the info. I did email you but please disregard it now as I have wiped everything from the hosting server and enacted a fresh install of WP and your theme. Cheers.

First of all, congrats for such an amazing theme! but I have two simple modifications that i need:

1. How can i change “gender” to “status”, and to add several possibilities (not only 2 – man or woman) ?

2. Can i make the membership paid for men and free for women?


Edit lines 17-18 in module-search-form.php file and lines 40-41 in template-profile.php file, you will se an array with man and woman, add anything.

Thanks a lot, What about making the membership free for females and paid for males? cheers.

If possible write me in PM and i’ll send you this fix, because comment parser will cut the PHP code parts.